Who remembers the Chowchilla kidnapping?

2022 Aug 14, 10:34pm   153 views  2 comments

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Met a woman at the park from Chowchilla who mentioned this story. I’ve never heard of it prior.

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1   Ceffer   2022 Aug 14, 10:48pm  

Bus was buried not too far from tri-valley hood, but way before we lived there. Rich kids on a bizarre lark. They wanted more money to squander than their parents would give them.

Kind of an example of inter-generational sociopathy distilling from one generation to the next. Strange thing is, they aren't that unusual for rich kids, they just went out an perped way big time compared to a lot of them. It was a weird case all around.

I guess the lawsuits dragged on and on, and may account for the continued theatrical trauma claims of the kids for secondary gain, or, I suppose, they might have been real
2   Tenpoundbass   2022 Aug 15, 5:45am  

Yes I remember that. Funny even without internet, back then a national story like that would ripple chills and over reaction around the rest of the country. I remember everyone feeling uneasy about walking to the bus stop during that news cycle.

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