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Ivey cracks down on Californication of Satellite Beach by Patel Motel Cartel & Leftists

By AmericanKulak follow AmericanKulak   2022 Jun 21, 9:08pm 81 views  2 comments           share      

My Sheriff declared Best Value Hotel (Redlion franchise) on his High Intensity Target list, deploys mobile substation directly outside.

Here's what happens:

Here's the Shitlib response:

As one of the lowest cost hotels in the area, it's a popular location for unhoused people to stay, with some finding it on their own and others being sent there by local advocacy groups, said Stacey Patel, a Democratic Party activist who runs the Coronavirus Mutual Aid Network of Brevard County. During colder weather, the Mutual Aid Network and Daily Bread, a nonprofit that helps people facing hunger or homelessness, helped place several people there temporarily, she said.

On Jan. 26, the Brevard County Sheriff's Office set up a mobile command post to monitor the hotel, which is just south of the Pineda Causeway on State Road A1A and about 1 mile north of Satellite Beach. Sheriff Wayne Ivey named the hotel as being on his "high intensity target list" in a Facebook video.


The usual bullshit: Dems and Shady business people collude to bring every drug addict and prostitute ("unhoused" and "homeless') into nice towns to ruin them.
1   AmericanKulak   2022 Jun 21, 9:17pm  

Patel is actually a Dem Party of Brevard leader and married to another Dem Party activist, Sanjay, her husband. She's a graduate of Carnegie Mellon "Public Something or Rather" and has been fucking things up at NGOs and "Arts Boards" for 20 years.

She looks EXACTLY like you think she should:

2   Ceffer   2022 Jun 21, 10:42pm  

AmericanKulak says

every drug addict and prostitute ("unhoused" and "homeless') into nice towns to ruin them.

Standard operating procedure. Just like in Santa Cruz, the homeless make a lot of money for drug dealers, and they have to steal to get their dough. The well monied drug dealers bribe 'compassionate community activists' under their monetary influence to run for City Council. Social Services (which often are just distribution arms for the dealers) create the usual self perpetuating bureaucracies. Laughably, they are often touted as 'recovery services'.

They had to recall two of the insane liberal activists (one completely crazy black from Oakland) who had gotten on the City Council. The black guy was given a free room by one of the local activists, and she had to kick him out because he was so obviously violent, making rapey advances to women at City Hall, loudly cursing and threatening other civil servants, and, of course, (which liberals never mention when somebody is chronically high or addicted) he sounded like he was under the influence all the time.

It's amazing how some ot these people will defend addicts gorked on drugs. The addicts are just people 'down on their luck' or some other addict sob story.

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