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Hopium Fappening: Project Veritis/2000 Mules subject charged with 26 counts of election fraud.

By AmericanKulak follow AmericanKulak   2022 Jun 20, 9:06pm 52 views  1 comment           share      

A Texas woman named Rachel Rodriguez was arrested on 26 counts of election fraud, illegal voting, unlawfully assisting people voting by mail, and unlawfully possessing an official ballot.

Each charge constitutes a felony under the Texas Election Code.

A Project Veritas video last fall exposed her as she engaged in vote harvesting leading up to the 2020 election.

The Election Fraud Division of the Office of the Attorney General reviewed dozens of hours of unedited, raw footage, which led to this arrest.

In an uncharacteristic moment of honesty, Rodriguez acknowledged on video that what she was doing is illegal and that she could go to jail for it. If convicted, Rodriguez could face up to 20 years in prison.

How is this possible? It was the most secure election ever.


“Many continue to claim that there’s no such thing as election fraud. We’ve always known that such a claim is false and misleading, and today we have additional hard evidence. This is a victory for election integrity and a strong signal that anyone who attempts to defraud the people of Texas, deprive them of their vote, or undermine the integrity of elections will be brought to justice,” said Attorney General Paxton. “The shocking and blatantly illegal action documented by Project Veritas demonstrates a form of election fraud my office continually investigates and prosecutes. I am fiercely committed to ensuring the voting process is secure and fair throughout the state, and my office is prepared to assist any Texas county in combating this insidious, un-American form of fraud.”

1   AmericanKulak   2022 Jun 20, 9:07pm  

Note though that Project Veritas basically got the woman to admit it on camera and the AG didn't have to do shit, and was probably pushed into it by endless calls and complaints.

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