Epstein associate, is found hanged in prison

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Brunel was a model talent scout for the Karin Models agency, which he went on to lead. When he was banned from the agency after a BBC report highlighting his alleged abuse, he moved to the United States. Through Maxwell, he was introduced to Epstein, who gave him funding to found Brunel’s U.S. agency, MC2 Model Management, according to the Guardian. Brunel, who is credited with discovering supermodels such as Christy Turlington and Milla Jovovich, became a frequent companion of Epstein’s whenever the financier traveled to France.
“I am in shock. Was this really suicide?”
French authorities said Brunel was a central figure in the probe into alleged sexual exploitation of women and girls by Epstein and his inner circle. Brunel was released on bail last November but was ordered to return to prison while awaiting trial.

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1   AmericanKulak   2022 Feb 19, 11:08am  

Tying up the loose ends.

Funny how GiveSendGo donors are doxed, but not Epstein's Records.
2   Patrick   2022 Feb 19, 12:17pm  

Maybe Brunel was going to name names.
3   Ceffer   2022 Feb 19, 12:33pm  

I think 'hanged in cell with cameras not working' is code for 'intelligence agency exfiltration'. Notice how the fake trial of fake Jizzlaine resultied in NOTHING!

Their arrogance is so stupendous now, they don't even care for the trappings of credibility, it's just game show shit.
4   RC2006   2022 Feb 19, 12:48pm  

Bill Bares father gave Epstien his first job. Epstien was laundering money for arms dealers and intelligence agencies, then started running blackmail probably for isreal.

Bill Bares father also worked in intelligence before becoming a school master and wrote sci-fi about pedo slavery planet.
5   mell   2022 Feb 19, 1:18pm  

6   Ceffer   2022 Feb 19, 1:25pm  

"Mossad Resorts International has gone public: Where all of our exfiltrated and 'fake suicided' agents and guest politicians enjoy the amenities of sun, fun, hookers and cocaine in luxurious anonymity. We are now opening up these resorts to select members of the public at premium prices, no masks, no Covid because (chuckle) technically everybody is already dead! You must sign our non-disclosure agreement before disembarking because if you reveal who you meet, well, we can tell you who they are, but we will have to kill you for real LOL!"
7   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2022 Feb 19, 3:37pm  

So you see, again, that there are different rules for some, including buying off authorities to murder potential stoolies.
8   REpro   2022 Feb 19, 8:37pm  

They can't suicide Epstein videos stored in "Cloud"
10   Reality   2022 Feb 21, 6:00am  

"Resorts International"

More like the island in "The Island": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrQZSco77Pg&source=patrick.net

When the handlers go to "the island," their money in the bank also gets recycled. It is the dream of "the island" that motivates Nazis to do evil, and Soros' former girlfriends to put out for him; the ultimate promised reward doesn't have to exist physically, and is far more economic for the banksters if it doesn't have to be paid every time.
11   AmericanKulak   2022 Jun 6, 11:42pm  

At least he wasn't hung from a tree with a shotgun blast and ruled a suicide.

12   richwicks   2022 Jun 7, 1:21am  

Reality says

"Resorts International"

More like the island in "The Island": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrQZSco77Pg&source=patrick.net

That film is a remake of The Clonus Horror.

13   clambo   2022 Jun 7, 9:14am  

I imagine it takes real skill to shoot and hang yourself.

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