Raphael Warnock

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Raphael Warnock, U.S. Senator Georgia, Democrat


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1   Patrick   2022 Sep 10, 5:46pm  


A new poll shows football legend Herschel Walker now leading Dem incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga with 47% support from voters over Warnock’s 44%.

Walked has been trailing in the polls so this could be a huge sign the GOP will have a good year.

Walker saw a two-point gain since July while Warnock saw a four-point decrease heading into the midterms.
2   Ceffer   2022 Sep 10, 6:18pm  

I think when polls propagandize that the elections are 'close', they are hoping that when the election fraud is tilted in for narrow victories, it appears organic rather than manipulated. Voter turnout has to be dramatic and likely overwhelming in favor of the conservative candidates to overcome the fraud handicap. Close polls are 'fraud easers' for optics.
3   Patrick   2022 Nov 26, 11:04am  


A new ad from @HerschelWalker stars Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines who was forced to compete in this year’s NCAA swimming championships against a man identifying as a woman. Watch it:

4   Patrick   2022 Dec 6, 10:12pm  


Everyone was forced to put on a mask before Georgia's Sen. Warnock arrived for an event but he rolled in breathing the free air like a superspreading machine

In what's now a stone-cold classic for Democrats, watch as pro-death pastor and Senator Raphael Warnock grins as big as you've ever seen anyone grin while all the peasants who came to see him have to wear their masks.

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