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Primary 2022 - Fuckery Abounds

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by AmericanKulak   $0.14 total tips   💰tip   follow   2022 Aug 2, 7:45pm  

Live RSBN Coverage on Rumble:

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Arizona, Michigan have important races tonight.
1   AmericanKulak   2022 Aug 2, 8:14pm  

Charlie Kirk livestream:

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2   EBGuy   2022 Aug 2, 8:52pm  

Elon Musk almost killed Peter Thiel (and himself) when he crashed his McLaren F1 supercar. Who knew?!
Talk about a disturbance in the space-time continuum...

3   AmericanKulak   2022 Aug 2, 10:30pm  

The steal is in.

There's no way ho hum establishment RINO Robson (nee Kunasek), whose father was an Arizona State Senator and on the "State Corporation Commission" is ahead of Kari Lake, a popular local news host at the Fox Network, without cheating. All the eldery, esp. old Republicans, would have known her, on top of Trump's Endorsement. Whereas Robson refused to not only say there was cheating, but refused to admit there were irregularities with the election.


Lots of reports of them running out of ballots, and more marker fuckery.

Lake is behind Robson by 7%. If Lake loses, it'll be the Media Narrative that "Republicans don't care about Trump endorsements".

Amazing how many little known RINOs are beating out well-promoted Trump Endorsements.
4   AmericanKulak   2022 Aug 2, 10:47pm  

Here's how you know it's bullshit.

Brnovitch, the slowwalking, hesitant AG who didn't want to look into AZ Fuckery, a RINO, is third in a race for GOP Senate Primary.
5   mell   2022 Aug 2, 11:02pm  

Robson doesn't sound too rino to me,glancing at her program, but don't know any of them. Also Masters is leading, that's a win, no?
6   richwicks   2022 Aug 2, 11:03pm  

AmericanKulak says

The steal is in.

Good people, even flawed bad people with good intentions, are not allowed in the US government.

Only shit floats to the top, being pushed up by the oligarchy that really rules this nation. This is not a republic or a democracy. It's an oligarchical dictatorship, and until this become PAINFULLY obvious, it won't change.
7   AmericanKulak   2022 Aug 2, 11:06pm  

I just checked this: Robson has 111 followers to her channel. However, Lake only has 1.2k, but that could be late Youtube fuckery. The top results searching for the later are all "Gotchas" and "Fakten Cheka" MSM shit.
8   AmericanKulak   2022 Aug 2, 11:09pm  

The good news is that MAGA Based Mark Finchem won the Sec of State Republican Primary


And as @mell said, Blake Masters won a three-way Primary.

I think they do steal like mad, but it's hard for them to steal when it's complicated. I think they concentrate on the most important office, which would be Governor right now.

Hamadeh also, another Trump endorsed pick (AZ AG)
9   AmericanKulak   2022 Aug 3, 12:24am  

The gap is now 3%, still 30% outstanding.
10   AmericanKulak   2022 Aug 3, 7:39am  

WOW, Woke up to Good News, seemed all the ballots they were holding back were for Lake and she won over the night.

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