What I Won't Forget

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What I won’t forget:

How they said it would be two weeks.

How they shut down churches but kept abortion clinics and weed stores open.

How Canadian pastors were arrested.

How doctors in lab coats knelt to mobs of rioters while ppl weren’t allowed to visit their loved ones.

How a criminal had four funerals while others weren’t allowed to bury their dead.

How cities were destroyed while the people sworn to uphold our Constitution cheered on the destruction.

How the CHAZ was called a “summer of love” but the trucker convoy was called terrorism.

How Kamala petitioned for bail for the terrorists destroying small businesses in Minneapolis.

How dirty DAs in Portland released vandals and arsonists night after night for over 100 nights.

How San Francisco and Seattle have devolved into living hells of drugs and filth.

How children have worn useless cloth masks for two years, delaying their development and causing physical harm, and some leaders and pastors can’t be bothered to say this was wrong.

How Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci betrayed the American people and are still called heroes.

How thousands of people lost their jobs over a therapy that doesn’t even prevent infection or transmission.

How people who resisted this therapeutic intervention have been demonized and dehumanized.

How many of my fellow countrymen would cheer if I died.

How ppl in cities were cut off from society if they wouldn’t show their health papers — and this was seen as righteous and good by all the experts and many of our fellow countrymen.

How children sat in front of screens for months and we called it “school.”

How Joe Biden has threatened, bullied, castigated, and demonized his citizens while claiming to be a “decent guy” and a “uniter” compared to the other guy.

How dementia patients died alone in nursing homes after already having recovered from Covid.

How people were denied safe, effective treatments because those treatments had been politicized, and they died on ventilators apart from their families.

How parks and hiking trails were shut down and police stationed there to keep families away.

How people fled blue states.

How thousands of employees have been forced to sit through brainless trainings that make them feel divided from their fellow countrymen on account of skin color.

How public school children have been groomed into gender confusion.

How 13yo girls have had their breasts removed.

How billionaires and politicians were involved with a man who trafficked children for sex, how he mysteriously died in prison, and none of them will ever be prosecuted, but…

blue collar ppl were arrested and had their assets frozen for peacefully protesting govt overreach.

How overdoses have increased ~30% this year.

How some governors still won’t relinquish emergency powers.

How we’ve been conditioned to view freedom as selfish.

How speaking against the establishment may cost your job or reputation — this in a “free” country.

Our government and other establishment voices would like to sweep all this under the rug.

The have been disastrously, fatally wrong. Don’t forget.

And now they want "amnesty".

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280   AmericanKulak   2022 Dec 26, 1:58am  

Patrick says

Can confirm this as well. Polish relatives told me that the day the Nazis came into Tuliszkow, my grandmother's village, they shot a relative who was retarded and in a wheelchair.

Aktion T4. They were more subtle with Germanic persons.

It's uncanny how Orwell understood human nature. "Retirement home" = "Glue Factory".
281   Patrick   2022 Dec 29, 8:04am  


Reminder - November 2020: Melbourne security guard chokes a teenager unconscious and carries him out for not wearing a face mask.

283   Patrick   2022 Dec 30, 1:19pm  

The insanity continues. This is at a local restaurant.
284   GNL   2022 Dec 30, 1:25pm  

Patrick says

The insanity continues. This is at a local restaurant.

This is in Seattle or Cali?
285   richwicks   2022 Dec 30, 1:48pm  

GNL says

Patrick says

The insanity continues. This is at a local restaurant.

This is in Seattle or Cali?

If it's local to Patrick, it's in Commiefornia in the bay area between San Jose and San Francisco.
286   Patrick   2022 Dec 30, 3:44pm  

It's a restaurant at the south end of Palo Alto.
291   Patrick   2023 Jan 18, 11:06am  


Aaron Ginn
Remember when the world arrested people for walking on the beach by themselves.

294   Patrick   2023 Jan 18, 8:17pm  

Elon fucked up then.
295   richwicks   2023 Jan 18, 8:24pm  

Patrick says

Elon fucked up then.

Elon Musk is a offence contractor. Don't forget that.

He's limited in what he's allowed to say.

Funny, isn't it? The higher up you are in wealth and power the more constraints you're actually under.
296   Patrick   2023 Jan 18, 9:06pm  

richwicks says

The higher up you are in wealth and power the more constraints you're actually under.

You have more to lose.
299   Patrick   2023 Jan 23, 12:00pm  


I thought of all of the families who, during the Scamdemic, were denied the opportunity to gather this way to celebrate the lives of others. The bans/restrictions on gatherings were especially brutal to those whose loved ones, unlike my mother, died unexpectedly. Instead of being comforted by others, those who were closest to the recently deceased had many fewer people around to help to absorb the shock. ...

I also recalled the tens of thousands forced, by state hospital “emergency” rules, to unnecessarily die alone. In so doing, I considered those who wanted to accompany their loved ones at such an important time but were forbidden to do so. The bans and restrictions on such gatherings were cruel political theater. ...

The mean-spirited bans or restrictions on such gatherings were—in addition to many other measures such as lockdowns, school closures, mask and vaxx mandates—reasons that I can’t ever forget or forgive those who implemented or supported the Covid overreaction.

And I won’t say good things about them after they’re gone.
300   Patrick   2023 Jan 23, 3:35pm  


53 min ago
I was most scared of the govt mandating everyone to jab. Going house to house with it. Then it dawned on me that because of the instability, they could not do that. Sigh. First the scare of the so-called life threatening illness, which turned out to be about as dangerous as a light flu, and then the bigger scare for an unreliable govt.

37 min ago
At one stage, about 2 years ago, I did wonder if it would come to that. It depressed me, but did not sway me at all .. I had already decided I would be willing to loose everything, willing even to have been shot in the town square. Interestingly once I came to that acceptance, the more pressure they applied the more defiant I felt

33 min ago
Same here, the more pressure they applied, the more defiant I became.

Maria Romana
Writes Maria Romana's Liberty & Logic
15 min ago
Oh dear, I'm one of you. The harder they pushed, the more I dug my heels in. I would've gone to jail before submitting to the jab, and yes, I would've faced a firing squad to keep that poison away from my kids.

10 min ago
for a while I have been looking into Mexico and Middle America, and renewed my passport. There is a large Mexican family living in the neighborhood and I thought, if they flee, so am I. They did not, and just went on business as usual. But if worst came to worst, I would have loaded my car and gone!

Yeah, that was jarring for me as well. That was the worst of it for me because there was no way I was going to take it. And we all saw what was happening in places like Australia and elsewhere and wondering wtf. We all read and heard what they were saying. I recall at one point a poll came out reflecting that about 50 percent of dem voters thought children should be forcibly separated from their unvaccinated parents. I’ll never forget that.

39 min ago
That's what made my head melt - the threats of coerced vaccination and our kids being taken away. They even had information going out to teachers (Scotland) about how to spot extremism - being anti-vax was listed as a form of extremism. Being labelled an 'extremist' would no doubt trigger social services and an investigation into your parenting. Even now, my stomach knots when other jabs are promoted at the school - flu, hpv, etc.

35 min ago
I hear you. In U.S., Homeland Security put out a flyer linking domestic terrorists with opposition to Covid policies. I still can’t believe this stuff happened, it truly blows my mind.

32 min ago
Proving that they are the terrorists!

Ajax the Great
3 min ago
edited just now
"I recall at one point a poll came out reflecting that about 50 percent of dem voters thought children should be forcibly separated from their unvaccinated parents. I’ll never forget that."

Absolutely! NEVER forget, and NEVER EVER trust anyone who even vaguely insinuates that they would support such an odious and extremely totalitarian position in the slightest!
301   Patrick   2023 Jan 26, 3:05pm  

I think I posted this before, but it's worth remembering, since I was told by a local newspaper editor that no one ever promised that the toxxine was effective:

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