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by Patrick   $0.28 total tips   💰tip   follow   2022 Aug 4, 4:15pm  

There has been a dramatic rise in people falling unconscious or dropping dead while driving due to the dangerous and ineffective vaxx.

MTA bus driver crashes into pole after possible heart attack

An MTA bus driver crashed into an elevated subway pillar in The Bronx when she suffered a possible heart attack Thursday — leaving 12 passengers with minor injuries, cops and sources said.

The 44-year-old Bx21 driver was heading south on Boston Road when the medical episode occurred and she hit the stanchion at the West Farms Road intersection around 8:25 a.m., authorities said.

This “vaxxident” was not some random mishap, but, more than likely, the direct (albeit delayed) result of a decision made ten months ago by John “Janno” Lieber, who, back then, was Acting Chairman of the MTA (and who now serves as Chairman, Gov. Kathy Hochul having named him for that post).

No doubt Lieber made that criminally rash decision after much discussion with Mayor Bill de Blasio, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office (Cuomo himself was then distracted by his #MeToo moment), and whatever federal “health” gnomes would have counseled him to mandate “vaccination” of all city employees responsible for public transportation.
Now Lieber and all those who thus advised him should be brought to justice for whatever harm they’ve ultimately done, and, sadly, will have done—and so should every other bureaucrat and politician pushing “vaccine” mandates on the rest of us.

Let’s also take a close look at the far bloodier collision that killed Rep. Jackie Walorski and two staffers yesterday in Indiana, when their vehicle “collided head-on with a car that veered into their lane,” as reported by Reuters—a seeming oddity the likes of which we now see every day, throughout the country and the world.
1   Ceffer   2022 Aug 4, 5:48pm  

Patrick says

collided head-on with a car that veered into their lane

Something now with modern technologic cars that can be done remotely. Just put that 'lane assist' into overdrive.

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