We all know the missiles came from Iran

2022 Jan 23, 10:13pm   420 views  5 comments

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Looks like Iran has been giving the Houthis some ballistic missiles with ranges capable of hitting targets deep inside Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

I wonder if the Gulf States are gonna hit back at targets inside Iran instead of just sticking to Yemen.


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1   cisTits   2022 Jan 23, 10:22pm  

Saudis are manufacturing their own ballistic missiles too.
2   Patrick   2022 Jan 23, 10:30pm  

I doubt the Saudis are capable of manufacturing anything.
4   Patrick   2022 Jan 24, 10:08pm  

"with Chinese help"

Bet the tech is 100% Chinese.
5   Misc   2022 Jan 25, 2:09am  

Patrick says
"with Chinese help"

Bet the tech is 100% Chinese.

I'm sure the Chinese stole it from us.

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