Molly Jong-Fast, Rich Feminist, writes about her Oppression

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In liberal discourse, people raised in vast wealth and privilege like Molly Jong-Fast and Taylor Lorenz are more marginalized and oppressed than, say, an unemployed white father of 3 in a de-industrialized, fentanyl-overrun town with no health care. He can't be marginalized.
When affluent liberals raised in wealth and privilege write the rules of discourse and construct the definitions of "marginalization," "oppression," and "diversity," of course they're going to exclude any consideration of class background, for obvious and self-serving reasons.
LOL - At the end of the day, somehow the media elites who grew up in the richest and most privileged backgrounds, and who now enjoy extreme influence and power, are always the Real Victims™:


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1   AmericanKulak   2022 May 2, 3:18pm  

The 29-year-old novelist Molly Jong-Fast completely, entirely, totally adores the Upper East Side.

Ms. Jong-Fast, the only child of Erica Jong, who wrote the sexed-up 1973 feminist gem Fear of Flying, paid $4.95 million last month, city records show, for a four-bedroom co-op.

“Part of me feels that what I like about it is everyone here is a banker,” said Ms. Jong-Fast, who’s working on a novel, The Social Climber’s Handbook. “I feel like I don’t have to compete—what I do is so different, it’s not even comparable. I’d feel really bad if everyday I went to a coffee shop in Brooklyn and there were, like, five people on the New York Times best-seller list.”


Ms. Jong-Fast grew up at One Gracie Square, with her mother and a boyfriend named Chip. “I don’t know what that co-op board was thinking. … He was a WASP from Darien who became a sort of wild crazy drug-addictive lunatic.” Then they moved to a hot-pink townhouse.: “A boyfriend of my mother’s said it looked like a bordello. It looked just awful, so hideous.”

Then the family moved to the Imperial House on East 69th Street, where her mother still lives. Later, when Ms. Jong-Fast was in her early 20’s, a grandpa (the other one was famous communist Howard Fast) bought her an apartment in the building. It had belonged to a woman who’d died there after a diabetic coma.

But she got married, moved away to Chelsea, and later came back uptown to a duplex. “I felt like I wanted to be closer to my parents,” she said. When asked about other neuroses, she said—no joke—a fear of flying. “Hilarious for everyone but me,” she deadpanned.

But Ms. Jong-Fast is pregnant with twins, so the stairs at that duplex became tiresome. With a corner master bedroom suite facing toward Central Park, will she be a neighborhood shopper? “I’m just not like that. I mean, I’m happy for those people. Quite frankly, they have to exist. It’s important for the ecosystem; it’s like plankton.”
2   Ceffer   2022 May 2, 3:47pm  

Fake feminism, fake victimization and fake female sexuality are an inter-generational business, just like Hollywood, the intelligence agencies, and government.

They don't know fuck all else.
3   Ceffer   2022 May 2, 4:21pm  

I wonder if she was born from a 'zipless fuck'?
4   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   2022 May 2, 5:18pm  

Can someone please send her a copy of “Dummies guide to suicide”
5   Ceffer   2022 May 2, 5:23pm  

As if the stupid bitch even has any life experience worth writing about that isn't a borderline personality fiction. How to turn a fake orgasm into a fake life.

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