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dear heavens! thepalmierireport.com is damage control propaganda

By Tenpoundbass follow Tenpoundbass   2022 May 13, 2:08pm 54 views  0 comments           share      

They posted an article citing Netflix is in trouble and mentioned a memo sent from the execs, telling employees to spend members money more wisely. But then they glossed over the intended purpose of the memo, that was to tell the Wokesters at Netflix that their way has been shit, they are the minority. The company listened to them about tolerance and acceptance, while the Woksters themselves had zero tolerance for others. It also stated that if any employee had a problem with Netflix carrying a wide view of topics to suit everyone, then they should find other employment. The Memo could have only been interpreted only one way. That is to tell the Woksters that their reign of terror is over.

This is like Mitt Romney trying to write an article about the January 6th rally to stop the steal. You can just imagine the half truths and misrepresentation he would write about it.


This makes Pro Trump News, their biggest source of news, shit as well.
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