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Natural Anti-viral Therapy since 2009 for HPV, HSV, Hep-C, EBV, and now Covid

By porkchopexpress follow porkchopexpress   2022 Feb 17, 3:37pm 221 views  7 comments           share      

Went down a rabbit hole and found that a company called Lilac Corp invented a natural remedy back in 2009 called Gene-Eden-VIR, which consists of the following formula:
- 100mg Quercetin
- 150mg Green Tea extract
- 50mg cinnamon extract
- 25mg licorice extract
- 100mcg selenium

In 2014, they built another evolution of the original formula called Novirin, which uses higher quality and more expensive ingredients but of the same formulation.

Here's a link that goes into detail: http://7hpv.com/?source=patrick.net

From that link, they have peer-reviewed clinical studies showing that HPV cleared all participants when they were on the remedy for 1 year. Imagine what that would do to cervical cancer cases, along with the medical profits lost by people being healthy. They also have a studies showing this remedy reduced herpes outbreaks significantly, more than anti-virals like Valtrex. Now, the product owners/scientists are saying it prevents/treats Covid.

I just found it interesting that over 10 years ago, scientists already used Quercetin (and other herbs) to battle both active and latent viruses. The founder believes that so much of the sickness and cancer humans suffer from are as a result of latent viruses that we never clear, and he adamantly testifies that his product drastically reduces or clears such viruses.

If you look in forums online like Reddit, people genuinely ask about the effectiveness of this product and IMMEDIATELY, shills come swooping in claiming it's a scam without any proof to the contrary. What do they say? These studies are weak or bogus or biased...so similar to the tactics used against Ivermectin. It makes me think that big pharma has paid shills everywhere to shut down anyone's interest in these herbal remedies because of the threat it poses to their profits.

If I had visible warts or a herpes infection, I would totally try this product out for 6 months to see what happens, but I don't. If anyone on this forum has the infection (or knows someone who suffers from outbreaks), you should totally try it out. I'd be very curious to see if it works for you or someone you know.

P.S. If you get a doctor's prescription, they cut the cost of the remedy by like 90%. Otherwise, Novirin is $76/month.

1   Rin   2022 Feb 17, 3:49pm  

porkchopexpress says
It makes me think that big pharma has paid shills everywhere to shut down anyone's interest in these herbal remedies because of the threat it poses to their profits.

If you recall, one such posterer showed up here & did the same for Quercetin (pretending to be some ahem, smart guy who knew about polymerization & bio-availability) until I posted the Quercetin Phytosome pubmed article & then he disappeared.

porkchopexpress says
- 100mg Quercetin
- 150mg Green Tea extract

All good but this is how I would change it ...

250 mg Quercetin Phytosome (it's important that ppl stopped taking the Dihydrate form as it's not bioavailable)
200 mg Allisure Allicin

and then add the smaller stuff


Green Tea's EGCG at 150 mg
Turmeric w/ Bioperine 500 mg
R-Lipoic Acid 100 mg
4   porkchopexpress   2022 Feb 17, 3:53pm  

Yea, those idiots are everywhere. Amazing how much damage they can do and sway opinions.

I hope more and more people catch on to all these herbal remedies because it's not just about Covid, but practically any RNA virus out there.
5   porkchopexpress   2022 Feb 17, 3:55pm  

Rin says
Here's Que for the common cold

I missed this post before. Thanks for sharing.
6   Rin   2022 Feb 17, 4:05pm  

If you're daily supplementing w/ Allisure Allicin, like 80 to 100 mg per day, here's one other effect you may notice.

During your dental cleansing, your gumline should look heathier and the blood letting, a lot less than earlier.
7   porkchopexpress   2022 Feb 20, 12:27pm  

I came across this post in a forum about Novirin where there were clearly paid pharma shills calling the studies worthless and that the herbal remedy is snake oil. Dr. Polansky is the inventor of Novirin. This was one of the posts that I thought was fascinating:

"Let me explain why I think the Polansky and Itzkovitz paper is special. Currently, there is a war raging on between the pharmaceutical and the alternative medicine industries. The reason is billions of dollars that pharmaceutical companies make every year from selling drugs. As it turns out, the number one tool these companies use in protecting their enormous profits is the double blind, multimeter, clinical study. To pay for such a study, a company needs hundreds of millions of dollars. Guess who has that much money? The largest pharmaceutical companies. Who doesn't? Alternative medicine companies. What's the result? Alternative medicines are regarded as inferior to drugs. As long as the medical community will regard the double blind, multimeter, clinical study, as the gold standard for testing medical treatments, pharma will continue to make billions and control the fate of billions of people.

It is interesting that the FDA understands the situation, and an attempt to break the grip of the pharmaceutical companies by introducing other acceptable tests. Let me quote from the Polansky and Itzkovitz paper.

"The FDA guidance lists five types of controls for both pre marketing and post marketing studies: 1) Placebo Concurrent Control, 2) Pre-treatment Concurrent Control, 3) Dose-response Concurrent Control, 4) Active (Positive) Concurrent Control, 5) External Control (Including Historical Control). The External Control “can be a group of patients treated at an earlier time (historical control)” [25]

The FDA proposed four other controls in addition to the Placebo Concurrent Control. In its guideline to the industry, the FDA does not distinguish between the very expensive, placebo control, and the much cheaper other controls. To me it sounds like the FDA encourages the alternative industry to submit applications that are not using the placebo control. Am I the only one shocked by this policy?
Now, of course, if the medical community will follow the FDA lead and recognize the value of these controls, the pharmaceutical industry will start losing its monopolistic power, and suddenly, the market will see the introduction of many cheap, natural, and effective alternatives to drugs. Who will benefit from this change? The public. And who will lose? Pharma. When I think about it, it reminds me the time when IBM controlled the computing world with its very expensive mainframes. What happen when many small companies started to introduce the first PCs? A revolution. Everyone got access to a computer, and IBM got a big red number on its financial balance sheets.

I hope the publication of the Polansky and Itzkovitz paper will have the same effect on medicine as the introduction of the first PCs had on computing."

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