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DEWs in Laguna Niguel??: Going The Way Of Paradise And Santa Rosa After Extensive Chemtrailing:

By Ceffer follow Ceffer   2022 May 12, 7:52pm 62 views  0 comments           share      

Houses with tile roofs burning from inside, melted vehicles in driveways while trees and vegetation remain untouched. Urban and suburban redevelopment forced through space weaponry? It definitely seems like a thing now. Remember last year that Canadian town the anti-vax GP lived in being reduced to fine ash without any areas surrounding appearing touched? She mentions these huge hive apartment things being built that remain empty. We pass one on 680 South in Fremont near Mission and Durham Roads and wonder when anybody is going to move in, the place was finished a couple of years ago. Many fire experts say these fires do not follow any known natural pattern and appear to be artificial.
Sorry for Bad Tube, Pat. Also, conspiracy theorists think all of the new PGE smart meter stuff with 5G is allowing them to super heat the circuitry inside homes to expedite these fire outbursts.

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