Race, Immigration, and ConInc: How I Came to See the Light.

2022 Mar 10, 1:13pm   237 views  2 comments

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Here is Michelle Malkin at the American Renaissance 2021 conference as a keynote speaker. I say she did a good job. Summary - there is nothing wrong with being white. Actually, being white is really good and whites have just as much "right" to associate with others anyway they choose just like any other group. Try getting that notion accepted in this "woke" world.

Oh, but guess what? She and her not-at-all-public husband were banned from AirBnB for her participation in such an event.

She is trying to do something about it. I admire her resolve.

A clip from her fund raising efforts,

"I need your help fighting AirBnB's unjust, illegal ban on my husband and me. We must STOP discriminatory housing policies against conservatives! Top First Amendment lawyers tell me this is a STRONG case and we can win!"


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1   clambo   2022 Mar 10, 2:26pm  

The places that are nice to live in generally have immigration laws and they enforce them.
2   Kepi   2022 Mar 10, 7:04pm  

Another video of a talk from the American Renaissance 2021 conference. This one is by Jared Taylor, the leader and editor of American Renaissance.

At the same time, somewhat depressing yet refreshingly uplifting. The whole presentation is good, but he really gets going at about, oh, the 20:00 minute mark.

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