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2022 Jan 19, 1:19pm   14,157 views  204 comments

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1   cisTits   2022 Jan 19, 1:21pm  

Warren joins the Clintons amongst the buzzards circling above the Corpse Kwon As Team Biden.

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2   cisTits   2022 Jan 19, 1:22pm  

Whoopi refers to Trump via Harry Potterease. "You Know Who is coming back!"

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6   cisTits   2022 Jan 29, 12:15pm  

Yeah, but at least he didn't sniff the daughter of the Ukrainian president.

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7   clambo   2022 Jan 29, 2:02pm  

The video above shows a clearly demented old guy.
Anger over a fake scenario is a sign he’s unhinged.
9   Ceffer   2022 Jan 30, 11:12am  

"Biden demands DEWs start more fires and destroy more infrastructure with false flags so that Dems can pass "Graft, Corruption, and BankRupt America" bill.
18   AmericanKulak   2022 Feb 2, 6:15pm  

Biden Millies were still debating fundamental evacuation decisions 24 hours before Fall of Kabul. Previous months they had dismissed concerns from Intel, Military Officials.

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19   Patrick   2022 Feb 3, 12:24pm  


February 3, 2022
Rumble announces record monthly watch time and uploads, significant user growth
The alternative video sharing platform reaches new highs.
20   Patrick   2022 Feb 3, 12:36pm  


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A freedom convoy of over 50,000 truckers are protesting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s mandates. The truckers are crusading for their Nation's freedom. Will they succeed? Here is everything you need to know.
26   AmericanKulak   2022 Feb 4, 9:44am  

Smear Campaign against Canadian Truckers

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27   AmericanKulak   2022 Feb 4, 9:45am  

Hey Leftoids! Biden sent Dept of Ed Secretary to fight against pro-student loan bankruptcy ruling.

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28   cisTits   2022 Feb 4, 3:00pm  

Millennial doesn't know what the fuck 'proof' means:

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34   Ceffer   2022 Feb 5, 1:46pm  

AmericanKulak says
And then they came for Razorfish

Nobody could have predicted this. Razorfish is such a calm voice of conservative reason.
35   cisTits   2022 Feb 5, 7:41pm  

HunterTits says
Millennial doesn't know what the fuck 'proof' means:

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And there was more. In the end, the fucker simply called the reporter being a shill for Putin.

38   cisTits   2022 Feb 8, 7:44pm  

Why the FUCK should US Authorities 'investigate' money raised for Freedom of Speech exercises on behalf of Canadian reporters?

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39   cisTits   2022 Feb 10, 7:51pm  

Hahahaha. Adele eats the Shit Sandwich:

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