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1506   Hugh_Mongous   2024 Apr 14, 8:59pm  

AmericanKulak says

Like any other virus they got milder and milder with every mutation. As predicted by many.
1507   WookieMan   2024 Apr 14, 9:16pm  

Hugh_Mongous says

Like any other virus they got milder and milder with every mutation. As predicted by many.

Wasn't ever dangerous from the word Covid 19. I've had it 3 times. Only one time did I feel "off" due to symptoms and that was one day. I was flying from Mexico, maskless and had to buy a blanket in Cancun to stay warm on the plane (love that blanket). My only symptom along with being tired, but I was having fun so who knows how much was actually Covid and not drinking

The other times I tested was because the wife had it. I felt fine. She unfortunately was vaccinated and the two times she's had it, it put here down pretty good for 3-5 days. I think a lot of Covid symptoms are placebo if that makes sense. Test positive and you think you're dying. I gave no shits. I just went on with what I needed to get done for the day. Wasn't remotely debilitating by any means. No vaccine for me. Did have a fake vaccine card, but never needed it.
1511   WookieMan   2024 Apr 30, 6:25am  

zzyzzx says

Gotta love photoshop. lol. Or one of them has a massively longer arm. 9 out of 10 people won't spot it so they believe this is real. I get the satire, but this is stuff people believe unfortunately.
1512   AmericanKulak   2024 May 2, 8:27pm  

It's no accident Musk did this at this time, and it's a good thing.

1513   Patrick   2024 May 2, 8:39pm  

Is Elon protecting the CIA?
1514   AmericanKulak   2024 May 2, 8:51pm  

I'm more and more coming to the belief that the old farts like Soros and Schwab are rushing things, esp. because of Trump and the rise of the Populists.

We got a:
Gender War
Isolation vs. Hyperintervention War
Woke Onslaught
Critical Middle East Theory
Printing Press going Brrrrrr
I'm sure I forgot some biggies

all in play at the same time. Almost everybody thinks everything is going at hyperspeed. Most people on this board remember when a big story was talked about and analyzed for a week or even a month. Now newscycles are measured in hours.

They're losing control and turning to Chaos to keep it.

Again I want to plead that Demoralization and Destabilization comes from ALL directions, not just one.
1515   richwicks   2024 May 2, 8:53pm  

Patrick says

Is Elon protecting the CIA?

@Patrick - yes, of course.

Just like our bullshit media is just a bunch of fucking obvious propaganda at this point, that's our "main" social media.

Operation Mockingbird is real. They entirely captured the media over 20 years ago, you think they were going to allow the social media companies to remain free? They are ALL captured. Musk was just brought in to try to salvage some credibility of Twitter, not to actually allow free speech.

Companies constantly lie about their terms of service, they shadowban people, they lie to congress, they promote FILTH constantly, they promote propaganda, and they attack truth tellers.
1516   AmericanKulak   2024 May 2, 8:54pm  

Patrick says

Is Elon protecting the CIA?

Who runs all these 6-8 even 10 year old accounts with 200, sometimes just 50, I just saw a 2008 with like 6 followers?

And the account has been a Reply Guy for months on one issue, goes to sleep, pops back in.

There are still a ton of NGO Boiler Room or 50 cent or Bot accounts being run by big Agencies and esp. the one/two steps removed NGOs.

They can probably move the dial.
1517   Patrick   2024 May 2, 8:54pm  

Sad, Elon says great stuff at times. But this makes him look like part of the machine.
1518   PeopleUnited   2024 May 2, 9:18pm  

Patrick says

Sad, Elon says great stuff at times. But this makes him look like part of the machine.

He makes highly subsidized electric cars. Flies military assets into space, and just bought the most popular “free speech” platform (aka government spy mechanism).

Yeah, sure seems like he *might* be part of the machine.
1519   RWSGFY   2024 May 3, 6:54am  

Patrick says

Is Elon protecting the CIA?

How is it doing on Truth Social?
1521   Booger   2024 Jun 4, 3:03am  


Elon Musk’s X Now Officially Allows Porn After Update to Policies
1523   Ceffer   2024 Jun 10, 5:38pm  

If you don't have a huge botswarm criticizing, gaslighting and undermining everything you post, you are just a nonentity.

It must be the rule of propaganda supporting botswarms: they increase geometrically for truthers with the expanse of their audience. They probably have botswarm algorithms for it.
1526   Patrick   2024 Jul 13, 2:19pm  


I attended a semi-secret event late last night at an undisclosed location in Nashville. The speaker was Georgetown University Law Professor and frequent legal commentator Jonathon Turley. Turley said, point blank, that Elon Musk has done more to save free speech than possibly any other individual who isn’t a Supreme Court Justice. The professor was referring, of course, to Musk’s purchase of Twitter and subsequent Twitter files disclosures.

Much could be said about all this, and we must acknowledge that plenty of folks remain wary of being brain-chipped. But I would just offer one point, a point that corporate media always studiously avoids in its overwrought reporting about the tech entrepreneur: Musk was a lifelong democrat until California officials shut down his car plant as non-essential during the pandemic.

Here it is, behold, the beginning of the Musk Revolution, the genesis of his political awakening, an astoundingly stupid and catastrophically cretinous communication that was recorded in real-time on social media between witless “proud latina” and Assemblywoman (former) Lorena Gonzalez and Elon Musk, long before the notion of buying Twitter ever graced the billionaire’s hyperactive grey matter:

Now, one massively significant tweet later, lifelong Democrat Musk is deploying his intellect and resources to help Republicans. Here come the chickens! Back to their roosts. I told them, over and over, they would live to regret their high-handed pandemic decrees. But like the deaf adder of old, no matter how loudly I piped, they wouldn’t listen.
1527   Booger   2024 Jul 14, 3:29pm  

Musk has just endorsed Trump!
1530   AmericanKulak   2024 Jul 15, 5:39am  

Musk just demonetized DESTINY for gratuitous insults and ill-wishes against those bystanders shot at the 7/13 rally
1532   AmericanKulak   2024 Jul 18, 10:49am  

Type "#MAGA" in X

It generates a photo of the "Fight Fist Pump". Going to make leftoids incandescent. Thanks, Elon!
1534   HeadSet   2024 Jul 18, 7:48pm  

AmericanKulak says

Do Vegas bookies have a Dead Pool going?
1538   RWSGFY   2024 Jul 23, 8:56pm  

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a post on X on Tuesday that he never said he was donating $45 million per month to Republican Donald Trump.


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