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Chicago Corruption Thread

By Patrick follow Patrick   2022 Jun 6, 9:39pm 62 views  1 comment           share      

Let's start here:


Powerful Chicago Democrat Caught Boasting about ‘Owning a Judge’

A powerful Chicago Democrat politician has been caught on tape boasting about “owning a judge,” according to reports.

Chicago Ald. Edward Burke (D) will soon face trial on multiple federal bribery and extortion charges. ...

According to The Chicago Tribune: “Burke, 77, was originally charged in a criminal complaint in January 2019.

“He was indicted four months later on 14 counts including racketeering, federal program bribery, attempted extortion, conspiracy to commit extortion, and using interstate commerce to facilitate an unlawful activity.

“The 59-page indictment outlined a series of schemes in which Burke allegedly tried to muscle developers into hiring his law firm, Klafter & Burke, to appeal their property taxes.

“Among the projects Burke tried to capitalize on was the massive $800 million renovation of the post office in the West Loop, according to the charges.

“Also charged was Burke’s longtime aide, Peter Andrews, who was accused of assisting the alderman in attempting to shake down two businessmen seeking to renovate a Burger King restaurant in the 14th Ward.”

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