You will not find it as a top story on CNN

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by Bd6r   $0.10 total tips   💰tip   follow   2022 Jun 14, 8:33pm  

This is clearly internalized whiteness and racism by 84 % Hispanic district, and bodes really well for Fall elections for D's.
Despite Ms Flores being 1st or 2nd ever US Representative born in Mexico, and a WOMYN OF COLOR! you won't find this on first page of CNN, at least as of now. Instead, what is important is "Mixed results for Republicans who angered Trump".



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10   Bd6r   2022 Jun 15, 8:53am  

richwicks says

They are going to steal the election again...

Why do you think "monkey pox" (!) is being drummed up?

Steal will work in some states methinks (unfortunately ones where elections matter a lot, GA, WI, MI). Not in TX, we have our own old boy(girl) club which operates differently (mostly by redistricting).
11   NDrLoR   2022 Jun 15, 8:56am  

Patrick says

The Hispanic face of white supremacy!
Her biggest sin is that she's beautiful!
12   Bd6r   2022 Jun 15, 8:59am  

NDrLoR says

Her biggest sin is that she's beautiful!

Yeah, no blue hair, no screaming like a banshee, well-dressed, does not think she is oppressed, knows that she is a woman and how to define a woman...so completely unacceptable to lefties!!!
BTW her victory, which is a victory for all WOMYN OF COLOR is not yet on 1st page of CNN.
Instead, you have to click through a few things and get an article with sentences like "GOP's gains among Latino voters and the enthusiasm gap confronting Democrats" and "As of early Wednesday morning, Flores was holding off three other candidates in the low-turnout contest, including Democrat Dan Sanchez, and topped 50% of the vote, which would allow her to avoid a runoff." This is retardation squared - she has won, over 99% of votes are counted, and turnout for a special election is relatively high showing that people are pissed.

In an early Wednesday morning Twitter exchange, Musk wrote: "I voted for Mayra Flores – first time I ever voted Republican. Massive red wave in 2022."

13   Patrick   2022 Jun 16, 11:03am  


Mayra Flores For Congress 🇺🇸
Democrats have gone ‘so far left’ that they no longer represent the values of Latino Americans. The Democrat Party has walked away from the Hispanic community.
14   Ceffer   2022 Jun 16, 11:05am  

What happened to all the black white supremacists? Is this Hispanic cultural appropriation?
16   Bd6r   2022 Jun 17, 11:54am  

@Patrick, this is beautiful. Takes away all talking points of the Left. BTW Flores has said that Trump election was stolen and on twatter lefties regularly mock her for being a Q-anon believer. If she and her fellow cohort of Hispanic womyn from RGV get re-elected/elected in Fall things will get quite interesting in Con-gress as they don't hold back their opinions. They will become nightmare of the lefties from quarters they never expected and this will be a high-energy nightmare.

Also, read through news and all leftie news say that she "barely won". She got 51% and her opponent 43-44%. This is not a bare win.

The QAnon caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives just got a little bit more crowded.

Joining Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert is a new member of Congress who has publicly shown support for or boosted the wild conspiracy theory: Mayra Flores, who on Tuesday night flipped a Democratic seat in Texas’ 34th District.


Patrick says

18   Bd6r   2022 Jun 21, 2:26pm  

AAAANNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD....meme becomes reality

19   Bd6r   2022 Jun 22, 9:34am  

Ms Flores about why POC suddenly become White Supremacists:

Key word is "inflation" even though the left were telling us 6 months ago that "inflation" is right-wing dog-whistle.
20   Bd6r   2022 Jun 23, 9:51am  

I am conservative BECAUSE I was born in Mexico:

Immigration ending in 3...2...1
21   Patrick   2022 Jun 25, 10:04pm  


This Univision reporter got a pretty big shock while interviewing a pro-life Latina at an event in DC celebrating the end of Roe v. Wade.

The reporter tried to make a big deal that there were a lot of pro-life men at the event as well, wanting to make a point that the pro-life position may be sexist or some such nonsense.

The response from this woman completely stuns the reporter 👇

Reporter: So, you're saying right now that the majority of women are pro-life. But we're also seeing a lot of men that have come here to protest pro-life.

Protester: Yes, no and there's no problem with that. In fact, for me, a man that does not defend the defenseless is despicable! He's a piece of s***!

This woman does not mince words, does she?

Univision, which is owned by NBC, is rarely faced with such a clear pro-life message.
24   Patrick   2022 Jul 10, 4:07pm  


Rising GOP star Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) has put Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on notice by warning voters that the celebrity Democrat “does not represent the Hispanic community.”

Speaking during an appearence on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Flores also fired back at the New York Times for calling her a “far-right Latina.”

Flores dropped the hammer on Ocasio-Cortez, noting that AOC’s “woke” agenda does not connect with Hispanic voters.

“AOC does not represent the Hispanic community, definitely does not represent Texas District 34 and who we are here.

“And we’re not worried about the Washington nonsense, ‘Latinx.’

“We’re worried about the cost of living, gas, food, health care.

“That’s what we’re worried about every single day. ...

She continued terrifying the Democratic Party:

“I was born in Burgos, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and raised with strong Conservative values to always put God and Family first.

“I have received only hate from the liberal media and constantly been told by the left to go back to Mexico.

“They don’t support us immigrants, they only use us for political power and don’t care about our well-being.

“I am here now and I won’t allow them to continue taking advantage of my people.

“The NYT knows nothing about me or our culture.

“Somos gente de Dios, Familia y Travajo [We are people of God, Family and Work], Si Señor!” she said.
25   Bd6r   2022 Jul 10, 5:42pm  

Patrick says

Somos gente de Dios, Familia y Travajo [We are people of God, Family and Work], Si Señor!” she said.

Importing Catholics has backfired
26   AmericanKulak   2022 Jul 10, 10:20pm  

Bd6r says

Importing Catholics has backfired

It always does for the Dems. The Mexicans are the latest ethnic group to leave the plantation. Chicanos will be labeled "White Adjacent" next.
28   richwicks   2022 Jul 23, 2:07pm  

AmericanKulak says

Bd6r says

Importing Catholics has backfired

It always does for the Dems. The Mexicans are the latest ethnic group to leave the plantation. Chicanos will be labeled "White Adjacent" next.

I think blacks are next. The few black conservative type people I knew were pretty decent people.
29   Bd6r   2022 Jul 25, 12:17pm  

BTW what I see is that "real people" meaning honest people get into politics only in districts where common wisdom says they can not win. Examples are Flores in TX 34 and her fellow Hispanic womyn in TX-15 and TX-16 (those still need to be elected), which were considered to be solid D but changed too quickly to competitive in order for establishment R's to field their candidates. They did manage to field one in TX-28 (Garcia) who is from Teddie Lying Cruz office.
31   HeadSet   2022 Aug 2, 2:31pm  

I would like to see polls like the one above list the sample size. They do list the Margin of Error, so it seems they are just hiding a small sample size.
32   richwicks   2022 Aug 2, 2:37pm  

HeadSet says

I would like to see polls like the one above list the sample size. They do list the Margin of Error, so it seems they are just hiding a small sample size.

The data is assumed to be a bell curve, because it is. The margin of error is a standard error.

If you have two polls that give different results and don't have overlap, and the poll wasn't intentionally tainted, the likelihood of that is like 1 out of several million for a standard error of 3.

The reason the polls were KNOWN to be bullshit when it was Trump versus Clinton is that it was COMMON that there wasn't overlap.
33   Patrick   2022 Aug 5, 11:29am  


It is evident, from what we are witnessing at our southern border, that the only group benefiting from this self-inflicted chaos are criminals, drug and human traffickers, and the cartels.

I'm happy she is speaking up about the open border, but those are not the only groups benefitting from Biden's open border.

The primary group benefiting is employers of illegals, who use competition from illegals to drive down wages for US citizens.
34   Patrick   2022 Aug 15, 9:42am  

Mayra Flores
When a Socialist or Communist says that he is going to end poverty, he refers to his own.

Cuando un Socialista o Comunista dice que va a acabar con la pobreza se refiere a la de el.

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