Why memes are so effective

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lying with taut talking points or evocative images is easy. hell, that’s what they’re for.

but memes that lie mostly do not work.

they are not funny or evocative because the analogy fails. it’s code that won’t compile. only that which draws valid comparison sets off the associational informational cascade that leads to the vast enhancements in informational density that make this modality special.

and without that your meme loses its potency.

you can only tell people so much in a brief span.

that’s why they call it an “attention economy.”

the true meme gets you to run code you already have installed.

that’s why it is so powerful and why its effect cumulate.

we are just starting to see the capability of this jump in communication evolution.

it will shake worlds.

and this is a glorious thing.

it skewers everything.

no one is safe.

(not even if they were promised that there would be a monkey to help them)

the speed with which this can pour a spicy glass of “shut the hell up” and provoke real thought by eliciting and evoking analogy is unprecedented as is the sublime, anarchic free market to select and spread the best means of doing so.

once, the powers that be needed fear only a few cartoonists and voices and could easily suppress their spread. now you must fight against the full force of the insight and creativity of the global myriads and the relentless upvote of the informational instantiations which best work to convey meaning as infallibly adjudicated by an audience of billions that play off one another like jazz night at birdland.

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105   richwicks   2023 Aug 13, 1:33pm  

HeadSet says

The_Deplorable says

No. The media is in fact preventing the truth from reaching the people and it is beginning to crack...

Yes, but "the people" would be destroyed by the flood. Maybe this:

Hey Normies. The US overthrow Ukraine in 2014, and the US has been funding civil war ever since then, and wants direct war with Russia. They lied about Assad gassing his own people, we're there just to steal oil and expand Israel. It lied about Qaddafi as well, France wanted to keep the Libyans poor and have better access to Libya's oil. Your news media is completely controlled by the intelligence agencies, and they are merely propaganda now. We tripled opium production in Afghanistan during our 20 years of war, but we weren't able to put in a pipeline form the Caspian sea which was the main reason for the Afghanistan war. 9/11 was a joint operation between Israel, the CIA, and Saudi Arabia. The US has to produced outrage to go to 20 years of war, it's been very productive for the defense contractors.

The government just poisoned more than 1/2 the population with an entirely experimental serum. There was no pandemic. Sars-cov2-19 was created by the US government and intentionally released. All the Chinese people we showed you passing out on the street in 2019 were actors. There was no need to shut down the economy, the 6 feet rule we just made up for fun, and the masks was so we could identify the obedient sheep.

Immigrants are being imported because they can be treated like slaves, it's designed to destroy the middle class, our elections are all frauds, nobody in government cares, you're all a bunch of idiots.

Think a dump of data like that on your average person wouldn't drown them? Their defense mechanism is "no, that's crazy talk!"
106   The_Deplorable   2023 Aug 14, 12:21am  

HeadSet says

Yes, but "the people" would be destroyed by the flood. Maybe this:

Yes! This is a much better meme!
115   Patrick   2023 Aug 25, 8:02pm  


What I now think will save us, is saving us right now, is our sense of the absurd, the ridiculous and above all, the hilarious.
125   Ceffer   2023 Sep 13, 10:02am  

There is an industrial process getting the truth out through memes, which all seem to involve a wake up call to pay attention to some obvious irony or manipulation. A lot of them probably come from so called White Hats or military intelligence trying to fire the dismal neurons of the public up into some kind of reasoning comprehension.

It's funny, because they use great switcheroos of all of the old school Madison Avenue stock and trade propaganda mass media images and Hollywood manipulations to turn the engines of deception back on themselves.
139   Patrick   2023 Oct 22, 2:51pm  


Dank Memes

The term "dank" is often used to describe a meme in which the comedy is excessively overdone and nonsensical, to the point of being comically ironic. Dank memes often contain intentionally added visual artifacts. e.g. excessively poor image quality, color bleeding or extremely saturated and modulated colors, or patterns that indicate that the image has been compressed and decompressed extensively. These artifacts, although artificially produced in dank memes, usually indicated that an image has circulated through many virtual hands and been reposted and modified multiple times.
142   PeopleUnited   2023 Oct 22, 8:43pm  

It is, but it is only effective for those who believe. That is why the devil has laced every source of truth with lies and corruption. Only the Spirit of God can lead you to the truth.
144   Ceffer   2023 Oct 22, 10:14pm  

PeopleUnited says

That is why the devil has laced every source of truth with lies and corruption.

You can say that again.

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