Biden does Emperor Palpatine, Nobody Gives a F

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2022 Sep 1, 6:16pm   9,485 views  152 comments

by AmericanKulak   ➕follow (8)   💰tip   ignore  

In a grim, red light with military uniforms in the darkened background, "Rejecting Hate".

And what's funny is, nobody literally gives a shit. I mean that in a good way, as in, nobody gives a shit.

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59   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Sep 2, 2:03pm  

i wonder who writes his speeches
60   Blue   2022 Sep 2, 2:16pm  

The whole setting and security arrangements must have costed millions only to read junk flashed on the monitor.
61   Patrick   2022 Sep 2, 2:20pm  


I knew we were in for the business with that “soul of the nation” build-up ballyhoo, but I didn’t exactly expect Independence Hall to be decorated in blood red and sepulchral black à la the-mouth-of-hell for a sermon by the Lord of the Flies himself. ...

And thus went this watershed moment in our floundering nation’s politics du jour. Did you catch an odor of desperation in that marvelous spectacle? A politician does not declare war on half the country in a spirit of comity. Something’s up in this land and it don’t feel all comfy-cozy as we turn the corner on our election season. A lot of things are up, in fact, all of them kind of sketchy and dark.

“Joe Biden’s” guardian of the rule of law, the DOJ under Merrick Garland, is on a rampage, not just seeking long prison sentences on J-6 misdemeanor defendants, but now going after their very attorneys, officers of the court, for daring to represent them. There is the recent Mar-a-Lago caper, of course, in which the FBI snatched a bale of documentary evidence Donald Trump had collected detailing these agencies’ four-year campaign to overthrow him. And, having gotten their mitts on it, the AG declared all the material part of a bogus “ongoing investigation” in order to prevent the docs being introduced in Mr. Trump’s just-opened defamation and racketeering lawsuit against HRC, her posse of Lawfare ninjas, and most of the people who worked in leadership of the FBI and DOJ circa 2016-2021. In short, the FBI stole evidence of their own prior crimes to evade prosecution. ...

Following Mark Zuckerberg’s epic mistake telling Joe Rogan that the government used his company, Facebook, and Jack Dorsey’s Twitter, to squash the first amendment, the wheels came off any pretense that this was not direct interference in the 2020 election by activists in government. For a whole year, the FBI sat on evidence that candidate “Joe Biden’s” family was running an international grifting operation fronted by his son Hunter, and when news reports about the notorious laptop began to leak out, the agency used its considerable powers of intimidation to make the news disappear. Now the FBI fears the next step: who exactly in the agency managed that operation along with supervisory agent Timothy Thibault — hustled into retirement days ago after lawyering up — and who, in that exceedingly hierarchical org, approved of it? It’s all coming out now.

The regime is backpeddling so hard on its Covid-19 bullshit that it has burst clean through the looking-glass it rode into in 2021, when, in the name of “choice,” it mandated that millions of Americans submit to forced shots of unsafe and ineffective pharmaceuticals. They know we are entering another flu season with those millions of people tragically left with wrecked immune systems courtesy of the vaxxes. They see the numbers of mystery deaths happening right now in this country and the rest of western civ and they’re working furtively to attempt to change the story. Guess what? It’s not working. Too many people have seen the damage first-hand. We know exactly who is responsible for all that, and it’s not white supremacists.

The war in Ukraine instigated by “JB” and Company hasn’t panned out so well on any grounds — as a distraction from problems at home, as a geopolitical gambit against Russia, or as anything remotely beneficial to Ukraine itself. The endgame on all that approaches as Germany and the rest of NATO are forced to the negotiating table, with or without the USA’s cooperation, or else face a rapid return to the thirteenth century. The terms will end up being more embarrassing than the exit fiasco a year ago from Afghanistan. The voters will notice it had nothing to do with white supremacists. Yes, they will.
62   AmericanKulak   2022 Sep 2, 2:28pm  

FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden says

i wonder who writes his speeches


The Committee that Really runs the Executive Branch: Klain, Susan Rice, Obama...
71   Ceffer   2022 Sep 2, 4:37pm  

Biden should never say: "I give you my word as a Biden....." because people would start choking, guffawing, bending in startled laughter, and rolling on the floor so much he would never be able to get the rest of his lies out.
72   Ceffer   2022 Sep 2, 4:55pm  

Lol. Biden Actor CREB Demonic Hitler hits it out of the park again. I can't bring myself to listen to anything he says, even this speech for yucks.

73   Booger   2022 Sep 2, 5:01pm  

Comparing Biden To Hitler Is An Injustice To Hitler.
74   Onvacation   2022 Sep 2, 5:10pm  

Patrick says

"I can smell them."
77   mell   2022 Sep 2, 6:55pm  

79   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   2022 Sep 2, 7:32pm  

Patrick says

Oh you mean actual definition of fascism? You know, that thing Democrats kept calling President Trump over and over again yet couldn’t name even one single factual act that President Trump engaged in that was indicative of a fascist?
80   Onvacation   2022 Sep 2, 9:10pm  

FuckTheMainstreamMedia says

couldn’t name even one single factual act that President Trump engaged in that was indicative of a facist?

Or a criminal or a racist or a misogynist.

Although he was a playboy that boned a lot of models and at least one porn-star.
81   Patrick   2022 Sep 2, 9:49pm  

Onvacation says

he was a playboy that boned a lot of models and at least one porn-star

That's not a negative for a man.
84   Onvacation   2022 Sep 3, 11:16am  

85   GNL   2022 Sep 3, 11:52am  

It's sad if these 2 women feel the need to proclaim their commitment to America.

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