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Reee Journalism: Its not shameful to enjoy unearned pleasures

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by AmericanKulak   $0.14 total tips   💰tip   follow   2022 Jul 28, 1:15pm  

“I can think of nothing less pleasurable than a life devoted to pleasure.”

“Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in.”

I note the above quotes, which are—perhaps apocryphally—attributed to John D. Rockefeller, not so much for their supposed source, but more for how they inform the working person’s relationship to pleasure today. In just 30 words, these quotes summarize the entrepreneurial mindset that now pervades, well, everything: You shouldn’t pursue pleasure, but it sure feels good to make money.

In other words, you’re allowed to feel pleasure as long as you deserve it.

The flip side of this is that if you pursue “unearned” pleasure, you should feel shame. Luckily, there are ways to build resilience to this cultural response, and experts like Brené Brown are paving the way to normalize the concept. Moreover, pursuing pleasure without shame helps avoid burnout.

In the context of Western capitalism, pleasure is a luxury reserved only for people who are actively trying to make money. After all, getting dressed up for cocktails is OK as long as you’re exchanging business cards at the end. Having a hobby is OK as long as you’re monetizing it through YouTube or a podcast.

It’s no coincidence that, throughout U.S. history, media and politicians have unfairly and inaccurately stereotyped immigrants, racial minorities, and other oppressed people (in order to justify their disproportionate poverty levels) as alcoholic, drug-addicted hedonists who refuse to get jobs. Irish immigrants were depicted as violent, Mexicans have been stereotyped as lazy, Native Americans as alcoholic, and African Americans as unintelligent. Meanwhile, recreational drug use among wealthy elites seems to be either ignored altogether or is trivialized in our pop culture, like in the film The Wolf of Wall Street.
1   Shaman   2022 Jul 28, 3:20pm  

“Something given has no value”
Robert Heinlein
2   latitude38   2022 Jul 28, 11:56pm  

It was John D Rockefeller who believed in the dof overpopulation and dangers of immigration. These immigrants were assumed to be of a lesser genetic stock, and would thus pollute the American gene pool . Eugenics] was conceived at the onset of the twentieth century and implemented by America’s wealthiest, most powerful, and most learned men against the nation’s most vulnerable and helpless. Rockerfeller Foundation was the driving force for eugenics and sterilization ,this was the basis of Hitler and the Nazi’s own program for the weak and geneticly defected ..Rockefeller even helped financed the Nazi’s rise to power but went beyond that to treasonous acts such as patents to Hitler and oil including Stanford Oil having a facility next to Auschwitz.where slave labor was used for the Nazi machine and synthetic oil from rubber .Nelson Rockerfeller war on drugs campaign unfairly victimized minorities who spend long terms in prison that would be hard to believe in these days and ages … Yes, the strong get smart
While the weak ones fade
Empty pockets don't ever make the grade God bless the child that’s got his own
3   Ceffer   2022 Jul 29, 12:12am  

All of the 'Wars on Drugs' have been about using selective justice to prosecute, persecute and imprison the economic competitors of intelligence agency drug dealing. It's great when you can extradite and imprison your competitors, and anybody associated with them who do not become part of your own drug enterprise.
4   Ceffer   2022 Jul 29, 12:19am  

Subversives are encouraging license and Caligulan excess, because they typically often lead to addiction, social decay, marginalization, criminal dominance, and lots of death. The KommieKunts are teaching children how to make a living from prostitution.

Hey, drop a qualuude, take a tab of ecstasy, shoot some speed, top it off with a viagra and some martinis, and go the orgy to have sex with as many as you can. What could possibly go wrong?

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