California AB 2098

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This dirty bill would muzzle your doctor to give you their opinion on whether they recommend the COVID shot unless they spew out the Big Farma biased line.
Existing law provides for the licensure and regulation of physicians and surgeons by the Medical Board of California and the Osteopathic Medical Board of California. Existing law requires the applicable board to take action against any licensed physician and surgeon who is charged with unprofessional conduct, as provided.
This bill would designate the dissemination of misinformation or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or "COVID-19," as unprofessional conduct. The bill would also make findings and declarations in this regard.

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1   Patrick   2022 Sep 5, 10:19pm  

I thought the AMA was a powerful lobby that would protect doctors' autonomy. Apparently not.
2   Ceffer   2022 Sep 5, 10:33pm  

Got to keep the world safe for using doctors as hit men. Wouldn't want any splash back from that, what with some of them remembering those oaths and all that.

I poked around a building on 41st street in Santa Cruz: before Covid, a group of professional condo suites holding several thriving dental practices. The building has been empty for over a year and a half now with nobody using it. There are "for sale" signs on it all the time. The parking lot is always empty. Some windows were shuttered, but three offices still had all of the equipment and furniture in there left by the dentists that could be seen through the windows. They couldn't even sell the practices as turnkey operations, and just abandoned them with all the stuff still in them.

It looks like every dentist of at least five or six offices must have just let their staff go, taken charts and walked away from fully equipped offices. They must have rapidly seen that Covid fraud and public panic made making a profit over overhead futile. They may have operated in the red for a while and then walked out on their practices rather than continue to take losses. One suite was empty and looked like somebody may have been prepping it for some new enterprise.

This is a prime location near a strip of rich people and multimillion dollar homes all along the beach. It is surrounded by people who could afford fancy dentistry even without insurance. Weird.
3   HeadSet   2022 Sep 6, 8:04am  

Patrick says

I thought the AMA was a powerful lobby that would protect doctors' autonomy. Apparently not.

Pfizer is rich enough to bribe key members of the AMA. Also, docs like being paid to push drugs - remember the OxyContin affair?
4   zzyzzx   2022 Sep 6, 9:03am  

Fuck California.
6   porkchopexpress   2022 Sep 12, 6:56am  

Every day that passes I'm grateful I got the fuck out of CA
7   EBGuy   2022 Sep 12, 6:31pm  

Dr. Leana Wen (yes, her) redemption arc in WaPo OpEd:
California’s anti-misinformation bill is well intentioned. But it’s a bad idea.
California’s bill is a recipe for medical practice to be subject to the whims of partisan politics. And it challenges the basis of the doctor-patient relationship. At a time of deep division, when trust in health officials has already been eroded, bills that threaten doctors should be reconsidered before unintended consequences create far more problems than the legislation tries to solve.
9   Hircus   2022 Sep 12, 8:53pm  

EBGuy says

California’s anti-misinformation bill is well intentioned. But it’s a bad idea.

She knows this isnt true. It's not well intentioned - it's malicious. But she has to say "its well intentioned" to prevent an angry NPC swarm

Censorship showing its negative effects.
10   clambo   2022 Sep 13, 6:24am  

We are seeing the Soviet Union speech standards recreated in California.
11   Patrick   2022 Sep 28, 4:00pm  


much has been said about the potential impending disaster of AB2098 in california. this bill (now through the legislature and on the governor’s desk) will predicate retaining one’s medical license upon compliance with state and regulator diktat on what may and may not be discussed with patients.

doctors will lose discretion.

those who speak that which has been forbidden will lose their ability to practice medicine.

even leaving aside the obvious issues of replacing the discretion of trained professionals with the opinions of political interns, this is a huge loss for patient freedom, doctor patient confidentiality and choice (ironically the underpinning of roe v wade), and for the evolution of evidence based medicine for how can one know what the evidence truly is if alternate viewpoints cannot be aired?

this is doctrinal domination supplanting science and selection.

it will prevent discovery, discernment, and experimentation thereby impeding progress in medicine.

Jay Bhattacharya
The California bill AB2098 aims to silence doctors who dissent against destructive public health directives. Its supporters like @NLFD_org slander doctors and dissidents and seek to jail those who disagree with them.

but perhaps less focused upon are some of the second order effects. eg

as doctors flee the one time golden state in droves, this is going to do wonders for the availability of plastic surgery in previously underserved markets:

12   Eric Holder   2022 Sep 28, 4:34pm  

If your doctor even talks about coof vaxx to you it's time for a new doctor.
15   Ceffer   2022 Oct 16, 3:25pm  

Stolen elections lead to stolen states, and stolen states have consequences. Whoda thought?
16   Patrick   2022 Oct 17, 1:53pm  


Dr. Nass is demonstrating how they can be effectively opposed. There should be thousands of heroic figures like her among the doctors of Western Civ. Ask them why they are not standing up in places like California, with its new, idiotically-written law against doctors speaking freely with their patients for the sake of informed consent (“spreading misinformation”). These reprobate lawmakers — and the depraved Governor Gavin Newsom who signed the act — need a lesson in what it means to be civilized. The people running the CDC, the NIH, and the FDA deserve severe floggings in the civil and criminal courts. They all know it now, too, and they’re running scared.
17   Patrick   2022 Oct 20, 11:26am  


CA Democrats passed this law in 2006, which directly contradicts the physician censorship law AB 2098 passed this year.

“A physician and surgeon shall not be subject to discipline… solely on the basis that the treatment or advice he or she rendered to a patient is alternative or complementary medicine. Since… it can take up to 17 years for a new best practice to reach the average physician and surgeon, it is prudent to give attention to new developments not only in general medical care but in the actual treatment of specific diseases…”
18   Undoctored   2022 Oct 20, 4:58pm  

Key word “solely.” That’s why according to AB 2098 the misinformation specifically has to be “false” to count. If loss of license by this law ever goes to court I think the medical licensing board would have to prove that the statement was false. Even if it were eventually ruled in the medical licensing board’s favor, I don’t think they would want the publicity of their baseless claims being challenged in court, with all the evidence against them now in court records.
19   Ceffer   2022 Oct 20, 5:05pm  

Like all the Globalists, they relying on lawfare ( cost, inconvenience and delay) around the unpredictable legal process to harass, while cases wend their way through court to overturn the terrorist agendas on an outlandishly expensive case by case basis. Meanwhile, defrocked doctors sit around for years twiddling their thumbs without income instead of working.

The lawfare is the penalty, no matter what the ultimate outcome.
This is the result of fecal impaction appointees instead of real elections. The apparatchiks have no regard for law or the Constitution. They are supposed to be fiduciaries and gate keepers. Instead, they subvert and destroy the legal boundaries and gates.
20   Patrick   2022 Nov 7, 9:52am  


A group of California physicians filed a lawsuit against Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state’s medical board over a new law that will regulate what doctors can tell patients about COVID-19 risks and treatments.

A.B. 2098 will make it “unprofessional conduct” for physicians or surgeons to provide their patients “false information” related to COVID-19, including vaccines, “that is contradicted by “contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.” The legislation discriminates against alternative viewpoints and creates “a severe chilling effect,” contradicting the First Amendment, the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA)-backed lawsuit contends.

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