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Navy fires 12 Commanders, no reason given.

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Believed related to wave of suicides on USS George Washington.

The Navy fired nearly 12 officers a week, including five, in less than three months due to "loss of confidence" in command. According to experts, the end of the entire land, air and sea team.

USS George WashingtonAt least nine commanders and two seniors since April when themass suicide on a warship raisedwidespread mental concerns. The advisor has been released from his duties. Health Crisis

This year, a total of 13 commanders, including 12 in the Navy and 1 in the Marine Corps, were dismissed, the Navy said. Recently, from June 8th to June 14th, four Navy commanders and one top leader were banished. The Navy did not elaborate further on the specific conditions that led to the firing, but emphasized the importance of "trust and trust" across all levels of the chain of command.

"The US Navy has long maintained high standards for all its personnel. Those who do not meet these standards will be held liable."isI said Major. Navy spokesman Devin Arneson added that such actions were "neither disciplinary nor disciplinary."

Last year, at least five crew members died of suicide, and no leader served George Washington, who offended some seafarers and supporters working to reduce military suicide. It was.

"How many military personnel must die before this commander is held accountable?" Mental health treatment in the army with his wife after his son, who served in the Navy, committed suicide in 2018. Patrick Caserta, who advocates for improvement, said.

"You can't pick some commanders by hand in the fall, leaving everyone and others untouched," Caserta said.


Background: All the new "less manpower" equipment on the newer vessels does the opposite - breaking down frequently and requiring TLC 24-7, one of the reasons the Griftheed-Taxpayermoney-Fartin's LCS got finally cancelled. There were major incidents on several boats in the Pacific as well, with Commanders putting crews on Bread-only rations (a seldom used punishment) and making them sleep in the Brig for incidents related to fatigue.
1   Ceffer   2022 Jun 18, 11:20am  

"It is unseemly and dishonorable for them to commit suicide, when we already have a vigorous campaign of destroying their health and lives with toxic, walk away poison vaccines. Why would anybody commit suicide in such a situation?"

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