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A phone call from Larry Fink to Albert Bourla

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by Patrick   $0.28 total tips   💰tip   follow   2022 Feb 17, 10:03am  

Al, this is gonna be great. You know that virus Fauci cooked up for you in Wuhan? This one is going to be extra-special, not like the flu viruses that Fauci makes every year to boost your flu shot sales. So anyway, it got out of the lab. ...

No, our media spin will be that it's natural origin. We'll run the usual psy-ops and defamation of anyone who says it wasn't natural. Peter Daszak is already planning that angle with The Lancet...

Yes, we own a good chunk of RELX Group, which owns Elsevier, which owns The Lancet, so they will definitely publish whatever crap we come up with...

No, you can't just have the naysayers "whacked". We don't do things that way over here, you have to unlearn those Old World habits. Except Montagnier might be a problem, but he's 89 so if he just happened to die, we would have plausible deniability on that one...

So now you can push that new mRNA tech, which is going to be insanely profitable for the both of us...

No, don't worry about the animal testing. No scientist is going to ask about it, not if they want any funding for their own research ever again. Fauci will see to that.

Here's how we will fake them out on the EUA - we get it approved under a different name, but don't make that version available, so: no liability for us, and most of the public will think it has been approved because they never read these things very closely. Then when we actually do get it approved for children, we won't have any liability for any age group, because of a loophole in the law. So definitely push it on children, push, push, push...

This time, we have the media 95% under our ownership and we pretty much own all the public health officials around the world. Politicians are absolutely terrified of public health officials. That's the achilles heel in all their constitutions. No matter what kind of government, we can take absolute control via "public health orders". Who can oppose those? It's for their own good, we'll say.

We have the coordination of the media, the bribes, and the interests of the players involved down to a science. Not only do we have our own intelligence division telling us who we can bribe and who we have dirt on, the NSA and the CIA are offering us dirt on pretty much everyone in the US and all those public health officials elsewhere. The idiots all use Google for email, phone, searches, everything, so it's really simple to track and profile them...

We're going to turn friends and relatives against each other and they will never take the time to look up at who is pulling the strings! The ones on the side of the vaxx will be fighting for our profits and never catch on! They'll believe whatever shit we put on CNN even if we contradict ourselves as usual, and they don't even realize that we own all the local media and dictate their "reporting".

One last thing: we have to tell everyone they need to wear a mask, all the time. Of course it won't do a thing to stop transmission, but it will definitely increase fear, and fear is our friend. The more afraid people are, the more they will take our shots, maybe even booster shots to boost our profits! Masks have a bunch of advantages for us. The restriction of breathing and getting people to re-breathe their own CO2 definitely increases fear, and the fear inspired by everyone looking like robots? Priceless!

To bump up fear we can just run the PCR tests at ridiculously high cycles and we will definitely get positives out of it. We could classify pretty much every death in America as from Fauci's new virus this way, and who could argue? We can also just pay hospitals to kill people with bad treatment protocols. They'll do it for the money for sure, especially because following the protocols will exempt them from liability.

So anyway, just fake the trial results again and get that new vaxx out there. No liability for you or me, and guaranteed billions, bigger than ever this time. It's always great doing business with you, Al.
4   Patrick   2022 Mar 14, 3:07pm  


Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Sunday said the vaccine maker plans to submit data on a fourth dose of its COVID-19 vaccine to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration because protection after three doses is “not that good against infections” and “doesn’t last very long” when faced with a variant like Omicron.

5   Patrick   2022 Apr 20, 9:13pm  


There’s an arc to every fraud. The fraud grows and those responsible for it profit, until they eventually reach what Mr. Dowd calls an “inflection point” and then the tide turns. He’s ahead of the herd with this thesis, as he was with theses in the past which led to his professional success. In his world of financial forecasts and data analysis, he doesn’t need to wait for journalists at the New York Times to report on an event in order to formulate a thesis and act on it.

While we all know that the mainstream media is still completely ignoring what many would consider the greatest humanitarian scandal in history, Wall Street IS beginning to think about acknowledging this unfolding disaster. ...

The Criminal Mind
The bottom line in the above examples is that when a criminal is caught, he keeps tripling down and pretending everything’s fine while hoping it goes away quickly and that something else comes along to capture public attention.

The Very Big Issue for the perpetrators of this particular criminal fraud is that the consequences of their complicity are too horrible to truly comprehend. The victims of their fraud and those who don’t yet know that they’re victims will be going through stages of grief: Many are still in the denial phase, but Pfizer better buckle up because anger is coming, and many people on Team Vaccine will never be able to walk back the horrible ways they treated and spoke about the unvaccinated.
6   HeadSet   2022 Apr 21, 10:30am  

Patrick says
Team Vaccine will never be able to walk back the horrible ways they treated and spoke about the unvaccinated.

I dunno. Notice how no old politicals now claim to have been for the Vietnam War, and notice how Biden, Gore, et al, never have to "walk back" their old time associations and support of KKK members and segragationalists.
7   Patrick   2022 Aug 4, 7:00pm  

Let's see if readers can make a connection between these two quotes from https://dossier.substack.com/p/pfizer-ceo-celebrated-bidens-paxlovid

Exhibit A:

I wanted to turn your attention to a recent interview on CNBC’s Jim Cramer Mad Money show this past week, in which Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla preemptively celebrated President Biden’s COVID “recovery” right before his infamous “Paxlovid rebound,” while advising the audience they needed a 5th mRNA shot for the “big wave” coming this Fall.

Exhibit B:

“This year’s quarter was the highest ever,” Bourla replied, after announcing that Pfizer had earned $10 billion in net income this quarter, all of which came from government handouts. “100 percent growth versus last year. I feel very proud,” he continued.
8   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2022 Aug 5, 4:45am  

Well, a cancer vaccine - that's something else, isn't it. When you have cancer, you have already received the "vaccine." Your immune system patrols against the errant cancer cells here and there. But when you have cancer, it has broken through. Cancer cells rapidly multiply and mutate. Cancer cells can lose the target that targeted therapies are targeting, i.e., antigen escape. So can some viruses, which is why a gene therapy that codes for a very defined part of the COVID19 virus is an insane strategy. Unless you can find a conserved epitope, one that does not mutate, ostensibly because it is vital to the virus, it's the shifting sands, or, continual boosters.
9   WookieMan   2022 Aug 5, 5:10am  

Patrick says

This year’s quarter was the highest ever,” Bourla replied, after announcing that Pfizer had earned $10 billion in net income this quarter, all of which came from government handouts. “100 percent growth versus last year. I feel very proud,” he continued.

Not financial advice and I'm not doing it myself, but I'd start to think about shorting Pfizer. Not sure when, but the constant boosting is wearing thin with the public. All my friends have gotten Covid. Many vaccinated. I'm the only one to not test positive and have tested the most out of anyone I know outside of some nurse friends. Vaccines don't work. And if they got it they weren't severely ill at all, vaccinated or not. Just a sinus infection basically.

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