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Former BlackRock Portfolio Manager Edward Dowd Calls FRAUD,Predicts Bankruptcy For Moderna and Pfizer

By Patrick follow Patrick   2022 Feb 17, 7:35pm 345 views  12 comments           share      


"An All Cause Mortality Endpoint Should Have Stopped This Thing In Its Tracks, And It Didn't."
"It's looking more and more like this product is deadly."

Celia Farber
Feb 16

“If the FDA and Pfizer don’t release the data on the clinical trials, I’m assuming fraud. What we’re seeing from the incidences of deaths and disabilities from these vaccines…fraud eviscerates all contracts.”

”They’ve been caught.”

I have watched this interview with Edward Down with astonishment today. I could not stop thinking of it, and will be listening to it again, along with every other interview I can find, with him. I find him credible, and everything he says “fits.” There are others, but the interview I watched, and can recommend, is here:


Same interview linked here:

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Kristi Leigh

original link

Why are some insurance companies banking on more deaths?
Hear from former Blackrock Portfolio Manager @DowdEdward and see the whole report on @OnLocals, @rumblevideo or my website!
February 16th 2022

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‘The criminals have been caught…there will be full out chaos this year’ agreed. But wait until fall, when they bring back the passport with a so called new variant. You can screen shoot my tweet…I’m a profit. https://t.co/lXqrVeXKcB?source=patrick.net
The Vigilant Fox 🦊 @VigilantFox

Edward Dowd on where he sees it going from here…

“As the truth comes out, it will get worse and they will triple-down” 😳


Credit: https://t.co/54dcfpPRvY?source=patrick.net https://t.co/ceo0QELOgp?source=patrick.net
February 16th 2022

These clips are from a previous interview Dowd did with Steve Bannon:

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@DrAseemMalhotra Let's listen to Edward Dowd - he knows what is coming ⬇️
February 13th 2022

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”The debt bubble is at its peak.”

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Veritas News Feed
Ex BlackRock Exec. Edward Dowd - “We are at The End Days here”..
February 11th 2022

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One more interview here.

1   Ceffer   2022 Feb 17, 7:53pm  

Standing in the middle of the playing field, when mortality penetration occurred, but wasn't sufficient to offset population backlash.

Watcha gonna do when they come for you? Call Switzerland's useful idiot hot line? "The expiration date on you useful idiocy has run out. You may proceed to nearest gallows or firing squad. Thank for your abject, amoral, immoral, crawling, greedy service to Satan. Rest assured that your earthly leaders are safe in their redoubts."
2   Patrick   2022 Feb 17, 10:53pm  

3   HeadSet   2022 Feb 18, 7:36am  

Pfizer and Moderna are too politically connected to go bankrupt. Government will prepurchase $billions of jabs first. Plus, if the truth ever came out about fraud and safety at Pfizer and Moderna, it will be blamed on Trump.
4   richwicks   2022 Feb 18, 7:58am  

Pfft. The Sackler Family intentionally addicted people to their opium products.


They claimed that the drug would work for longer than it actually would. When patients complained about pain, the doctors were told that they should up the dosage.

In reality, it worked fine as a pain killer, but for about 1/2 as long. If they took doses more frequently, they would have been fine, instead the dosage was driven so high, it drove them to addiction.

Yeah, probably Moderna and Pfizer are engaging in fraud. So what? We don't have a judicial system.
5   Patrick   2022 Mar 17, 5:58pm  


There was a particularly significant "spike" in mortality in the fall of 2021, he said, that cannot be explained by the delta variant, opioids, suicides or other causes.

"The only signal that makes sense to me is the vaccines," said Dowd, who describes himself as a "futurist" and a "stock picker."

"You don't have to agree with me," he added. "But I'm hoping that this starts a national conversation. And let's have Senate hearings, let's get some experts involved."

Dowd said people are welcome to argue with him.

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"But so far the mainstream media doesn't seem to have any interest in what we are saying."

The Millennials, about ages 25 to 40, experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality over that period, Dowd found. It was the highest increase in excess deaths of any age group last year – seven times higher than the Silent Generation, those who are older than 85.

Dowd said his role mostly is to provide interpretation and analysis of the data while the insurance expert is "doing the heavy lifting" of compiling it.

He said his partner in the project, who has actuarial training, analyzed the insurance industry on Wall Street for seven years. The insurance expert, Dowd said, currently is presenting the data to a financial group and will eventually reveal his identity.
6   Patrick   2022 Apr 11, 11:15pm  


Dear Larry Fink, you have a predatory industry in your portfolio that is in the process of destroying capitalism itself
You have a fiduciary duty to pressure Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Merck, GSK, and Sanofi to exit the vaccine business immediately

Toby Rogers

... The facts are relatively straightforward. In the 1980s, 12.8% of children had one or more chronic conditions. By 2011, 54.1% of children had one or more chronic health conditions. What explains this more than four-fold increase in chronic health conditions in the space of a generation? A large body of evidence suggests that the culprit is the more than threefold increase in vaccines on the childhood schedule that occurred over that same time period.

Vaccine makers were given unlimited liability protection in 1986 via the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. With no liability, pharmaceutical companies rushed to add as many vaccines as possible to the childhood schedule without regard for possible harms. While your generation had just a few shots, today women are vaccinated during pregnancy, children are vaccinated on the first day of life (with the incredibly toxic and unnecessary hepatitis B vaccine), and children receive on average 54 shots by the time they reach 18 years of age.

Because of regulatory capture, NONE of the vaccines on the childhood schedule were tested against a saline placebo in a true randomized control trial.
8   WineHorror1   2022 May 4, 8:25am  

Does anyone doubt that big pharma is in the protected class?
9   richwicks   2022 May 4, 8:58am  

WineHorror1 says

Does anyone doubt that big pharma is in the protected class?

The protected class can only be protected to a point. If we start to see a rise in deaths among the vaccinated and not among the vaccinated that is significant - i.e. if something like 10% of the recipients die, that will end our government.

I don't expect this to happen, but if it does, this class of people are going to get murdered at some point. I'm actually genuinely surprised that people who have lost family and are convinced the vaxx did it, haven't taken some sort of revenge yet.
10   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 May 4, 9:23am  

fuck pfizer and all those assholes pushing vax nazism
11   Patrick   2022 May 13, 8:13pm  


An executive with COVID-19 vaccine maker Moderna resigned from the company about one day after taking the job, according to a statement Wednesday.

In the statement and in a securities filing, Moderna said that its new chief financial officer, Jorge Gomez, resigned on Tuesday, “effective immediately.” Retired Chief Financial Officer David Meline will continue his role starting May 11, said the firm.

“The announcement follows the May 10 public disclosure by Mr. Gomez’s former employer, Dentsply Sirona Inc., of an ongoing internal investigation into certain matters, including financial reporting,” Moderna’s statement said.

Gomez’s appointment was announced by the company in April and came into effect on Monday.

After leaving the company, Gomez will receive 12 months’ salary, totaling about $700,000, and he will forfeit his signing bonus and bonus eligibility, Moderna said in the securities filing.

$700,000 is not bad for one day's work.

I wonder what he saw in the financial records, lol.
12   Patrick   2022 Jun 8, 10:59am  


In the interview with The New American, former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd warned about the devastating societal and economic consequences of the Covid vaccine fraud perpetrated jointly by Big Pharma and the United States healthcare agencies. The mass vaccination resulted in mass casualties, as appears from the official CDC data and the real-world data provided to Mr. Dowd by the insurance companies and funeral homes. People dying in their prime age at unprecedented rates will inevitably result in an economic crisis, manifested in raging inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions. Yet Mr. Dowd expressed his optimism for the future, arguing that many people are becoming aware of the crime that is being committed against them.

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