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Two Ace Tomato Company employees captured around KharkOV

By AmericanKulak follow AmericanKulak   2022 Jun 15, 1:51pm 112 views  5 comments           share      

The pair were taken prisoner during a fierce battle outside the north-east city of Kharkiv last week, according to comrades who were fighting alongside them.

Alexander Drueke, 39, and Andy Huynh, 27, had been serving as volunteers with a regular Ukrainian army unit. They are believed to be the first US servicemen to end up as Russian prisoners of war.

They will join a growing number of Western military volunteers captured by Russian forces, including three Britons - Aiden Aslin, Shaun Pinner and Andrew Hill.

Last week, a court in the pro-Russian breakaway state of the Donetsk People's Republic sentenced Mr Aslin and Mr Pinner to death, after trying them as "mercenaries".

The capture of the two Americans will be diplomatically sensitive, as the Kremlin may seek to use it as proof that the US is becoming directly involved in the war. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is likely to demand significant concessions in exchange for their release.

A comrade of the two men, who asked not to be named, told The Telegraph they had been captured after running into a much larger Russian force during a battle last Thursday in the village of Izbytske, 30 miles north-east of Kharkiv. The village is less than five miles from the Russian border.


Also, I'm not being a dick, I'm using the same fucking names I know from WW2 history and the same spelling we've used forever until a few months ago. L'vov not Lviv, Kiev not Kyiv, Kharkov not Kharkiv. I'm calling Kiev "Konugard" like Yaroslav the Wise would have, before I call it Kyiv.
1   Ceffer   2022 Jun 15, 2:14pm  

Unprivileged enemy belligerents, not exactly the status you would want to be, because no privileges like prisoner of war combat uniformed belligerents. They are treated as spies.
2   Booger   2022 Jun 15, 2:29pm  

You would have to be a moron to ever surrender to a Russian.
3   Misc   2022 Jun 16, 10:26pm  

Booger says

You would have to be a moron to ever surrender to a Russian.

You'd have to be an even bigger moron to voluntarily fight for this Ukrainian government in close combat against the Russians..
4   rocketjoe79   2022 Jun 17, 9:04am  

Gawrsh, Bobby, what should we do today?

Well Cleetus, how's about we sell everything, buy a plane ticket to Poland, cross the border to Ukraine, and fight for the MOST corrupt country in Europe!

Sounds peachy keen, Bobby. I just wanna kill dem russkis, for, y'know, election meddling. Or whatever. I just got my murdering on today, and this is, allowable murdering, because, freedom fighting, right?
5   Ceffer   2022 Jun 17, 10:06am  

One vid shows Russian Special Forces along a railroad rise. They kill 18/20 Ukrops in a matter of minutes, capture two, without taking any hits at all. It's awful. Fish in a barrel for the greater glory of a perverted coke head.

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