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LOL! Getting Ass Fucked By The Demons They Summoned To Destroy The Social Fabric...

By Ceffer follow Ceffer   2022 May 13, 11:38pm 72 views  0 comments           share      

"Rude Awokening for an Empire of Lies" Long article, but worth every un-woke word read.

"Woke - a manufactured pseudo-Leftism embraced almost exclusively by the hyper-privileged and mentally-sick - has been bankrolled to the tune of hundreds of billions by the intelligence agencies and the corporate elite.

The plan was to poison the body politic, drive susceptible young people clinically insane, and divide the citizenry with "social justice" brainwash to the point that there would be no united front to demand economic justice from the rapacious Globocap junta.
Unfortunately, the Woke psyop has summoned a worldwide demonic infestation, the likes of which hasn't been seen in living memory. And as with all such summonings, the demons dredged up by Woke spellcraft are now turning on the sorcerers who summoned them."

Will the bottom line kill the autogynephiliac woke monsters? Was it a planned implosion, or Globalist Satanist deluisions of grandeur?
Gal Gadot battles demon psychopath gay interviewer.

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