Percent of the US adult population that can…

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Run a mile without stopping?

What percentage of the US adult population can run a sub 8min mile?

I’m asking this question because when I was in 8th grade, I ran a 6:XX mile. I was 5’11 140lbs then.

In my 20s I could run 7:30 mile at 185–190lbs.

I’m now in my 40s and well over 200lbs. In my mind I thought I could still run a 7:30 mile until I got back into running a few months ago. If I really push it now, I can run an 8:30 mile. I was discouraged at first but now don’t think it’s so bad.

It got me thinking about what percent of the US adult population could run a mile or more specifically a sub 8min mile?

My guess is much much lower than most people think…

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1   GNL   2022 Mar 30, 7:14pm  

I tried to run a non stop mile on a treadmill at the age of 53. I couldn't do it. I think right now at 55, it would take me about 12 or so minutes to complete a mile. Hell, maybe longer. I'm 6 foot and 195 lbs.
2   Tenpoundbass   2022 Mar 30, 7:23pm  

I have never cared to run for the sake of running, not a mile not even 100 yards. I have always been able to move and get the out of the way when ever I have needed to.
I always been able to walk a long distance nonstop in a relative short time. Like walking ten miles in 2 and half hours or less.
3   Ceffer   2022 Mar 30, 7:50pm  

My bearers can take me a mile in 6 minutes or less.
4   Eman   2022 Mar 30, 7:50pm  

I was a FOB when I attended HS so I had no idea how fast I ran then. I was 5’10” 120lbs when I attended HS.

I’m turning 49 later this year. I’m 172-173 lbs most of the time. I can run a mile no problem. The last time I ran a mile, I did it in 8:45 min. Most of the time, I just jog a mile in 10min or 3 miles in 30 min.

I don’t enjoy running. I enjoy playing tennis and lifting weights.
5   socal2   2022 Mar 30, 8:06pm  

I do a 6.5 mile run in my hilly neighborhood once a week. I love it. Don’t think I’m faster than a 10 min mile on average. I just chug along zoning out on tunes and working up a runner’s high.

Running, a few pushups and surfing once a week keeps me tip top.
6   cisTits   2022 Mar 30, 8:16pm  

I'd drop dead before I ran 100'.
7   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Mar 30, 8:20pm  

fat girls in high school walked them 13 min. if you can’t do 13… bad news boys, them bad news
8   HeadSet   2022 Mar 30, 8:46pm  

Ceffer says
My bearers can take me a mile in 6 minutes or less.

Damn, that one hell of active coffin dance!

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