If Elon musk wasn't Rich, he would be considered a Fuck Up

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by Tenpoundbass   $0.10 total tips   💰tip   follow   2022 May 13, 6:29am  

He falls up and everyone thinks he's great.

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42   AmericanKulak   2022 May 14, 5:30pm  

Pets.com was ahead of it's time. Look at Doordash and Uber Eats that takes crap you could pick up in 15 minutes or make yourself for a helluva lot more.

I stopped going to Franchises because they put the lazy sods who order on their smartphone ahead of customers waiting in the actual lobby.
43   Patrick   2022 May 14, 5:46pm  

I also find that annoying.

Also, when there are customers waiting, the clerks should not be answering the phone ahead of people waiting right in front of them.
44   Tenpoundbass   2022 May 14, 6:51pm  

Ceffer says
Did Trump contemplate a buy out of Twitter already and figured out it was a bad deal?

Trump is said to have talked Elon into buying Twitter. Your comment makes sense now. Trump could have contemplated buying it, but knew it would have brought the full might of the weaponized DOJ and Courts on his head. So he could have talked to other billionaires to buy it, to put the TDS hate machine in a mental trap, trying to justify stopping Elon Musk from buying it. "Not every can be Hitler" as it were. In the end they couldn't justify why they would object to Elon buying it, but not Jeff Bezos.
45   RWSGFY   2022 May 14, 7:12pm  

Ceffer says

Trump cracks me up:

Did Trump contemplate a buy out of Twitter already and figured out it was a bad deal?

Does Trump have $44B lying around?
46   NuttBoxer   2022 May 14, 7:12pm  

The thing with Tesla is the same thing with Musk. It all sounds good and looks flashy, but when you get down to it, all you've got is a bunch of hype. Electric vehicles, not just Tesla's, but all of them, are impractical, inefficient, and wreck the environment. On top of that, Tesla's spy on you with Gates/Google like precision, and allow the company, or the government to shut your car down whenever they feel like it. It's a model with no future.

Musk talk's freedom, but supports the NWO. He "sounds" good like Bernie Sanders sounds good. But his reality is neural nets, one world government, carbon tax's, and fucking everyone in the ass.
47   NuttBoxer   2022 May 14, 7:15pm  

HeadSet says
Moot anyway, since Musk did not inherit his wealth.

Sure, every poor kids dad owns an emerald mine in Africa. He didn't inherit it the same way Gates and Zuckerberg didn't.
48   Hircus   2022 May 16, 12:15pm  

Hircus says

He might be strategizing. He knows the tech crash is upon us, and might feel he can use the "unexpected" number of bots to argue that his prior bid was too high.

Losing 1B to renegotiate is chump change compared to maybe saving 10-20% of 45B or w/e he bid.

heh, I might be right.

"Musk Says Twitter Deal at Lower Price Is ‘Not Out of the Question’"
49   WookieMan   2022 May 16, 12:50pm  

HeadSet says
Interesting. In 1914 it only took 93 minutes to assemble a new Model T.

Being sarcastic, but there's a reason you don't see many Model T's on the road now.

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