Trying New Search Engines

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I stopped using duckduckgo about a year ago when I discovered their Biden bias compared to Qwant. Qwant seems to be increasingly censored as well though, and they have bugs with using them when your IP appears to be another country, but you still want results in English. After watching this video we're actually trying all three search engines mentioned. I'm using Presearch on Tor, Brave search on Brave, and set my wife up with SearX on her iphone. So far liking the results, but just started evaluating, so jury is still out.

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1   FortWayneAsNancyPelosiHaircut   2022 Mar 21, 9:27am  

Brave been good to me lately. Search engines are pretty easy to check, just look at opinions that our government doesnt like and see if you can find them on the search engine.
2   NuttBoxer   2022 Mar 21, 11:08am  

Yep, when I got rid of duckduckgo it was election season, and Qwant was not censoring Biden pedophile results. Now I search Ukraine. Whatever the latest psyop is, use that to check for any bias.
4   Patrick   2022 Mar 21, 11:57pm  

I'm also looking for a new mapping service. I don't use Google anything, and Bing maps just stopped working in both Brave and Safari on my laptop for some reason.

Yandex maps is not great, but functional.
5   NuttBoxer   2022 Mar 22, 9:17am  

mapquest still works, that's the one I usually go with. Lots of adds though.
6   Patrick   2022 Mar 22, 9:20am  

Thanks @NuttBoxer

https://www.mapquest.com/?source=patrick.net works great! That will be my mapping service now.

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