State of the Union

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President Biden will not be giving a traditional State of the Union speech in January.


Why not?

Is his a fake presidency and whoever is running the show won’t allow him to?
He doesn’t seem to conduct his administration from The Oval Office.
Is the SCOTUS decision on vaccine mandates a marker in the timeline of any coup in the USA?
If I were planning a takeover and wanted to restore the Republic some kind of rule of law would be required going forward and demonstrating the current bench of SCOTUS as either capable or incapable of being involved in that rule of law would be monumental.

Or maybe I’m just wrong.

So why no State of the Union speech?
What is the State of the Union in America in 2022?


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1   Tenpoundbass   2022 Jan 12, 3:56pm  

Joe is the first President to plead the 5th on giving a SOTU address, on the grounds that it may incriminate him.
2   RedStar   2022 Jan 12, 3:56pm  

I have a cousin (failed journalist) who argued with me for the entire 4 Trump years that democracy, freedom of the press, etc was ending and he was a fascist blah blah blah. I cannot get him to even respond to anything Biden is or isn't in this case doing with the press. The press gets literally kicked out on a regular basis and not a peep.
3   Onvacation   2022 Jan 12, 3:59pm  

charlie303 says
What is the State of the Union in America in 2022?

Somewhere between when Hitler got elected and Hindenburg died.
4   Onvacation   2022 Jan 12, 4:00pm  

Those that forget their history are condemned to repeat it.
5   Ceffer   2022 Jan 12, 4:54pm  

Biden never was in the White House. They dropped all pretense of shuttling him to fake Oval Offices, and pretending he was 'taking off' for Dover, and now he has his little desk on the two bit movie set as a designator of his personal lack of importance.

Foreign occupied foreign city state of Washington DC is operating on the fart gas of the corruption apparatus, and even those fumes are drying up as criminal enterprise in Ukraine and Khaz are failing.

There is no "State of the Union" because DC is in complete termite/parasite mode, detached from the union, and the rotten structure will come tumbling down at some point. I think that is why Trump let Biden et alia. 'have' the election and did not go to pains to re-capture a defunct executive position. At some point in the future, hopium projects the Republic will be re-established on its pre-1871 Constitutional basis.

People on the ground already report that many government buildings are all but shuttered. The White House may be used for something, but not as a home for Prez. If the Republic is established elsewhere, the foreign occupied foreign city state of DC will simply be cast adrift and abandoned. It hasn't been part of the United States for a long time, anyway, and has just been the seat of administration of the US Corporation (City of London, Vatican) grifter occupation.
6   B.A.C.A.H.   2022 Jan 12, 5:22pm  

Hmmm something big may be coming up with a different timeline than the traditional January date for the address.

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