Gay Monkey Disease

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2022 May 22, 8:58am   13,319 views  259 comments

by AmericanKulak   ➕follow (8)   💰tip   ignore  

Belgium ground zero for Monkeypox, just hosted massive ~100k gay festival.

Spain's first confirmed case from "Adult Sauna" (until yesterday: "Gay Bathhouse").

Canada's case is a Fagachussetts visitor, and Canada only allows in the vaccinated. Also rumored to be a gay event.

Moneypox is spread by "Close Contact" or eating undercooked monkeys. I think we can guess which was the most likely vector.

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239   Patrick   💰tip   2022 Sep 14, 11:50am  

Alex Berenson
WHO monkeypox report:

95% men who have sex with men
3.1% men who have sex with men and lie about it
1.9% REALLY unlucky women

It's not an STD, just a disease transmitted almost exclusively by sex. You unnerstan'?

I suspect we won't hear much more about monkeypox going forward.
240   Ceffer   💰tip   2022 Sep 14, 11:56am  

Globalists about monkeypox failed agenda: "Curses, foiled again!"

What's the use of gay subversive useful idiots if you can't even get them to mount another pandemic panic successfully.
241   Patrick   💰tip   2022 Sep 21, 10:30am  

Oh no, it's going away! How are the Democrats going to scare the public now? They need a new scare, quick.
243   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   💰tip   2022 Oct 7, 9:02pm  

i have never known anyone with it. i think its made up disease, fake exists in news only
244   Patrick   💰tip   2022 Oct 18, 7:21pm  

There were very few cases, almost all among promiscuous gay men. But it made good fear-mongering clickbait for a while.


248   Rin   💰tip   2022 Oct 26, 4:29pm  

richwicks says

San Francisco has been tightly linked with homosexuality forever. Even when I was a kid San Francisco had that reputation.

That's why I don't live in the South End of Boston. That's our urban-side "gay" neighborhood.

The other, but more in the open, is Provincetown MA, at the far end of Cape Cod, mainly isolated from the rest of the continent.
251   Patrick   💰tip   2023 Apr 22, 10:23pm  

Patrick says

As soon as some children and some pet dogs got monkeypox, the media dropped it completely.
253   Ceffer   💰tip   2023 Apr 30, 10:32am  

Well, they did actually try to get us to feel sorry for gays with weeping sores all over their faces, genitals and poop chutes after having sex with 20 or 30 men in a weekend. They acted like they just couldn't understand how something like that could have happened. I guess that was a bridge too far, even for the insane, Intel Draco dominated MSM.
254   AmericanKulak   💰tip   2023 Apr 30, 10:34am  

This Chick Tract ain't wrong though.

NYT, 1982: https://archive.is/vasK8
255   Ceffer   💰tip   2023 Apr 30, 11:00am  

Pet Pervert deputized subversives auto mutilating and auto destroying through delusional behaviors, thrown up against the larger population. What could possibly go wrong? They are a pre-zombie vanguard, dissolving as they attack.
256   Patrick   💰tip   2023 May 5, 2:17pm  

Remember, June is Monkeypox Awareness Month!
258   Ceffer   💰tip   2023 May 20, 5:12pm  

It's the Promiscuous Apoxalypse.
259   RayAmerica   💰tip   2023 May 21, 10:52am  

Officials Warn Of Monkeypox Resurgence Ahead Of Summer LGBT Festivals

(I seem to recall that the entire world was shut down over the fear of spreading COVID 19. I just can't imagine why the 'concerned authorities' at the WHO & CDC aren't shutting down these festivals.) /S

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a warning that incidents of monkeypox (mpox) infections could rise in the coming months as LGBT festivals attract large crowds.
In its May 17 risk assessment, the CDC warned that there is a “substantial” risk of renewed monkeypox outbreaks across the United States, given the recent uptick in cases in Chicago, which began in mid-April. At present, gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) account for the majority of monkeypox cases in the United States.

“The risk of outbreaks could further increase as people gather this spring and summer for festivals and other events with high potential for skin-to-skin contact or increased sexual activity,” the agency stated.

“Large gatherings were a significant source of exposure and geographic spread of mpox in 2022.”

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