No masks at school today!

2022 Mar 14, 10:15pm   108 views  1 comment

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I usually don’t take my daughter to school (wife does) but today I volunteered. It was a big day!

After 2yrs of masks, finally we reached the day when masks are optional.

My daughter, who is six, was excited! We get to school and I see her off to class with no mask.

I stuck around for about 15min to watch. Here is what I noticed (keep in mind we are in a part of the tri valley where the demographic is about 1/3 Indian, 1/3 asian, 1/3 white)

- 9/10 Indian kids wore masks today
- 9/10 asian kids wore masks today
- 3/5 white kids wore masks today

I was surprised, I didn’t expect that many masks. I suspect it will be a gradual transition.

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1   NuttBoxer   2022 Mar 14, 10:24pm  

Good for you man. That's been one of the best parts about my daughters school this year, there was never any mask bullshit. I saw some kids at the beginning of the year wearing them anyway, but the percentage was very low, maybe 10%. And by now they're long gone. I think you'll find it's a lot less gradual than you're expecting.

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