Get ready for Censorship like Mad

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2022 Feb 23, 2:58pm   120,499 views  731 comments

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Under the "Russian Operative" excuse.

It's coming, and it will encapsulate the Social Justice Revolution as part of American Canon, so to criticize it will be subject to censorship.

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56   Patrick   2022 Apr 20, 12:28pm  

richwicks says
When George W. Bush said "they h8 us 4 R Freedumb" he wasn't talking about Islamic terrorist groups, he was talking about the oligarchs that run the United States.

Lol, that's true. The oligarchs particularly hate our free speech, because even one person calling out their bullshit greatly encourages others to do the same:

Enormous efforts were spent to silence “misinformation”. Why? Because Solomon Asch found out that any expression of disagreement — lack of consensus — immediately kills compliance...

59   AmericanKulak   2022 Apr 25, 12:51pm  

The current thing.
60   Patrick   2022 Apr 27, 5:44pm  


the disinformation governance board would be the american "ministry of truth"
and that cannot be countenanced. make orwell fiction again

wow. the US federal government is A LOT more worried about losing control of the informational narrative than i realized.

this is some desperate, scary stuff.

the department of homeland security is creating a new division and, i kid you not, it’s called the “disinformation governance board.”

“boy did i call it or what?”
-george orwell

this terrifying new foray into fascist informational suppression claims a narrow mandate, but are any truly fool enough to fall for such an implausible tale, especially right in front of the american mid-terms and right after jen psaki got done telling us about how we need the federal government to be more active in suppressing medical misinformation and russia narratives?


the cure for bad speech is more speech

the best way to marginalize hateful people is to let them reveal themselves

and censorship is always the greater evil.
61   AmericanKulak   2022 Apr 27, 5:50pm  

Nina J. caught in her web of bullshit - here are more of her "Hunter Biden laptop Russian Disinfo" tweets:


62   Patrick   2022 Apr 27, 7:44pm  

What is "Poso"?
64   Patrick   2022 Apr 29, 12:54am  

Brian Roemmele
18 Oct 2021
It was 1946 and this lost educational film on despotism was required curriculum at every high school in America.

The associated test, 11 pages quizzed students on the concepts.

By 1967, this film was removed from all libraries.

The term despotism has since become unfashionable

65   richwicks   2022 Apr 29, 1:09am  

Patrick says
It was 1946 and this lost educational film on despotism was required curriculum at every high school in America.

The associated test, 11 pages quizzed students on the concepts.

By 1967, this film was removed from all libraries.

The term despotism has since become unfashionable

It's romantic to think at we once didn't have despotism, but you want another take on it?

original link

I think when the US is actually threatened with an external threat which is regarded as a real actual danger, that's the only time that our establishment decides they need the actual help and real support of the citizenry and so, they actually give them their rights.
66   AmericanKulak   2022 Apr 29, 2:01am  

"Death by a thousand cuts" is a mechanism to destabilize, the opposite of myth.

Constant and endless criticism any time an institution failed or a wild mob did something foolish, for which the entire culture gets the blame. Then they use repetition and shotgunning along with shouting "myth" "White Male" etc. at any attempt to tell the traditional story (or myth, if you prefer).

This is why Western Civ is depreciated and often optional (not even one class) in Colleges, but Deconstructionism and Foucaultian narratives are required.
67   richwicks   2022 Apr 29, 2:07am  

AmericanKulak says
"Death by a thousand cuts" is a mechanism to destabilize, the opposite of myth.

Constant and endless criticism any time an institution failed or a wild mob did something foolish, for which the entire culture gets the blame.

I understand the danger of realistic and reasonable criticism of myths. I know it can completely demonize anybody, but making myths is problematic too.

Villains aren't like in the movies. We should understand what a true villain is. Villains aren't entirely villains..
68   AmericanKulak   2022 Apr 29, 2:29am  

It's all about the Narrative.

"Salem Witch Trials were about evil Whites and Religious Superstition"
or the truth
"Salem Witch Trials were initiated by young girls against mostly landless older women and widows and known competitors/engaged women to/for attractive potential partners (a pattern repeated in Africa and Asia, to free up both nearby land AND high value potential spouses), and, when the Statewide Courts met, new standards of evidence were introduced banning Prophecy and Dreams as evidence. By leadership consisting of deeply pious Radical Reformationists, all White and all Male, in fact all Anglo-Saxon. Progress towards justice was made."

"The Puritans soon went to war with the Indians who helped them."
"The Puritans and Indians signed an alliance, as the latter wanted aid against extermination by other bands of Indians. The Alliance and Peace lasted almost a century, which compared to even inter-Indian or inter-European alliances, was actually surprisingly very long."
72   Patrick   2022 May 2, 2:12pm  


May 2, 2022
PayPal purges independent media outlets that documented Ukraine war censorship
Many accounts shut down.
By Cindy Harper
75   Patrick   2022 May 5, 12:15pm  


May 5, 2022
Judge rules cops who arrested man over parody Facebook page have qualified immunity
Can't be sued for violating free speech.

Free speech and what’s known as “qualified immunity,” as well as “overcriminalization” – expansion of the criminal code in the US to address even minor problems in society – is at the heart of a case that started in 2016 with a short-lived parody page Anthony Novak had set up on Facebook.

Novak was subsequently arrested and spent several days in jail – much longer than the lifespan of his page critical of the police in Parma, Ohio – a page that was up only 12 hours.

In addition, the police confiscated his phone and computer. His “crime” was the humor he was using to express his opinions about the local law enforcement: posts like one “advertising” free abortions performed in a police van, and an “event” under the motto, “Pedophile Reform.”

Some Facebook users complained – about ten of them according to court records – but that was enough for the police to go to the trouble of getting three warrants: to arrest Novak, search his apartment, and deal with Facebook. The charge was “using a computer to hinder police duties,” an accusation based on little-known (and in this case, a court eventually found, invoked incorrectly) state law.

Novak eventually had a jury trial that resulted in his acquittal. But he then went on to sue the officers who arrested him for violating his constitutional rights. However, the US Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit did not support his claims.

Judge Amul Thapar found that while what Novak posted on Facebook was protected speech, the way he went about setting up his parody page did not qualify as that – because he used the same profile picture as the local police department and removed a comment saying this was not an official page. And “when the Department tried to clarify that Novak’s page was imitating its own, he copied the official page’s clarification post word for word,” said Thapar.

Nevertheless, the judge found that the officers did qualify for something called “qualified immunity” – a status stemming from lack of legal precedent that protects government officials who are accused of violating constitutional rights.

This last part of the ruling means that Novak was unable to have another jury trial and argue his case regarding the violation of free speech rights allegation.
77   Patrick   2022 May 7, 7:31pm  


April 29, 2022
This Scary Experiment Explains Two Years of COVID Hell
By Vic Hughes
In case you were wondering why all views contrary to the Official Narrative have been canceled, it's because of the Asch Conformity Experiment.

We have just gone through a nationwide, and actually a worldwide, Asch Conformity Experiment. As implied, the goal of the experiment was not to get to the truth. It was to get conformity. Only conformity is allowed.

Asch showed that people will actually believe things that they know to be false if they think everybody else believes those things. That is the point of the COVID nightmare experiment we just lived though. You must believe:

COVID is hugely riskier than it actually was, so any actions are justified.
Vaccines are your only hope, even though the technology has never worked.
Vaccines are safe and effective, although they were tested for only a few months.
The unvaxxed are subhuman murderers, to be shunned and even left to die.
Not wearing a known-to-be-useless mask is a sign of relentless selfishness.
Children, who are at almost no risk, must be vaxxed, or they will kill Granny.
None of these makes sense. However, no dissent can be allowed because the Asch Conformity Experiment showed that if one person stands up to the narrative, it is easier for the second one to dissent. Then another and another stand up, and then control is lost.

That is why every dissenting voice must be silenced. If one person cries, "The Emperor has no clothes," people will see the naked truth. And that can't be allowed.

What is the Asch Experiment? ...
78   Patrick   2022 May 7, 7:41pm  


May 5, 2022
UK train worker sues after being fired for Zoom hot mic where he disputed idea of “white privilege”
Another example of people being fired for their opinions.
By Cindy Harper
Posted 6:51 pm

The West Midlands Trains in the UK is getting sued by a former employee who was dismissed for questioning white privilege after a virtual diversity training session. 60-year-old Simon Isherwood, who worked as a rail conductor, was fired for gross misconduct.

After the diversity training held in March 2021, Isherwood forgot his microphone was still on and, speaking to his wife, some colleagues heard him questioning white privilege. He was then reported by colleagues who were “angered” by the comments.

“I couldn’t be arsed because I thought, ‘you know what, I’ll just get fucking angry,’” Isherwood said, as reported by The Telegraph.

“You know what I really wanted to ask?… and I wish I had, do they have black privilege in other countries? So, if you’re in Ghana?…” Isherwood was heard telling his wife.

He argued that the comments were private and he was not aware his microphone was still on when telling his wife he felt the diversity trainers were “indoctrinating their views” that “implied all white people are racist – but I’m not.”

Isherwood was suspended pending an internal probe. He was later dismissed after the internal probe found that he had “caused offense, brought the company into disrepute and breached our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and the Code of Conduct.”
82   Patrick   2022 May 13, 8:18pm  


The ones in orange are good ones to read for info that Pfizer and Pfauci don't want you to see.
83   AmericanKulak   2022 May 13, 9:29pm  

Booger says

"Son of Jan/Jon/Janek". IE Johnson. Several noble families of Poland and Lithuania, some descended from Crusade participants.
84   Patrick   2022 May 13, 9:40pm  

Right, should be "explained the liberal".
85   Patrick   2022 May 22, 7:55pm  


May 22, 2022
“Hate speech:” Facebook censors Senator Marsha Blackburn for saying biological males shouldn’t compete in women’s sports
The post was deleted.
86   Patrick   2022 May 28, 10:17am  

Ezra Levant 🍁🚛 retweeted

@RT_com's account has been withheld in Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Sweden, Croatia, Spain, Slovenia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Estonia, Malta, Luxembourg, Finland, France, Lithuania, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom in response to a legal demand.
87   Patrick   2022 May 28, 10:19am  


Jennifer Sey
May 27
As we’ve been saying…

Are WE allowed to say it now that he is? I mean without getting fired? Or do we just continue to take our punishment and let the Davos crowd tell us when we can ask questions?

Syd Fizzard 🍁
May 26
Bill Gates on a panel at the annual Davos meeting: "The idea of checking if people are vaccinated, you know if you have breakthrough infections, what's the point?"

See all of our coverage at WEFreports.com
89   Patrick   2022 May 29, 3:20pm  

Speaking of censorship, this picture is forbidden in Thailand:


That is the king of Thailand and his mistress in a German shopping mall. Too undignified I guess.

93   Patrick   2022 Jun 15, 8:14am  


Man jailed in UK for posting memes of George Floyd in Whatsapp & Facebook group chats
Ex-police officer James Watt appeared in Birmingham's magistrate's court for sharing 10 memes about George Floyd in a WhatsApp group chat.

Apparently freedom of speech is not allowed in Britain anymore.
94   Patrick   2022 Jun 16, 11:07am  


Jenin Younes
Alex Gutentag, one of the most thoughtful, insightful team reality members, who wrote some absolutely stunning essays, was suspended for the tweet below. Mind you, it just states some facts. This is unreal

95   Patrick   2022 Jun 16, 12:00pm  


Under the Access to Information Act, I requested a copy of the document clarifying how the Vaccine Injury Support Program is managed by a private third-party.

Public Health or the third-party redacted a lot of it.

Even the section requiring an “open and transparent” process.

Jun 15, 2022

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