Canada trucker convoy reaches half a million people

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2022 Jan 25, 12:07pm   71,157 views  996 comments

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I admire these truckers.

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918   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Oct 6, 12:18pm  

Patrick says

freedom convoy wasnt armed and threatening to murder them. i noticed elites don’t respect peaceful anything, they just disregard it as unimportant.
919   Patrick   2022 Oct 10, 4:27pm  


Feb 28
Trudeau's public safety minister, Marco Mendicino, says invoking the Emergencies Act was justified to squash the Freedom Convoy protest because truckers were potential rapists.
920   Patrick   2022 Oct 14, 10:27am  


Public Order Emergency Commission
An independent commission of inquiry is investigating Trudeau's use of the Emergencies Act, a form of martial law he deployed to counter the peaceful truckers' protests in Ottawa and across the country.

Right, the criminal Canadian government officials are going to investigate themselves? We all know how that's going to turn out.
922   Patrick   2022 Oct 17, 10:25am  

Sheila Gunn Reid
As it turns out, the only real violence that happened, according to the testimony of Zexi Li, the woman who was behind the injunction to end the honking of air horns was egg-throwing from people she knew at the truckers. Tho, they didn't get mischief charges and accounts seized.
924   Patrick   2022 Oct 23, 10:30am  


Justin Trudeau's case against the Freedom Convoy falls on its face
How are our elected officials who purvey what can only be called misinformation be held to account? ...

One has to ask, how are our elected officials who purvey what can only be called misinformation or even disinformation be held to account? Recall, that the commission has no power to sanction the Trudeau government, even if the report finds that invoking an emergency was unjustified and did not meet the necessary legal threshold. With his effective majority in Parliament, thanks to Jagmeet Singh and the NDP, Trudeau could simply put the report on a shelf to gather dust. Yet, the public has been witness to nothing less than a debunking of the official narrative. Will they be satisfied with inaction after the commission files its report?

However things play out, public trust in our officials and our media establishment has been damaged, and that’s not good for Canadian democracy.
925   Patrick   2022 Oct 24, 10:07am  

Ezra Levant 🍁🚛
Alas, "things are not getting done" is not a sufficient legal requirement to invoke martial law.

The Emergencies Act requires a grave danger to Canadians or the country itself, that no other law can handle.

The Liberals know they illegally invoked martial law.
926   Patrick   2022 Oct 24, 10:12am  

Ezra Levant 🍁🚛
Canada's largest newspaper (and largest recipient of Trudeau's journalism bail-out) says about a peaceful protest: we must "make sure it doesn't return".

Are there other political groups that the Star says shouldn't have freedom of speech or assembly?

Or just Trudeau's enemies?
927   Patrick   2022 Oct 27, 10:35am  


"Becoming clear"?

WTF? It was clear from the moment police were beating the peaceful protestors and the government was locking their bank accounts.
930   Patrick   2022 Nov 1, 10:07am  

Jaskanwal Singh
The only ‘extreme’ and ‘racist’ behaviour at the convoy was from the govt/police themselves, who ganged up on me, beat me, ripped off my turban etc.

The freedom convoy was nothing but love and Oneness. Mainstream media will never show this.
931   Patrick   2022 Nov 1, 10:08am  

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa 🇷🇴
PM @JustinTrudeau doesn't want you to know how he is viewed abroad.

British Tory MP @danny__kruger told the UK parliament last week that the Liberal government was among the "worst offenders" alongside China when it came to depriving civil liberties during Covid-19.
932   Patrick   2022 Nov 1, 1:17pm  


The Freedom Convoy Media Strategy
Stripping legacy media of legitimacy
933   Patrick   2022 Nov 2, 10:05am  

Rebel News
"Bodily autonomy, that is where I draw the line. That is mine, it is not my government's," says Brigitte Belton, one of the early organizers of the Freedom Convoy, about Justin Trudeau's coercive vaccine mandates.

935   Patrick   2022 Nov 8, 10:03am  

Maxime Bernier
Trudeau was hoping to get Canada’s own January 6 event during the Convoy. He did everything he could to provoke it, including the Emergencies Act. His lapdog media pretended it was a violent insurrection.

It was just a festive and peaceful protest.
936   Patrick   2022 Nov 9, 9:35am  


OPP intelligence chief reported 'ethical' qualms about calls for background checks on some convoy protesters

'The potential 'targets' are not engaged in criminal activity' — OPP Supt. Pat Morris

How did someone who has ethics end up working for a Canadian government intelligence agency? You'd think such people would be screened out immediately, as they are in the US.
937   Patrick   2022 Nov 14, 8:49pm  


Pierre Poilievre reaffirms his support for Freedom Convoy, ‘free choice in vaccination’
'I support those peaceful and law-abiding protesters who demonstrated for their lives and livelihoods.'
938   Patrick   2022 Nov 21, 6:57pm  


You would think that in a country in which many people, certainly many of the elites, profess liberal and progressive values, a lot of them would have been disturbed by last winter’s declaration of an emergency. Police forces acting under government orders broke up a peaceful protest in the nation’s capital, and the bank accounts of many innocent Canadians who participated in, or gave support to, the Freedom Convoy were frozen. ...

What is even more alarming is that the major banks were apparently pleased with this suggestion. One financial institution, Farm Credit Canada, a Crown corporation that provides financial services primarily to farms, went so far as to tell its employees to proactively and secretly record the names of customers who they suspected may have been involved with the convoy, according to a Blacklock’s Reporter story based on documents provided through an access to information request. This sounds more like communist East Germany, than India or Hungary.

But it’s not just the liberal elite who seem to be giving up on liberal values in Canada. A recent poll by Innovative Research Group found that 51 per cent of Canadians surveyed said that they supported the use of the Emergencies Act, which is actually up two per cent since February.

The "liberals" are horrible people who would immediately push you on to the next cattle car to a death camp as long as it make them feel better about themselves.

Their "principles" are nothing but self-serving hot air which mean nothing to them in fact, which their obedience to corporate propaganda proved beyond any doubt.
939   Onvacation   2022 Nov 21, 8:24pm  

Patrick says

The "liberals"

941   Patrick   2022 Nov 23, 6:02pm  


Look at the Canadian trucker convoy, protesting for the right to not have an experimental medicine pumped into their bodies.

Suddenly someone shows up with a Nazi flag. Who? We don’t know. The truckers were trying to figure it out too. We’re not going to comment either way, because no political side is short on stupid, but we do ask, how hard would it be for a government agent, or even another citizen looking to discredit the protest to do this? I mean, I could get my hands on a Nazi flag and walk into a protest for a photo op before the week is over.

But that one photo gets spun into articles like this…
942   Patrick   2022 Nov 26, 8:22am  


Democrat President Joe Biden pressured Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to shut down the Canadian trucker “Freedom Convoy” protests early last year, according to reports.

Biden administration officials reportedly stepped in at the height of the Canadian trucker protests as the convoy occupied Ottawa, Canada’s capital.

The revelation of Biden’s involvement came from an investigation into Trudeau’s decision to use the Emergencies Act to shut down the protests.

The Emergencies Act replaced the War Measures Act in 1988 and had never been used before.
944   RWSGFY   2022 Nov 27, 2:29pm  

Patrick says


A literal false flag.

Too much work. Just photoshop a desired flag into a picture and it'll have the same effect on hardened sceptics.
951   NuttBoxer   2023 Mar 10, 1:40pm  

I'll say it again. For all the shit we given Canadians, we didn't do anything like this in the US during the scamdemic. Our brothers to the north still have a few lessons to teach us.
952   richwicks   2023 Mar 10, 3:09pm  

NuttBoxer says

I'll say it again. For all the shit we given Canadians, we didn't do anything like this in the US during the scamdemic.

Actually, we did.


It's just not reported in our news. There were plenty of protests over the mask mandates, but they aren't covered by US media, they are simply ignored.
953   HeadSet   2023 Mar 10, 6:29pm  

Patrick says

The trucker action was protesting the Trudeau government while the CCP election interference supported Trudeau candidates. Trudeau considers Canadian National Security a distance second to his own power.
954   RWSGFY   2023 Mar 11, 11:11am  

NuttBoxer says

I'll say it again. For all the shit we given Canadians, we didn't do anything like this in the US during the scamdemic. Our brothers to the north still have a few lessons to teach us.

956   Patrick   2023 Mar 21, 2:31pm  


PMO texts show banks were pressured to seize Freedom Convoy funds before Emergencies Act
Text exchanges between senior staffers in the Prime Minister's Office reveal that the Trudeau Liberals were exploring how to seize funds prior to invoking the Emergencies Act.

By Sheila Gunn Reid | March 20, 2023

Banks cannot be trusted any longer.

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