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Hawaii Senate Dem Majority Leader Gets 3 Years in Prison for Bribery

Former Senate Majority Leader J. Kalani English, 55, pleaded guilty to honest services wire fraud in February, admitting he accepted bribes from a Hawaii business owner in exchange for shaping legislation that would benefit a company involved in publicly financed cesspool conversion projects...

English “peddled the power and influence of his position as a Hawaii State Senator and Majority Leader to enrich himself and betray the trust bestowed upon him by those he was elected to serve,” U.S. prosecutors said in a sentencing memo urging the judge to send him to prison for three-and-a-half years.

The sentence, a little more than three years, must send a “stern and lasting message” that corruption of elected officials will be punished, the memo said. ...

Choy is a prolific donor, as are his immediate family members and business associates. Choy, his family members, and his employees from various companies have donated more than $356,000 to political campaigns since 2014, according to campaign finance data. Of that, Choy has contributed more than $160,000 to the elections and reelections of numerous Democrats.

Choy himself has donated to 55 campaigns — including 29 sitting lawmakers — since 2014. Money has gone to former Gov. Neil Abercrombie and current Gov. David Ige. He has most recently contributed to former Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s campaign for governor, and to Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi’s campaign.

"Stern and lasting message" my ass. Only life in prison will do. Singapore is a much better country than the US in this way.

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63   Patrick   2022 Oct 28, 6:15pm  


An investigation by CBS News Colorado reveals how state attorneys general, including Colorado AG Phil Weiser, are attending lavish events funded, in part, by companies they're suing and investigating.

An organization called the Attorney General Alliance - made up of 48 attorneys general - is at the center of it all. Weiser is Chair the organization.

It's a private club that corporations and lobbyist organizations pay tens of thousands of dollars to belong to. Their membership buys them access to extravagant events where they can schmooze the top legal officers for state government, individuals who have sole discretion over whether to sue, settle, or investigate them.

CBS News Colorado received video of the group's 2021 annual conference in Maui from a Republican group. While its motives are political, the events in question include AGs from both parties.

The video shows Weiser and other AGs at the Grand Wailea Resort, a place billed as a "tropical oceanfront paradise" with "luxurious accommodations" that start at a thousand dollars a night, but AGs didn't have to pay a dime.

Their stay was compliments of taxpayers and sponsors, including corporations like Google, Facebook, Juul, and Pfizer - all of which AGs were suing at the time. The events have been happening quietly for years.
64   Patrick   2022 Oct 31, 8:21pm  


Jon Stewart Admits Hunter Biden Being On Burisma Board ‘Is Corruption, Straight Up’

Stewart said, “Let’s say it was real and people just thought, well, the one thing in it maybe is 10% to the big guy, which is circumstantial at best. But as far as like, look, Hunter Biden being on the board of –”

“Burisma,” Gatehouse interjected.

“To me that’s corruption, straight up off the bat,” Stewart said.

But he should have said it two years ago.
66   Patrick   2022 Nov 3, 1:46pm  


A patient may refuse treatment that the healthcare provider deems to be an act of beneficence out of the principle of autonomy. In the United States, the right to refuse treatment is protected by 42 CFR § 482.13.

And yet we were NOT allowed to refuse the "treatment" of toxxine injection, but instead were threatened with job loss, expulsion, and other penalties.

The government itself is criminal.
67   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2022 Nov 12, 6:46am  

From Denninger:

April 25, 2019: Biden announces his presidential campaign.

13 days later, Sam Bankman-Fried, son of Barbara Fried ( Stanford Professor and co-founder of political fundraising organization "Mind-the-Gap), launches #FTX crypto exchange.

The exchange is magically an overnight success. SBF becomes biggest donor to Biden.

Election day, FTX implodes completely.

If you think this scandal is done, it goes even deeper.

Gabe Bankman-Fried, brother to Sam (also a former Jane Street trader), is founder of Guarding Against Pandemics

He was a Legislative Correspondent for the US House of Representatives and an advisor to large political donors in the Democrat party.

The family Aunt Linda Fried is a WEF member on the Global Agenda Council on Aging.

The father, Joseph Bankman is a Stanford professor who has lobbied on behalf of Hedge Fund managers before Congress before (film records exist).

FTX' Head of Ventures & Commercial at FTX Ventures Amy Wu, started with the Clinton Foundation years ago.

Nishad Singh FTX Director of Engineering has spent over 8 million for Dem candidates.

And finally Obama's Commodity Futures Trading Commissioner, Mark Wetjen was literally the head of FTX Policy & Regulation.

Reports were the organization wanted to spend over a billion dollars on the Democratic party for 2024.
69   REpro   2022 Nov 16, 9:02pm  

Biden is giving them $Billions, and then negotiate 10% discount on some medication to show off his success.
70   Patrick   2022 Nov 18, 10:36am  

Chuck Callesto
BREAKING REPORT: Democrat Maxine Waters Who BLEW FTX FOUNDER A KISS LAST YEAR following a committee hearing – Will Now Lead Investigation Into FTX’s Collapse
71   stereotomy   2022 Nov 18, 10:42am  

Patrick says

Chuck Callesto
BREAKING REPORT: Democrat Maxine Waters Who BLEW FTX FOUNDER A KISS LAST YEAR following a committee hearing – Will Now Lead Investigation Into FTX’s Collapse

Is this a joke? Yes, indeed it is, and it's called the US congress.
72   Patrick   2022 Nov 19, 7:16pm  


The foreign data set was gutted this week in VAERS and the cancer signal was halved, the myocarditis dose 3 response signal was lost and 994 spontaneous abortions/still births were dropped
73   Patrick   2022 Nov 23, 10:52pm  


FDA Executive Officer of Countermeasures Speaks Frankly About Vaccine Approval
Christopher Cole appears to be falling into a Project Veritas Honey Trap

In just a few minutes, Mr. Cole says pretty much everything we’ve long suspected about the FDA’s cozy relationship with the drug companies it is supposed to be regulating, and the financial incentives for approving their new products. Some of the nuggets he so eagerly offers:

There’s almost a billion dollars a year going into FDA’s budget from the people we regulate … The drug companies, the food companies, the vaccine companies, they pay us hundreds of millions of dollars a year to hire and keep the reviewers to approve their products.

If they can get every person required to get an annual vaccine, that is a recurring return of money going into their company.

I don’t completely agree with [the FDA’s [process [for authorizing COVID vaccines for children as young as six months]. All the tests aren’t there. I agree with the thing that it is important to inoculate them. But you can’t provide the parents as much assurity as you normally want to.

75   Patrick   2022 Nov 24, 3:04pm  


The COVID-19 period highlights a huge problem that has been developing for decades, the control of science by industry. In the 1950s, the tobacco industry set the example, which the pharmaceutical industry followed. Since then, the latter has been regularly condemned for illegal marketing, misrepresentation of experimental results, dissimulation of information about the dangers of drugs, and considered as criminal. Therefore, this study was conducted to show that knowledge is powerfully manipulated by harmful corporations, whose goals are: 1/financial; 2/to suppress our ability to make choices to acquire global control of public health.

Pharmaceutical industry techniques for manipulating science and COVID-19 reporting were reviewed. Several sources of official documents were used: PubMed; National Institutes of Health resources; pharmaceutical companies; policy documents; national newspapers and news agencies; and books by prominent professionals (scientific and legal). A few studies have not been published in peer-reviewed journals; however, they have been conducted by reputable scientists in their respective fields.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, we can list the following methods of information manipulation which have been used: falsified clinical trials and inaccessible data; fake or conflict-of-interest studies; concealment of vaccines’ short-term side effects and total lack of knowledge of the long-term effects of COVID-19 vaccination; doubtful composition of vaccines; inadequate testing methods; governments and international organizations under conflicts of interest; bribed physicians; the denigration of renowned scientists; the banning of all alternative effective treatments; unscientific and liberticidal social methods; government use of behavior modification and social engineering techniques to impose confinements, masks, and vaccine acceptance; scientific censorship by the media.

By supporting and selecting only the one side of science information while suppressing alternative viewpoints, and with obvious conflicts of interest revealed by this study, governments and the media constantly disinform the public. Consequently, the unscientifically validated vaccination laws, originating from industry-controlled medical science, led to the adoption of social measures for the supposed protection of the public but which became serious threats to the health and freedoms of the population.
76   Patrick   2022 Nov 27, 11:17am  


Ezra Levant 🍁🚛
Pfizer is caught lying about children’s vaccines. But if you speak out against their lies, your social media accounts will be restricted as “disinformation”.

The corruption here is that the "regulators'" response to Bourla's deadly lies and profiteering is so weak and accommodating. Bourla should be hanged for crimes against humanity, right next to Fauci.
78   Patrick   2022 Nov 29, 10:44am  


Apple hobbled a crucial tool of dissent in China weeks before widespread protests broke out

AirDrop, the file-sharing feature on iPhones and other Apple devices, has helped protestors in many authoritarian countries evade censorship. That’s because AirDrop relies on direct connections between phones, forming a local network of devices that don’t need the internet to communicate. People can opt into receiving AirDrops from anyone else with an iPhone nearby.

That changed on Nov. 9, when Apple released a new version of its mobile operating system, iOS 16.1.1, to customers worldwide. Rather than listing new features, as it often does, the company simply said, “This update includes bug fixes and security updates and is recommended for all users.”

Hidden in the update was a change that only applies to iPhones sold in mainland China: AirDrop can only be set to receive messages from everyone for 10 minutes, before switching off. There’s no longer a way to keep the “everyone” setting on permanently on Chinese iPhones. The change, first noticed by Chinese readers of 9to5Mac, doesn’t apply anywhere else.

AirDrop has been an effective communication tool for protestors in Hong Kong, as Quartz previously documented. It’s been used to communicate with other protestors, reach passersby, and spread messages to tourists from mainland China visiting Hong Kong. On the mainland, protestors have also AirDropped protest literature, particularly on college campuses where some of the current protests have broken out. China’s control of the internet has become so strong that dissidents must cling to any crack in the so-called Great Firewall.

80   mell   2022 Nov 29, 3:53pm  

Patrick says


Apple hobbled a crucial tool of dissent in China weeks before widespread protests broke out

AirDrop, the file-sharing feature on iPhones and other Apple devices, has helped protestors in many authoritarian countries evade censorship. That’s because AirDrop relies on direct connections between phones, forming a local network of devices that don’t need the internet to communicate. People can opt into receiving AirDrops from anyone else with an iPhone nearby.

That changed on Nov. 9, when Apple released a new version of its mobile operating system, iOS 16.1.1, to customers worldwide. Rather than listing new features, as it often does, the company simply said, “This update includes bug fixes and security updates and is recommended fo...

No business with Apple apart from work macbooks, sticking with Samsung or Motorola for phones.
82   Patrick   2022 Dec 2, 5:45pm  


Seafood mislabeling is “rampant” across New York, according to a study released by the state attorney general’s office on Friday (Dec. 14).

The attorney general’s office purchased fish from 155 stores across 29 supermarket brands throughout the state, and then sent them to a lab for testing. A remarkable number of the specimens—more than one in every four, or 27%—were not what the supermarkets said they were. Instead, they were often completely different, cheaper, and less sustainably raised species.

People who buy lemon sole, red snapper, and grouper in particular are more likely than not to receive an entirely different fish, according to the report.

28% of “wild” salmon was actually farmed salmon, despite costing one-third more on average
67% of “red snapper” was something else entirely—often lane snapper, a nutritionally similar but cheaper variety. The report notes the lane snapper also had higher mercury levels.
Nearly 88% of “lemon sole” was not, in fact, lemon sole. It was often swai, which is faster and cheaper to raise.
“It’s clear that seafood fraud isn’t just a fluke—it’s rampant across New York,” New York attorney general and apparent pun aficionado Barbara D. Underwood said in a statement.

Two-thirds of the supermarket chains the attorney general’s office purchased from had at least one instance of fish mislabeling. Five chains in particular—Food Bazaar, Foodtown, Stew Leonard’s, Uncle Giuseppe’s, and Western Beef—had mislabeling that “exceeded 50%.”

Within the state, New York City had the worst false-label problem; 43% of the fish sampled from NYC supermarkets was not what it was labeled as. (Runners up were Long Island, with a 41% fish mislabeling rate, and Westchester and Rockland counties, with a 32% mislabeling rate.)
83   Misc   2022 Dec 2, 8:30pm  

For the time being, at a least for now. it was still fish. --- Give it a few more years.
84   just_passing_through   2022 Dec 2, 8:52pm  

Misc says

For the time being, at a least for now. it was still fish. --- Give it a few more years.

Time for us to get our own DNA sequencers.
86   Patrick   2022 Dec 5, 10:42am  


Have Americans grokked that virtually all of the mis-and-dis-information bombarding them lo these many years actually comes from the government and the news media channels that serve it? What we’ve got now in this country is a Mind-Fuckery Industrial Complex waging a psy-ops war on the people of this land. Why is that?

Essentially, to cover-up crimes against the country by public officials that have already occurred. Twitter, pre-Musk, was a major accomplice and enabler of all that, and suddenly it’s not — to the horror of everyone in charge at our nation’s seat of government. The main crimes revolve around selling-out America’s future one way or another — “Joe Biden” and Company being only the most blatant perps in the big picture.

Before them was Hillary Clinton, with her purchase of the Democratic National Committee and previous lucrative ops during her turn as Secretary of State, like the Uranium One deal, the Skolkovo military tech transfer op, and then the Russia Collusion op to insure none of that would ever come to light. The whole Intel Community behemoth was neck deep in it, too, amping up the Russia prank into a four-year coup d’état. Remember, The New York Times won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting that Hillary’s little hoax was for-real. It’s all just gotten more grotesque since Mr. Trump was ejected in the souped-up 2020 election, with sideshows such as the ongoing race-and-gender hustles, the climate con, and the Green New Deal bullshit.

Covid-19, surely released on-purpose, was, as Ed Dowd avers, a cover for global bankruptcy. Nothing else explains the astounding coordination of so many governments acting the same way against their own citizens: lockdowns, vaxx mandates, vaxx passports, and all. The icing on that poison cake, of course, is that everything the public health officialdom told you about Covid-19 was patently untrue, and dishonestly so, not via omission or plain incompetence. In fact, the virus was made in a Chinese lab with the help of Dr. Fauci and colleagues. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine did work effectively against it. The “vaccines” were not tested properly and turned out to be harmful. And now the Covid-19 melodrama is ending in a discernable death-of-the-vaxxed and the reveal of all those aforesaid lies, while, anyway, the global bankruptcy approaches its nauseating climax.

Watching the post-election political vaudeville during the lame-duck Christmas intermezzo, one can’t escape perceiving that just about everything in the USA is now heading south toward breakdown and ruin. The on-the-ground economy craters, inflation rages at the supermarket, supply lines break, the oil and gas industries get strangled, health care goes down smoking and burning, public education folds in disgrace and failure, Wall Street ends with a bang and a whimper, and John Fetterman prepares for his place in history.

Our government’s Ukraine op is ending in disaster for that sad-sack former Russian province and, surprise-surprise, for the European Union, NATO, and us, too. We finally played the Russia card like we’re the proverbial patsy at the poker table. Our hand turns out to be a pair of deuces with the five-of-diamonds high. Russia rakes in the chips with its massive natural resources and the world’s most stable currency, soon to be backed by gold. How’d that turn out, Victoria Nuland?

The EU was already functionally bankrupt. Now it has lost its entire industrial base for a lack of fuel to run it — self-Epsteined, shall we say, on the national scale — and faces not just a return to the medieval standard-of-living but also to the competitive savagery of many small nations soon to be fighting among themselves, making bad conditions worse. So sad. Euroland was a nice place to visit at the turn of the millennium and now the lights will blink out, like seeing a fond relative expire, eyes going vacant, on her deathbed.

Western Civ is, after all, a kind of family. And now the family is disintegrating — as old families will — in a malodorous fog of receivership, vice, and imbecility. Here in the USA, it’s hard to have faith in the supposed political opposition, the Republican Party. Not with Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy still riding herd. They preside over their own coterie of extravagant grift and disgusting privilege. Don’t be shocked… shocked… if they just stand by while America collapses at the hands of “Joe Biden.” If there is any saving of this nation these two must be defenestrated, and, anyway, saving the nation from penury, depravity, and senility looks increasingly improbable, at least in the form of our old federal republic.

The macro trend is quite clear, as laid out in The Long Emergency: what’s coming is the opposite of global government; rather, national governments become increasingly impotent and illegitimate, and smaller regions by necessity must retreat into autarky to keep anything going. For us that means Washington DC sinks into irrelevance while the states, or perhaps mere parts of the states, have to take charge of their own affairs.

That process might have been jump-started by the Elon Musk revolution at Twitter. It will be a lot harder for the Mind-Fuckery Industrial Complex to operate with this key player in revolt. Lies will be contested now on the grand scale in ways that were formerly subverted. Things blurry will come into focus. Fresh air will blow in on chill winter winds. New ops against the people, such as the threatened central bank digital dollar, will be laughed off the stage. Some lights go out, but others get turned on.
88   Patrick   2022 Dec 6, 10:11am  


Public Inquiry into the approval process for covid-19 vaccines
Petition to the UK Government to investigate the MHRA.

We want the Government to launch a Public Inquiry to investigate the MHRA's process for approving covid-19 vaccines.

This should consider all aspects of the approval process, including how approval was expedited and the drivers for expedition, and any potential conflicts of interests.

The MHRA are primarily funded by fees from the pharmaceutical industry.

Found the conflict of interest:

The MHRA are primarily funded by fees from the pharmaceutical industry.
The MHRA are primarily funded by fees from the pharmaceutical industry.
The MHRA are primarily funded by fees from the pharmaceutical industry.
94   Patrick   2022 Dec 16, 10:54am  


1. Censoring the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

2. Quietly Seizing Hunter’s Laptop from Repair Shop

3. Seizing and Returning Hunter’s Second Laptop

4. Downplaying or Ignoring Intelligence Threats to Provide Plausible Deniability

5. Running Sham Investigations and Burying Information

6. Stepping Up When Hunter’s Gun Goes Missing

7. Stepping In When Ashley Biden’s Diary Shows Up

8. Keeping the Ducks in a Row and Quiet
97   Patrick   2022 Dec 21, 3:56pm  


The daughter of Hugh Auchincloss – selected to be Anthony Fauci’s temporary successor at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – works for a leading Food and Drug Administration consulting firm advising American pharmaceutical companies.

Adding to the conflict of interest, she has authored strategy papers for the company focused on COVID-19 regulations.

Hugh Auchincloss has been Fauci’s number two at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) agency since 2006, giving him considerable influence over the federal agency’s vaccine policies during the COVID-19 pandemic and push to collaborate more with the Chinese Communist Party on research.

He is also the aide Fauci sent panicked emails to about the gain of function research occurring in Wuhan in the early days of the pandemic. In a recent deposition, Fauci also identified Auchincloss as responsible for reversing a ban on federal funds supporting gain of function research in the case of Ralph Baric – who shared his deadly research tactics with scientists in Wuhan.
98   Patrick   2022 Dec 26, 9:19pm  


The various university ranking systems (Times Higher Education, QS, U.S. News, etc.) are designed to measure an educational institution’s alignment to empire. Universities that receive the most government and corporate grants and whose professors dominate their field with the most publications, are rewarded with the best rankings.

But what if one lives in a society where the government and corporate sector (and even academic publishing) are obviously corrupt and need to be overthrown? Then either you play along or kiss your top university ranking goodbye.

Universities need to be careful what they wish for. Being a top-ranked German University in 1935 looks a whole lot different by 1945. That’s the dilemma that universities throughout the developed world face right now. They want to be top-ranked, but alignment with empire makes them complicit in the iatrogenocide. As Naomi Wolf discovered recently, Yale currently takes more money from the genocidal U.S. Department of Health and Human Services than it takes from student tuition.

If the developed world survives the current self-inflicted calamity, then the vast majority of these elite universities are going to owe reparations for their role in the iatrogenocide — and their leadership may be prosecuted at Nuremberg II.

So when we overthrow the government, we will need to undo all of this. We need a wall to separate universities from the state in the same way that we separate church and state...

But the problem is bigger than rankings — the problem is the values we hold as a society. Young people and parents were led to believe that universities that aligned themselves with empire were “good”. Yet nearly everything that mainstream society believes about merit and worth is really about proximity to power. Now that power itself is dedicated to iatrogenocide, these values are revealed as rotten and putrid.

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