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Maher explains WashingtonPost Mean Girls Drama

By AmericanKulak follow AmericanKulak   2022 Jun 18, 10:45am 139 views  4 comments           share      

"If somebody named Deep Throat wanted to meet a WaPo reporter in a parking garage, this crew of emotional hemophiliacs would have an anxiety attack and report to HR that they didn't feel safe."

Spot on.

1   Ceffer   2022 Jun 18, 11:05am  

Never wave a red cape at somebody with purple hair and borderline personality disorder.
2   Ceffer   2022 Jun 18, 11:52am  

"Dumb effing Bitch. The first rule of Globalist Club is DON'T GET CAUGHT!" A cashiered useful idiot is a wonderful thing to waste.
3   Patrick   2022 Jun 18, 4:27pm  


Bill Maher Issues Warning to ‘Crybabies’ at Washington Post: ‘Democracy Dies in Dumbness’
4   NDrLoR   2022 Jun 18, 8:51pm  

AmericanKulak says

report to HR

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