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Trump was right, Part Number 7826725431235

By Bd6r follow Bd6r   2022 Jun 22, 8:57am 260 views  15 comments           share      

See also how lefties mocked him in 2018 about this, and the reaction of German delegation: https://nitter.pussthecat.org/nowthisnews/status/1044740334306058241#m

There is also this, going green German style in 4 easy steps:

1   Hircus   2022 Jun 22, 9:16am  


BERLIN, March 8 (Reuters) - Germany on Tuesday poured cold water on extending the life-span of its nuclear plants to help cut its reliance on Russian gas, saying it needed instead to build up alternative energy sources at "Tesla speed".

Economy Minister Robert Habeck said the country's first liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, announced last weekend, should be ready within two years.

In response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Europe's largest economy late last month floated the idea of keeping nuclear plants as part of its energy mix to diversify away from Russia, which delivers most of Germany's natural gas.

But the economy and environment ministries said on Tuesday that after looking at both short-term and mid-term scenarios, they had decided that the costs and risks of keeping nuclear facilities open outweighed limited benefits. Germany's last remaining nuclear plants are due to close this year.

"As a result of weighing up the benefits and risks, an extension of the operating lives of the three remaining nuclear power plants is not recommended, also in view of the current gas crisis," the ministries said in a joint statement.

Germany's remaining three nuclear plants are operated by energy firms EnBW (EBKG.DE), RWE (RWEG.DE) and E.ON (EONGn.DE).

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Germany has mapped out changes to its energy system to cut dependence on Russian gas, which accounts for two thirds of Germany's natural gas imports.

After talks with the energy ministers of Germany's 16 states, Habeck said the country must diversify its energy sources, including by building an LNG terminal in the north, as fast as possible.

"We totally agree that the construction of electricity networks, LNG terminals and renewable energy must be done at 'Tesla speed'," Habeck told a news conference.

Asked how long it would take before the planned LNG terminal can replace Russian gas, Habeck referred to the two years it took Tesla to complete construction of its megafactory outside Berlin.

Other alternatives under consideration include more solar and wind power and keeping coal-fired power plants that are due to shut down on standby for emergencies. read more
2   Ceffer   2022 Jun 22, 9:20am  

More 'green suicide' so the Globalists can squash the people.and horde ownership of resources. Those smug, giggling German officials DON'T CARE if Trump is right. They are just like all all the Globalist pols. They are being well paid to fuck the world and that's what they are going to do.
3   Hircus   2022 Jun 22, 9:23am  

It seems hard to believe that even the 3 nuke plants still running wouldnt be extended to keep running for now, and will be closed later this year. I suppose the only reasonable thing I can come up with is maybe they fear war with russia, and want to turn those plants off so they arent exposed to the risk of becoming a chernobyl. But I doubt it, and think there's some much grander plan going on here with the greens and parts of the energy industry.
4   rocketjoe79   2022 Jun 22, 1:15pm  

I was surprised to find Nuke plants have to be refueled about every 36 months. The fuel is very low enrichment and gets used up fast. Even so, If all the spent fuel in the world were piled in one place, it wouldn't fill a football field. So much for TOXIC NUCLEAR WASTE PROBLEM!!!!

Submarines use near-weapons grade fuel and only have to be re-cored in a long drydock every 20 years or so.
5   HeadSet   2022 Jun 22, 2:31pm  

Hircus says

It seems hard to believe that even the 3 nuke plants still running wouldnt be extended to keep running for now, and will be closed later this year.

Maybe the only source of uranium is from Russia. Remember, Hillay took a bribe and transferred US uranium to Russia.
6   Eric Holder   2022 Jun 22, 2:40pm  

It's been a revolving door between German government and Russian oil/gas companies for years, Gerhard Schröder being the most prominent poster boy of that shit.
7   Bd6r   2022 Jun 22, 3:02pm  

HeadSet says

Maybe the only source of uranium is from Russia.

Kazakhstan and Canada together produce over half of world's uranium. Russia is a relatively minor producer.
9   DooDahMan   2022 Jun 23, 5:30am  

Bd6r says

Kazakhstan and Canada together produce over half of world's uranium. Russia is a relatively minor producer.

World Uranium Mining Production(Updated June 2022)

About two-thirds of the world's production of uranium from mines is from Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia.

An increasing amount of uranium, now over 60%, is produced by in situ leaching.

10   DooDahMan   2022 Jun 23, 5:31am  

U.S. nuclear power plants typically refuel every 18 to 24 months mostly during the fall and spring when electricity demand is lower. During a refueling outage, plants typically optimize downtime by scheduling facility upgrades, repairs, and other maintenance work while the nuclear reactor is offline.

11   DooDahMan   2022 Jun 23, 5:34am  

The simple volume of solid waste from spent nuclear fuel is surprisingly low Since nuclear energy began in the U.S. in the 1950s, the cumulative total volume of spent fuel is about 83,000 metric tons, which would fill just one standard U.S. football field at a depth of 10 yards

Special Uranium Report
Key Facts about Spent Nuclear Fuel

13   mell   2022 Jun 23, 8:44am  

Bd6r says

This must be a troll - if not, back in the days we would have put people like it into a mental asylum
14   zzyzzx   2022 Jun 23, 8:48am  

It's not just Germany that is going to start using their coal plants again.


Austria, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands announced plans this week to prepare to resurrect old coal plants

I think some other European countries that still use coal power plants that were planning on shutting them down, aren't.
15   Bd6r   2022 Jun 23, 8:50am  

Not sure, see Poe's law. Edit: this was his response to Greta who needs to be spanked: https://twitter.com/zackkanter/status/1201259377816027138?lang=en

mell says

This must be a troll

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