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Rin is creating a thread for Society's Bitches, who believe in the Covid vaccine

By Rin follow Rin   2022 May 12, 2:08pm 269 views   17 comments         share      

First of all, IMHO, if you believe in the Covid vaxes, mRNA (Pfizer or Moderna) or Gene Vector (J&J or Astra-Zeneca), then you're Society's Bitch.

With the above stated and thus, no further need for gaslighting as I already consider you to be worthless and inferior ... let's complete the narrative. FYI, this is also not gaslighting, it's called a smack down. There is a difference.

So you want the vaccine to give you some so-called protection but have heard that only the J&J gives blood clots, let me enlighten you ... they all do.

The blood clot is a result of the Spiked Protein which is platelet forming for the body. J&J simply lost the PR battle, earlier on, which is why ppl only talk about Pfizer or Moderna today.

So now, you want a vaccine because you want protection. What do you first do, if a potential blood coagulant is in your system? Yes, I know, you failed to answer correctly. Here's the answer ... a blood thinner.

Go no further than your local CVS/Walgreen and buy the enteric coated Aspirin and load up to 1000 mg per day, the day before and the day of, the shot. And then, choose wisely. The safest of the big three stateside shots (since Astra-Zeneca is only available in Europe) is the J&J. And why is that? The J&J needs an adenovirus to deliver its payload. In contrast, the mRNA goes wherever it wants and is much more dangerous in terms of dosage and where it ends up.

Now, within that first 24 hours post shot, you have Spiked Proteins showing up and inflaming your arteries and other tissues in the body. What should you do? Yes, supply an anti-inflammatory, like Quercetin Phytosome, and take 250 mg in the morning and then, 250 in the evening. And don't forget that Aspirin.

Eventually, by competitive inhibition (yes I know, you're a C student in chemistry and don't know what that means) the Quercetin will block the Spike Protein from increasing its intravascular and intracellular damage and be flushed out of the system while at the same time, some of your immune cells will be attuned to this new poison in the system and start to develop anti-bodies.

I know the above makes no sense to you but understand .. you're an idiot and thus, know crap about anything by default unless someone on MSNBC explains it to you.
1   Ceffer   2022 May 12, 3:28pm  

Is this advice from the 'Save Our Idiots Foundation'?
2   Rin   2022 May 12, 5:32pm  

Ceffer says
Is this advice from the 'Save Our Idiots Foundation'?

I like to think of it as putting up a mirror to Society's Bitch.

And hopefully, they realize that they're a candidate for the 'Save Our Idiots' Foundation.
3   Onvacation   2022 May 12, 5:34pm  

Rin says
some of your immune cells will be attuned to this new poison in the system and start to develop anti-bodies.

Didn't you take the jab for work or something? If so have you felt any negative side effects?

Is it really worth keeping a job, going to the gym, or flying, to take an experimental biologic agent?
4   Rin   2022 May 12, 5:44pm  

Onvacation says
Didn't you take the jab for work or something? If so have you felt any negative side effects?

First of all, I don't believe in the vaccine and I went far beyond the above posting.


On the day of the shot, I was jacked on some 6000 mg of Quercetin Phytosome & 6000 mg Allisure Allicin, more or less, sinking the adenovirus before it could do anything and then, I had all the following involved ...

1200 mg R-Lipoic Acid
1000 mg Vitamin C
1000 mg Turmeric w/ Bioperine
1000 mg Enteric Coated Aspirin
600 mg N-Acetyl Cysteine
100 mg Zinc
10 mg Cooper
16K IU Vitamin D

To insure that anything left was in the dust bin.



Rin says
The control group was only having the carrier solvent, propylene glycol, which was to indicate if the vehicle was affecting the study. The other group was the Quercetin one. These mice were infected nasally and no prior prophylaxis was performed.

After 2 hours, Quercetin was administered.

There were two groups. The first group was euthanized after 24 hours and the latter group, in 4 days. And then, their tissues were analyzed.

What's interesting here is that the results are on a log scale; the first Quercetin group had its viral load drop by well over 90%. And sure, the 4 day groups were mostly healed, control or Que, but the fact that Quercetin could exert such a strong antiviral response, when delivered directly in such a short period of time, that it behooves me that we weren't looking for ways to make this more bio-available, ages ago.

The adjacent chart and slide are about the positive & negative vDNA components which are the internal dynamics of viral replication in-house.

And realize, the above experiment was not done prophylacticly, but after the cold virus was infused. So in effect, very little of that J&J adenovirus would survive in the environment I'd created nevermind being able to bind & profuse the shoulder muscle.

I tested my BP, exercising the day before and the day after the shot. No changes whatsoever, no side effects. Everyone else I knew, had to take time off from exercising to get back to normal.
5   clambo   2022 May 12, 6:00pm  

Taking a risk which is calculated is not being a bitch.
I used the information available at the time to make my decision.
I asked my childhood friend who is an MD if he was taking the shot.
He is working in pharma stuff, not general practice.
I hope we don’t get fucked up by the shots.
6   WineHorror1   2022 May 12, 6:55pm  

Geert Vanden Bossche says we only have a few months until we find out.
7   WookieMan   2022 May 12, 7:04pm  

clambo says
I hope we don’t get fucked up by the shots.

If there was potential for regret, why take it? It was never, ever proven to prevent serious illness or death. Still hasn't. I won't take it ever. Even for travel. I will lie even if there are criminal consequences. Fuck "these" vaccines I guess. I'm not anti-vax either.
8   Rin   2022 May 12, 9:24pm  

My question about 'calculated risk' is who's doing the calculation? Is it the Star Chamber of Pfizer's & Moderna's C-levels, Anthony Fauci, and Bill Gates?

Wasn't Robert Malone MD, one of the founders of mRNA tech, now considered a pariah in the medical profession because he spoke out about the risks of it?

Realize, I've come up with the Rin Protocol around April of 2020, after I got queued into Quercetin, even before Dr Zelenko started promoting it because he said earlier that HCQ was a Zinc Ionsphore.

So when I did my own research, I found that Quercetin had that property along with many others which were specifically needed for Covid like being an anti-inflammatory and being able to inhibit the Spiked protein so I figured that it could be the silver bullet needed for the pandemic. Well, history proved me right.



Seriously, why isn't MSNBC or CNN talking about the fact that a simple vitamin/supplement could help treat Covid?

I think you already know the answer. The best wasn't done and MDs are too afraid to speak up so that they don't get ostracized.
9   Rin   2022 May 12, 9:37pm  

Also, has anyone noticed that I'm actually posting science publications and not opinion pieces?

So you see, Tony Fauci isn't the only person who can claim that he's 'SCIENCE'.

By virtue of me posting research publications ... I'm also 'SCIENCE'!
10   Shaman   2022 May 12, 9:41pm  

Still Pureblood up in this bitch.
Same with my family.
Pureblood for life!
11   Onvacation   2022 May 13, 6:02am  

Rin says
By virtue of me posting research publications ... I'm also 'SCIENCE'!

Did you mean, "I am the science experiment!"

Long term effects of this experiment are yet to be known.
12   DooDahMan   2022 May 13, 6:13am  

Rin says
I'm also 'SCIENCE'!

13   stfu   2022 May 13, 6:21am  

Pureblood here to. Got fired 3 weeks ago because of my refusal to be vaccinated 8 months after the policy was introduced. I tried to get exemptions but was rejected on three occasions. It is unlikely that I will find another position in my field. I signed an NDA and got a decent payout and I'm already finding that I like being retired. Receiving a text or email is no longer giving me a mini panic attack.

It was easy for me to take this path because I've planned to be early retired for my entire career and I've got a supportive wife who did her own research on the vax and came to the same conclusion that I did. It became a simple math problem - is the money I can save for retirement over the next 10 year period worth the 3% risk of death or long term disability? It was not. It also seems like that 3% might be low balling.

When push came to shove I didn't feel like working for a company that would put me in the position of either taking an experimental shot or lying about taking that shot (and let me be clear that was an option that my direct manager suggested and would have supported).

So yeah, not quite "living in a van down by the river" and my health and ethics are still intact. I'm lucky that my circumstances allowed me the flexibility. If this had gone down 10 years ago I would have gotten the vax to keep my job.
14   Rin   2022 May 13, 4:34pm  

Onvacation says
Long term effects of this experiment are yet to be known.

Here's the thing, over 90% of that J&J/adenovirus died upon injection. It's basically like paratroopers landing in a field full of machine gunners.

And then, the remain 10% faced many blockades against per-fusing via the supersaturated Quercetin/Allicin dynamo on the cell surface and then, Quercetin/Zinc, within the cell itself which discombobulates vDNA and limits DNA perfusion into the nucleus.

All and all, I don't expect any more than 1-2% of that adenovirus to be alive within an hour.
15   stereotomy   2022 May 13, 4:46pm  

The problem is that the J&J is withdrawn in most markets, so we have to deal with the mRNA toxxine. I narrowly dodged a bullet at work wrt to the death jab.

Purebloods! (ref: Red Dawn)
16   Rin   2022 May 13, 4:53pm  

stereotomy says
The problem is that the J&J is withdrawn in most markets, so we have to deal with the mRNA toxxine. I narrowly dodged a bullet at work wrt to the death jab.

Purebloods! (ref: Red Dawn)

Yes, I'm scheduled to sell off some more equity next year so if the mRNA is all that's left, and we can't get the Novavax (stateside) or Astra-Zeneca (in Europe) then I'm quitting. There's no way I'm taking the mRNA.

The mRNA is a stealth bomber. It's the only thing I've ever heard of which can by-pass a person's restriction enzymes which are critical to prevent one's food from contaminating oneself.

To fight off the mRNA, one will need to basically finish one 60 cap Quercetin Phytosome bottle, every 5 days. So yeah, I suppose if you buy a war chest of it and keep taking it for 6 months, then you'll probably be 'ok' but as far as I'm concerned, that's basically like taking anti-venom dosage all of the time.
17   stereotomy   2022 May 13, 6:13pm  

@Rin, keep fighting the good fight. My family thanks you.

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