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Getting ahead of Wall Street

By AmericanKulak follow AmericanKulak   2022 May 12, 11:51am 89 views  1 comment           share      

Anybody up to try to get State Legislatures to declare a bailout ban for Blackrock and other Wall St Investment Companies for their SFH holdings?
1   just_passing_through   2022 May 23, 6:10am  

I'd like to see a ban on ESG and index fund manager activism...


The misappropriation of the economic freedom of millions of mom-and-pop investors by BlackRock Inc. CEO Larry Fink has unintended consequences.

“We have a new bunch of emperors, and they’re the people who vote the shares in the index funds,” Charlie Munger, business partner of philanthropist Warren Buffett and a big proponent of index fund investing, recently said.

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