Biden's military vaxx mandate is injuring and killing US soldiers

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As noted above, there are many potential confounding variables, but whatever the cause, if these data are not due to longstanding and previously undiscovered “data corruption”, then we have a major issue with the overall health of our armed services.

And if they are due to previously undiscovered “data corruption”, why wasn’t someone running around with their pants on fire trying to figure out what is going on here long before the whistleblowers brought this to national attention?

Below are summarized 2021 (+ vaccine) numbers % change relative to 2020 (- vaccine)
Total Number of Diseases & Injuries Reported By Year (Ambulatory) down 3%

(this is basically a control for the data set, and contradicts the “data corruption” explanation).

Total Number of Diseases & Injuries Reported By Year (Hospitalization) up 37%

Total Number of Diseases of the Nervous System By Year up 968%

Total Number of Malignant Neuroendocrine Tumor Reports By Year up 276%

Total Number of Acute Myocardial Infarct Reports By Year up 343%

Total Number of Acute Myocarditis Reports By Year up 184%

Total Number of Acute Pericarditis Reports By Year up 70%

Total Number of Pulmonary Embolism Reports By Year up 260%

Total Number of Congenital Malformations Reports By Year up 87%

Total Number of Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrage Reports By Year up 227%

Total Number of Anxiety Reports By Year up 2,361%

Total Number of Suicide Reports By Year up 227%

Total Number of Neoplasms for All Cancers By Year up 218%

Total Number of Malignant Neoplasms for Digestive Organs By Year up 477%

Total Number of Neoplasms for Breast Cancer By Year up 469%

Total Number of Neoplasms for Testicular Cancer By Year up 298%

Total Number of Female Infertility Reports By Year up 419%

Total Number of Dysmenorrhea Reports By Year up 221.5%

Total Number of Ovarian Dysfunction Reports By Year up 299%

Total Number of Spontaneous Abortion Reports By Year DOWN by 10%

Total Number of Male Infertility Reports By Year up 320%

Total Number of Guillian-Bare Syndrome Reports By Year up 520%

Total Number of Acute Transverse Myelitis Reports By Year up 494%

Total Number of Seizure Reports By Year up 298%

Total Number of Narcolepsy & Cataplexy Reports By Year up 352%

Total Number of Rhabdomyolysis By Year up 672%

Total Number of Multiple Sclerosis Reports By Year up 614%

Total Number of Migraine Reports By Year up 352%

Total Number of Blood Disorder Reports By Year up 204%

Total Number of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Reports By Year up 2,130%

Total Number of Cerebral Infarct Reports By Year up 294%

That is actually defense secretary Lloyd Austin. No one who dresses like that should be in charge of anything, let alone the US military.

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1   Patrick   2022 Feb 5, 7:38pm  


On February 1, 2022, US Senator Ron Johnson sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on February 1 highlighting the dramatic rise in adverse events reported in the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) after the vaccines were rolled out to the military. If the vaccines are truly “safe and effective,” these increases are difficult to explain.

There are 14 reasons that the DMED data is very important.

The individual doctors themselves realize that the vaccines are causing the harm documented in the DMED database. According to an insider I spoke to, around 40% of military docs realize what is going on, but doctors in the military can’t speak out against the vaccine because they are ordered not to say anything. So all these doctors have to remain silent. The data in DMED is their voice.

The original DMED data appears to be very reliable. It is hard for anyone to make excuses for the increased rates in the DMED database quoted in this letter because the event types with increases are all confirmed in the VAERS database. Unlike VAERS, this database cannot be dismissed using hand-waving arguments. DMED is not a self-reported database where reporting rates are unknown. It is a fully reported database where all the reports are from healthcare providers. In short, if the vaccines are safe, the DMED data is hard to explain. For example, you can’t pin the rise in events in 2021 on COVID since total hospital event rates declined in 2020 (relative to 2019) in both the original and corrected results. Note: The DoD now claims the 2016-2020 data was wrong and issued corrected values (graph on the right):

These are absolute rate increases. In VAERS, we’ll often compare a baseline rate of an event in prior years with the current year to look for a signal. This is a “differential signal” so high values are possible. For example, the reported VAERS rate for pulmonary embolism is 3 per year. Say it goes to 300 per year, a 100X jump. But if the baseline rates of PE are 1000, then on an absolute basis, this is just a 0.3X increase. So large absolute number jumps are very significant. This is exactly what we have in the DMED database: very large absolute jumps.

The effect sizes are huge. For example, the rates of hypertension increased by 21X from average in 2021. Nervous system diseases increased by a factor of 10.

Nobody can explain it. If it wasn’t the vaccine causing these huge increases in adverse events, what was it?

The military is deleting cases to make the effect size smaller. Watch this video DR. MALONE STATES DOD IS DELETING DATA FROM IT'S DATABASE TO COVER UP DAMAGES DONE BY THE "VACCINES"

It’s a great “conversation starter” with your pro-vax friends, local lawmakers, local health authority, and favorite fact-checkers. You simply ask a simple question, “How do you explain these dramatic rate increases in 2021 vs. the 5 year average?” This works particularly well at City Council meetings, school board meetings, and with lawmakers.

Symptoms with increases match the VAERS data. It is tough to claim the elevation in event rates is due to something else because a) the range of elevated symptoms is so large and b) the symptoms in DMED that are elevated match the symptoms in VAERS that are elevated.

The DoD is in a panic about this leaking out. This data wasn’t ever supposed to leak out. The only reason it leaked out is due to the efforts of three whistleblowers inside the DoD. According to an insider I spoke to, the DoD has no idea how they are going to cover it up. The only thing they’ve done is claim the 2016-2020 data is underreported, but this doesn’t match reality as I explain below.

Deliberate mainstream press cover-up. There is evidence that mainstream media reporters have been instructed not to cover this story or talk to Tom Renz. I verified this myself searching for articles about Renz in The New York Times and CNN. So you’ll only hear about it from alternative media. Think about it… this is one of the most explosive stories of the year (if not the decade) and the mainstream press isn’t covering it at all? What does that tell you? You don’t have to have a lot of critical thinking skills to figure that one out. It pretty much tells you everything you need to know: there is a massive cover up of adverse events.

It destroys the credibility of the CDC. I just finished watching the latest ACIP meeting where CDC officials said there were no safety signals (other than myocarditis) in both the VAERS and VSD system. Amazingly, there were no deaths from any mRNA vaccine. Zero. It also begs the question how they could possibly completely ignore all the safety signals in the DMED database. They didn’t even consider it. However, they are unlikely to ever answer that question. But when the Republicans come into power in the Senate in 2023, I’d expect that Senator Johnson will ask Rochelle Walensky why the CDC is ignoring this database.

The military can’t effectively refute it. After being confronted with the data, they now claim the 2016 to 2020 data was wrong. The problem is their new numbers are nonsensical as I explain below.

Symptoms that were not associated with the vaccines were not elevated in 2021. Symptoms unrelated to the vaccines weren’t elevated. So if there was a data glitch causing reduced reporting rates, how come only events related to the vaccine were elevated in 2021?

Total hospital event rates declined in 2020 (relative to 2019) in both the original and corrected results. What’s unique about the DMED database is that military hospitals don’t get COVID incentives. Total hospital event rates declined in 2020. If COVID is so dangerous, how do they explain that?
3   GNL   2022 Feb 5, 7:57pm  

Patrick says

Exactly how would Dr. Malone be privy to this information? Proof?
4   Patrick   2022 Feb 5, 10:31pm  

5   Patrick   2022 Feb 7, 5:09pm  




Sen. Ron Johnson Demands DOD Respond to Whistleblower Claims of COVID Vaccine Injuries
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) last week asked the U.S. Department of Defense if it’s investigating whistleblower reports of big spikes in illnesses among members of the U.S. military since its rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, and if the military removed reports of vaccine-induced myocarditis from its official database.
6   Patrick   2022 Feb 7, 5:09pm  


Spontaneous abortion URF in DoD database adjustment based on 'updated' data.
What the hell is going on in this database?

Jessica Rose

First off, please go to this article written by Daniel Horowitz. It presents a serious dilemma to the thinking individual. I have personally refrained from writing anything up on this data set since it ‘arrived’ to me pre-analyzed and I don’t jibe with that. It seems, suspicious. I need raw data to be satisfied. And even more suspicious are the differences between the original data that I received and the updated data. Please read on.

This is just one example of the military suppressing the info on the real and massive harms caused by their unconstitutional vaxx mandate.
7   Patrick   2022 Feb 9, 6:43pm  


DOD Caught in MAJOR SCANDAL: US Military Caught in Severe Data Manipulation Following COVID Reveal — No Way “Revised” Numbers Are Real
By Jim Hoft
Published February 9, 2022 at 12:21pm

A recent report by Daniel Horowitz at The Blaze on the Department of Defense manipulating epidemiological data after the initial data for 2021 revealed a MASSIVE increase, by 988%, in doctor visits by US military members in 2021.

9   Patrick   2022 Feb 16, 6:19pm  



Federal Judge Blocks Air Force From Punishing Officer Who Refused COVID Vaccine for Religious Reasons
U.S. District Court Judge Tillman E. Self III issued a preliminary injunction for an Air Force Reserve officer who was denied a religious exemption from the military’s COVID vaccine mandate, calling the military’s process for granting religious exemption “illusory and insincere.”
10   Patrick   2022 Feb 20, 8:10pm  


No word back from the DoD on Senator Johnson’s letter: The DoD is ignoring Senator Johnson’s letter. The #1 rule of holes is when you find yourself in one, stop digging. Did you know that since the vaccines rolled out that there is a sudden spike in the number of members of the military who are disqualified from working (e.g., flying a plane)? Memos have been sent that the vaccine is causing harm to our readiness, but the top brass ignores it saying they have to enforce the vaccine policy no matter how badly it affects the troops. Readiness isn’t important. It’s important to follow orders from the Commander-In-Chief. They do what they are told, no matter how many soldiers are harmed. I’ve heard from a reliable source in the military that the myocarditis rate in the military is over 1 in 100. Nobody’s talking. Mainstream media is never going to cover that story I assure you.
11   HeadSet   2022 Feb 21, 6:05am  

Patrick says
Readiness isn’t important. It’s important to follow orders from the Commander-In-Chief. They do what they are told, no matter how many soldiers are harmed.

This is not from a duty ethic to follow orders, it is from an ass kissing mentality to get themselves promoted.
12   Patrick   2022 Feb 21, 10:37am  


Based on passive surveillance reporting in the US, the risk of myocarditis after receiving mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines was increased across multiple age and sex strata and was highest after the second vaccination dose in adolescent males and young men. This risk should be considered in the context of the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination.
13   Patrick   2022 Feb 21, 5:29pm  


Members of the Tennessee National Guard who have submitted requests for religious exemptions from the experimental COVID vaccinations received notification this week of a new requirement forcing them to acknowledge that the Army can bypass any requirement for consent, and involuntarily vaccinate them.

“I have served in the Tennessee National Guard for over 10 years. I strongly object to the currently available COVID-19 vaccinations and submitted my packet requesting a Religious Exemption last year. Since then, they have forced me to change my request memorandum three times,” said a current member.
14   Patrick   2022 Feb 24, 10:00am  

And can you imagine the hate for Biden across the US military now that he has forced them to take this dangerous thing?
15   Patrick   2022 Mar 10, 9:10am  


A recent study published on January 25, 2022, on JAMA Network, has shown that the risk of myocarditis following mRNA COVID vaccination is around 133 times greater than the background risk in the population.

The study, conducted by researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as from several U.S. universities and hospitals, examined the effects of vaccination with products manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. The study’s authors used data obtained from the CDC’s VAERS reporting system which were cross-checked to ensure they complied with CDC’s definition of myocarditis; they also noted that given the passive nature of the VAERS system, the number of reported incidents is likely to be an underestimate of the extent of the phenomenon.
17   Patrick   2022 Mar 16, 11:31am  


Military Doctor Testifies in Court That a Superior Ordered Her Not to Discuss Data Showing Massive Spikes in Illness After Vaccine Mandate
19   GNL   2022 Mar 16, 11:56am  

Patrick says

This is going to sound pretty bad to most people but, joining the military means you are giving your life over to stupid fucks who couldn't care less about you. That, imo, is a stupid decision...joining the military. They can literally do anything they want with you.
20   Patrick   2022 Mar 18, 3:40pm  


Military Doctor Punished for Granting Exemptions to COVID Vaccine Mandate, Court Documents Reveal
Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, a doctor who granted medical exemptions to the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, was ordered not to discuss COVID or see patients, and his medical license in Texas is under investigation.
22   Patrick   2022 Mar 31, 10:15am  


Gosh, could their recruiting difficulties have something to do with the mandatory injection of a genetic experiment?

Or maybe the recruiting ads which tell you that you'll be defending sodomy and mentally ill people who do know which sex they inherently are?
23   joshuatrio   2022 Mar 31, 10:16am  

WineHorror1 says
Patrick says

This is going to sound pretty bad to most people but, joining the military means you are giving your life over to stupid fucks who couldn't care less about you. That, imo, is a stupid decision...joining the military. They can literally do anything they want with you.

I have had the same thoughts myself at times.
26   Patrick   2022 May 12, 9:09am  


Myocarditis Up 2800%: Army Veteran Pam Long Lists Alarming Numbers From the DMED Data Base

Myocarditis - Up 2800%
Cancers - Up 300% to 900%
Infertility (Both Genders) - Up 500%
Miscarriages - Up 300%
Neurological Disorders - Up 1000%
Demyelinating Disorders - Up 500%
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Up 600%
Guillain-Barré Syndrome - Up 500%
HIV - Up 500%
Pulmonary Embolisms - Up 400%
27   Patrick   2022 Jun 15, 6:18pm  


The federal government’s own data indicates that the COVID-19 vaccines U.S. service members are forced to receive are dangerous, medical experts explained as part of a Flag Day press conference hosted Tuesday by the medical freedom nonprofit Truth for Health Foundation.

The conference, which was live-streamed here on LifeSiteNews, addressed numerous aspects of the issue, starting with an overview of medical billing data from the Pentagon’s Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), first brought to light in January by attorney Thomas Renz, during a COVID vaccine hearing arranged by U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)

“Keep in mind, these serious medical conditions are happening in a young, healthy population of very fit military people who are not at risk of dying of COVID and who typically don’t have these health problems,” said Truth for Health president and CEO Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet. “The CDC database and the DMED database shows heart attacks and myocardial infarctions in the young, healthy military groups are up over 269% in ten months. Pericarditis up 175%. Myocarditis inflammation of the heart muscle up 285%. Pulmonary embolism. Blood clots in the lungs up 467%. Blood clots to the brain. Cerebral infarction. Bell’s Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis Immunodeficiencies Cancers, miscarriage. All are up over 250%, and some are up more than 350%.”

“Why would the DOD knowingly continue to force these vaccine mandates in the face of such damage?” she asked.
29   Patrick   2022 Jul 27, 7:07am  


Military Doctor Testifies under Oath That She Was ORDERED To ‘Cover up’ Vaccine Injuries through Biden Admin Directive
JULY 24, 2022

Dr. Theresa Long, medical officer with the United States military, has testified in court that she was ordered by a superior to suppress Covid-19 vaccine injuries following the Biden regime’s mandate.

Dr. Long also testified that the data is showing that deaths of military members from the vaccines exceed deaths from COVID-19 itself.
30   Patrick   2022 Aug 3, 7:36am  


U.S Coast Guard Dismissing Unvaccinated Members Despite Medical & Religious Exemption Appeals
Documents from whistleblowers inside the U.S. Coast Guard show that there will be a 30 day separation or discharge period of personnel that did not get the COVID-19 vaccine starting August 25.

Biden is still murdering members of the military for the profits of Pfizer.
31   Patrick   2022 Aug 3, 5:07pm  

Lawyer points out the gross illegality of mandating an experimental injection on all military.

original link
32   Patrick   2022 Aug 5, 11:18am  


Rebel News has obtained documents from whistleblowers inside the U.S. Coast Guard showing that there will be a 30 day separation or discharge period of personnel that did not get the COVID-19 vaccine starting August 25. Service members contacting Rebel News stated they saw this document around July 25.

A list of documents was shared with Rebel News consisting of ALCOAST 270/22, implementing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on Coast Guard personnel, as well as ALCOAST 131/22, which restricted liberty/leave for unvaccinated personnel.

Documents also show how people who were denied religious exemption are not allowed to re-apply for an appeal.

Sources inside the Coast Guard also notified Rebel News that everybody who applied for a medical or religious exemption were denied, even if they met the criteria for the exemption.
33   Patrick   2022 Aug 17, 2:40pm  


Military whistleblowers: DOD's legally dubious mRNA mandate has harmed readiness, produced widespread injuries
Dozens of first hand testimonials and internal documents

Jordan Schachtel
37 min ago
A group of active U.S. military pilots are coming forward as whistleblowers to challenge both the legal and moral nature of the Department of Defense mRNA mandate, and they’ve produced some shocking testimonials that challenge virtually all of the mainstream narratives about a supposedly “safe and effective” mRNA vaccine. ...

Below you’ll find a few accounts from the first report, from direct testimony and internal documents provided from active service members to the whistleblowers. I encourage you to read the whole thing. Again, Congress has this information and can act upon it should they so choose.

34   Patrick   2022 Aug 19, 5:42pm  


Biden Admin officials scramble to escape blame for unlawful Pentagon order mandating mRNA for troops
Former Pentagon official Terry Adirim says she was directed by the Secretary of Defense to justify the mandate.

Lawyers representing America’s service members are beginning to produce victories defending the U.S. Armed Forces against forced compliance with biomedical gene therapy experiments, and suddenly, nobody in the Pentagon wants to take accountability for their legally dubious mRNA injection order.

It all began on August 24, 2021, when Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a memo mandating mRNA “vaccination” for the active military, but with the stipulation that this mandate only applied to fully licensed products. This was because, as The Dossier understands, it is illegal to force service members to take an EUA vaccine. ...

Dr Adirim’s deceptive memo described the EUA and FDA licensed vaccines as “interchangeable,” adding that the Defense Department can “use doses distributed under the EUA to administer the vaccination series as if the doses were the licensed vaccine.” Adirim failed to note that the EUA vaccines were only administratively interchangeable, but not legally interchangeable, as made clear by the FDA. This should have rendered any mandate unenforceable.

In other documents and statements, she routinely made claims that FDA licensed vaccines were available to troops, when that was not in fact the case.

Following the mRNA injection order, untold thousands of service members were coerced — under threat of both administrative and criminal action — to take a “vaccine” that they wanted no part of. Unsurprisingly, this mandatory novel gene therapy injection has harmed combat readiness and produced widespread, serious, long term injuries throughout the armed forces.

The Pentagon’s unlawful order is being challenged in court by lawyers representing all branches of the military. On Thursday, the Marine Corps became the latest service branch granted a class wide injunction against the mandate.

Since leaving the Pentagon, Adirim has sought to distance herself from the letter, claiming that “crazy” attempts to hold her accountable are misguided, because it was “The Secretary” (Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin) who “directed vaccinations.” Neither Austin nor the Pentagon has confirmed that the Secretary of Defense ordered Adirim to sign off on the unlawful mandate.

Adirim remains in government as the program executive director of the VA’s Electronic Health Record Modernization Integration Office. As a government official, both she and the Secretary of Defense are easily accessible to testify via a congressional subpoena, should congress want to investigate their controversial memos. As Adirim’s memo has come under scrutiny, she has decided to lock her social media accounts.

Who, if anyone, will be held accountable?
35   GNL   2022 Aug 19, 8:12pm  

Patrick says

Who, if anyone, will be held accountable?

What I simply cannot get over is the FACT I do not know of anyone harmed by the jab. Not only that but, if the jab is doing so much harm, and to our very own military, WHY isn't this being talked about by everyone I know? I live in the DC area. There is a shit ton of military here.
36   Patrick   2022 Aug 19, 8:15pm  

@GNLused Try talking about it and see what reaction you get.

That's why.
37   GNL   2022 Aug 19, 8:17pm  

Patrick says

@GNLused Try talking about it and see what reaction you get.

That's why.

This is insane. I cannot imagine mothers and fathers would not be apoplectic over this. I just cannot believe it. I will have to experience it in my own circle until I believe the jab is doing this much damage. I will say, over and over again, I am glad that I did not take the jab though.
38   Patrick   2022 Aug 19, 8:40pm  

Say one person in a thousand dies from the vaxx. This is still an epic disaster.

Do you have 1000 people in your own circle?

Then there is the attribution problem. It will be attributed to anything but the vaxx.
39   GNL   2022 Aug 19, 8:55pm  

Patrick says

Say one person in a thousand dies from the vaxx. This is still an epic disaster.

Do you have 1000 people in your own circle?

Then there is the attribution problem. It will be attributed to anything but the vaxx.

Well, the attribution problem covers their asses then. Move along, nothing to see here. Question: How can we KNOW for certain the jab is causing high numbers of deaths? I assume all cause mortality? But how can we be so sure those numbers will not simply be manipulated also?

No, you're right, I do not know 1,000 people but, I would assume I would have heard something. Yes, even if 1 out of 1,000 people die from the jab, it is a democide. I had made up my mind VERY early on that I would not be taking the jab. I also told everyone I knew that this event was going to end up being the 2nd biggest event in all of history. The only thing bigger was the birth of Jesus, imo.
40   Patrick   2022 Aug 20, 5:06pm  

Note that the members of the military are not free to speak out:

https://reclaimthenet.org/how-the-us-military-has-restricted-speech-of-service-men-and-women-on-social-media/ (paywall)

GNLused says

How can we KNOW for certain the jab is causing high numbers of deaths? I assume all cause mortality? But how can we be so sure those numbers will not simply be manipulated also?

One thing you can do is look at the temporal correlation between the introduction of the vaxx and the increase in all-cause mortality. There are many graphs showing a very clear correlation.

You're right that they manipulate the numbers, for example a sudden rework of the military database on deaths after servicemen started dying.

Fortunately, not all countries are as corrupt as the US under the Democrat deep state. Data from, say, Japan and Sweden seems more likely to be honest than that from the US.

Give it a bit more time. All the evidence is moving in one direction only, and I expect at least some country will ban the vaxx as too dangerous to use eventually.

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