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Gasoline price thread

By Patrick follow Patrick   2022 Mar 8, 11:35am 6,960 views  351 comments           share      


AAA Lists Most Expensive States for Gas: 9 of Top 10 Are Run by Democrats
David Hawkins March 8, 2022

According to AAA here are the most expensive states for gas as of Monday:

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has listed the top-ten most expensive states to buy gas, nine of which are run by Democrats.

According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of gas is $4.06 and rising.

The average is now 45 cents more than a week ago, 62 cents more than a month ago, and $1.30 more than a year ago.

And it promises to get worse as the West debates banning Russian oil.

AAA has released a list of the ten states with the most expensive gas prices and most are blue states.

The only red state in the top ten is Alaska, which surprisingly comes in at number 6.

Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, said:

“There are few words to describe the unprecedented rise in gasoline prices over the last week, with massive spikes coast to coast in both gasoline and diesel prices, as oil prices jump to their highest since 2008. ...

California: $5.34
Hawaii: $4.69
Nevada: $4.59
Oregon: $4.51
Washington: $4.44
Alaska: $4.39
Illinois: $4.30
Connecticut: $4.28
New York: $4.26
Pennsylvania: $4.23

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309   DooDahMan   2022 Jun 10, 2:21pm  

ad says

The Saudis know they have leverage given Biden's energy policies.

The House of Saud always has leverage and will continue to do so to their benefit, not anyone else's until they are left to protect themselves and fight their own wars.
313   Patrick   2022 Jun 12, 10:16am  


Just paid $155 for a tank of gas in Toronto. $2.15/liter. In the country with the world’s third largest oil reserves. But Trudeau won’t allow any pipelines to be built; and he raises his carbon tax every year so the little people “make better choices”. Like not driving.

Amazing how the leftists are all in lock-step, as if someone were giving them orders from above...
315   Patrick   2022 Jun 13, 10:37am  


A brief recap of Biden’s oil and gastastrophe: in January 2021, during his first days in office, the president revoked the Keystone Pipeline permit and issued an executive order that, in his own typically eloquent words, directed the “Secretary of the Interior to stop issuing new oil and gas leases on public lands and offsh- — and offshore waters, wherever possible. We’re going to review and reset the oil and gas leasing program.” ...

Airline tickets are up 25 percent. The price of jet fuel is climbing higher and faster than Tom Cruise in Top Gun. This also means freight costs are through the roof and will be passed onto the consumer. “The rising cost of fuel, especially diesel, means that anything transported on a truck, train or ship is affected,” reports CNBC. In its quarterly update released in May, Amazon noted this eye-watering statistic:

The cost to ship an overseas container has more than doubled compared to pre-pandemic rates, and the cost of fuel is approximately one and a half times higher than it was even a year ago.

Social isolation? Check. Disrupted supply chain? Check. Crime spike? It’s coming: a Michigan police department announced it had exhausted its fuel funds and would be picking and choosing which calls to respond to in-person or over the phone. Patrolling will likely come to an end, too. A mobile healthcare provider in Fort Worth, Texas, told ABC how rising prices are “adversely affecting” emergency medical services (EMS), adding, “For rural EMS agencies that travel great distances, and have more challenging finances, the impact could be even greater.”
319   richwicks   2022 Jun 16, 12:41am  

Want to think of something ironic about the Simpsons?

Lisa was supposed to be "the rebel", and "smart".

She's the stupidest conformist in the show. She's the most stereotypical liberal there can be. She's a vegetarian, she's a Buddhist, global warming is a fact to her, studying in school is essential although she knows what she's being taught is nonsense, she parrots every single liberal talking point possible, she believes in "green energy" as a solution, CO2 is killing the Earth.

The smartest character in the show is, believe it or not, Bart. He recognizes it's all bullshit, he mocks authority, he realizes school is a waste of time and when he was homeschooled in one episode excelled, he doesn't believe in ANY narrative, and he mocks Lisa for her beliefs regularly and quite effectively. He is even an atheist having sold his soul in one episode, where circumstances led him to doubt this sale.

Almost nobody recognizes that their roles are reversed.
320   zzyzzx   2022 Jun 16, 7:05am  

Gas down 5 cents from last time I looked. Now only $4.949/gallon!
321   RC2006   2022 Jun 16, 1:08pm  

First time ever my car was over a 100$ to fill the tank. #letsgobrandon
324   B.A.C.A.H.   2022 Jun 17, 5:02pm  

My partner and I drove from SJ to Capitola (near Santa Cruz) for lunch today in a Subaru Legacy. It's a comfy AWD Sedan, not a dinky economy car.

The round trip was 95 miles. According to the fuel estimate display, averaged 31 mpg. It means, about three gallons, at $6.00 per gallon (price I paid at Moe's in SJ yesterday) the round trip was about $18, or $9 per person.

For comparison the round trip on the excellent Santa Cruz County public transit bus, "Highway 17 Express", direct, nonstop between downtown Santa Cruz and downtown San Jose, is $7 per passenger ($14 round trip, per passenger). Then you'd have to figure out the last few miles on either end. Leisurely door-to-door drive in air conditioned comfort with stereo sound was $9 per passenger.

This is why I say, gasoline even at today's prices is a fabulous bargain. Sorry I don't like the high prices either, but it's still incredibly cheap transportation.
326   DooDahMan   2022 Jun 18, 7:51am  

A Father's Day and 4th of July gift to the Bay Area from Chevron !

California fuel prices set to soar as Chevron’s East Bay refinery begins maintenance work.

Gasoline and diesel prices in the Golden State may soar to fresh records in coming weeks as one of the largest refineries on the West Coast starts maintenance.

Chevron Corp. is scheduled to carry out multi-unit maintenance at its Richmond refinery on the San Francisco Bay, which is expected to last for about a month, according to people familiar with operations. The planned work includes gasoline-making units and comes as both Phillips 66 and PBF Energy Inc. are already conducting upkeep at diesel and jet fuel-making facilities.

California gasoline pump prices at $6.435 a gallon remain far above the national average, according to auto club AAA. In Napa, the most expensive metro area in the country as of Tuesday, prices are as high as $6.63 a gallon. The national average is $5.01 a gallon.

“California is particularly vulnerable to refinery maintenance because inventories are low and the West Coast, unlike the Gulf Coast, is not connected to pipelines that can bring in supplies quickly,” said Felipe Perez, a downstream director at S&P Global Inc. based in Los Angeles. On top of that, he said, the ability of fuelmakers to boost production is somewhat limited because they are wary about operating near 100% of capacity due to environmental restrictions.

Growing maintenance coincides with a drop in imports from Asia, where expensive freight has narrowed the arbitrage economics for trans-Pacific shipments. Around 50,000 barrels a day of gasoline and blending components have arrived on the US West Coast from Asia so far this month, less than half of May arrivals along the same route, according to data from oil analytics firm Vortexa


And Hurricane season is just getting started - happy happy joy joy

327   Onvacation   2022 Jun 18, 8:09am  

RC2006 says

First time ever my car was over a 100$ to fill the tank. #letsgobrandon

I figured out a way to keep it under $100. Fill up when you are half empty. Last time it only took $61 to fill up.
328   DooDahMan   2022 Jun 18, 8:13am  

Onvacation says

Fill up when you are half empty

Smart thing to do regardless of price
329   NDrLoR   2022 Jun 18, 8:51am  

Onvacation says

Fill up when you are half empty
That's what I always do anyway. Fill up on Thursday after I've bought my chicken thigh from Krispy Chicken at 23rd & Franklin. Just drive into the Alon station around the corner from my house, never used more than half a tank in a week. Stand behind several well-off people spending money they can spare on scratch offs before I can pay.
330   Patrick   2022 Jun 18, 11:10am  

No one is addressing the 800# gorilla in the room. Blackrock/Larry Fink has decided that petro has to go, and so the entire industry is being starved for capital via the ESG score (ergo social credit system) ranking process.

Biden is just acting as Fink's handmaden, doing his bidding. Fink is the puppetmaster here.
333   Patrick   2022 Jun 18, 4:24pm  


And doesn't anyone in the White House understand basic economics? If you want to lower the price on something, increase the supply and not the demand.
334   AmericanKulak   2022 Jun 18, 8:00pm  

Patrick says

And doesn't anyone in the White House understand basic economics? If you want to lower the price on something, increase the supply and not the demand.

@Patrick, did you watch Maher? He explains why in his latest segment.

Millie Trust Fund Babies believe the supply is unlimited, only demand (their access to cash) is limited.
337   Booger   2022 Jun 19, 10:00am  

Patrick says

And doesn't anyone in the White House understand basic economics?

Why are you expecting Democrats to understand basic economics?
339   ad   2022 Jun 19, 12:59pm  

Now within 10% of pre-COVID pandemic levels for rig count ....

340   ad   2022 Jun 19, 1:00pm  

341   HeadSet   2022 Jun 19, 2:47pm  

DooDahMan says

Let me fix your bogus premise about cars and global warming:

342   B.A.C.A.H.   2022 Jun 19, 4:06pm  

This morning my partner and I drove the Subaru Legacy AWD sedan (ie, NOT a dinky economy car) from the driveway in front of our home in SJ to two different destinations in Berkeley. We left home with a (nearly) full tank (only drove 5 miles after previous fillup). The total round trip distance was 102 miles.

We filled up on the way home at Gas & Shop at the corner of McKee and 33rd street in San Jose, at $5.979 per gallon. It was $19.59 for this trip, ie - about $9.80 per person.

For comparison, the discount (Clipper) BART fare for SJ - Berkeley is $13.20 per person round trip. The $13.20 does not include how to get door to door at either end of a BART trip.

I know the prices are high, and I don't like them either. But even at these prices it's incredibly cheap transportation, considering door to door, not sharing with public transit denizens, etc. I think it means the prices may go much higher.
343   richwicks   2022 Jun 19, 4:11pm  

HeadSet says

Let me fix your bogus premise about cars and global warming:

You should post that to Kevin Siers who did the original cartoon:

344   richwicks   2022 Jun 19, 5:40pm  

AmericanKulak says

@Patrick, did you watch Maher? He explains why in his latest segment.

I have to give you credit @AmericanKulak to be able to watch Bill Maher. That fucking shitlib makes me want to puke. I used to respect him, just as I did Rachael Maddow, Keith Olberman, Steven Colbert, The Young Turks - now they just disgust me. I thought they had principles at one point, they are just fucking shitlibs. Shitlibs are as disgusting as Neocons are, because they are essentially the same.

If Al Gore was prezdident in 2000, we'd still have gone to war in Iraq for different reasons though - but all those shitlib scum would have fanatically supported it. We'd have had the same outcome, a destroyed nation. I didn't realize they were such partisan hacks.

Maher is a partisan hack, although he pretends he's not.
345   Onvacation   2022 Jun 19, 5:52pm  

HeadSet says

Let me fix your bogus premise about cars and global warming:

Did you photo shop that HeadSet?
nice work, whoever did it.
346   DooDahMan   2022 Jun 20, 3:42pm  

Why Is The United States Still Exporting Fuel?

Refiners have boosted exports of refined petroleum products this year, especially to Latin America, which isn’t getting much fuel these days from Europe, which in turn is grappling with its own set of fuel supply troubles with the sanctions and embargoes on Russian oil after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Exports of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel from the U.S. Gulf Coast were up by 32 percent in March, April, and May compared to those three months of 2021, and up 11 percent compared to those months in the pre-pandemic 2019, data from market-intelligence firm Kpler cited by The Wall Street Journal showed.

So far in June, seaborne shipments of gasoline and diesel from the Gulf Coast have jumped on track to be the highest since at least 2016, per oil analytics company Vortexa quoted by Bloomberg.

Higher fuel exports have contributed to lower inventories in the U.S., although this is not the primary reason for multi-year-low stockpiles of products.

More: https://oilprice.com/Energy/Crude-Oil/Why-Is-The-United-States-Still-Exporting-Fuel.html
347   HeadSet   2022 Jun 20, 7:22pm  

Onvacation says

Did you photo shop that HeadSet?

I used Microsoft Paint to erase the original letters and Powerpoint to add in my own.

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