Deaths from Wuhan Virus continue to be wildly exaggerated to keep fear and funding going

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Six recent “Covid” deaths, per the Milwaukee coroner’s office
Alex Berenson

Working on a bigger story but wanted to share this.

You may have wondered how the United States is still clocking 3000 Covid deaths a week when even Joe Biden - who can barely manage a staircase unaided - easily beat Omicron.

The Milwaukee coroner’s office has the answer. It publishes anonymized death reports, including cases where Covid is listed on the death certificate. Here are four of the seven from the last two weeks. Average age 90.

The youngster in the group was 80 and had metastatic prostate cancer.

And diabetes.

And Parkinson’s disease.


As for the others, they are all in their sixties.

Lest you accuse me of cherry-picking, here’s one of the younger deaths:

These folks are not the exceptions, they’re the rule. “From” versus “with” Covid is a pointless distinction for this population.

Anyone dying of Omicron is likely either incredibly old, incredibly sick.

And, according to the coroner’s office, most are vaccinated.

It should be obvious that Covid death counting is now pure theater and database matching, in a way it wasn’t even a few months ago.

Which raises a somewhat unpleasant question: if Covid is no longer killing anyone who wasn’t at death’s door, why is overall excess mortality so high across the heavily mRNA vaccinated countries?

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11   Onvacation   2022 Oct 20, 10:49am  

Patrick says


Hospital acquired infection
13   Patrick   2022 Oct 23, 10:22am  


So what did they find?

The median infection fatality rate for those aged 0-59 was 0.035%.

This represents 86% of the global population and the survival rate for those who were infected with COVID pre-vaccination was 99.965%.

For those aged 0-69, which covers 94% of the global population, the fatality rate was 0.095%, meaning the survival rate for nearly 7.3 billion people was 99.905%.

Those survival rates are obviously staggeringly high, which already creates frustration that restrictions were imposed on all age groups, when focused protection for those over 70 or at significantly elevated risk would have been a much more preferable course of action.

But it gets worse.

The researchers broke down the demographics into smaller buckets, showing the increase in risk amongst older populations, and conversely, how infinitesimal the risk was amongst younger age groups.

Ages 60-69, fatality rate 0.501%, survival rate 99.499%
Ages 50-59, fatality rate 0.129%, survival rate 99.871%
Ages 40-49, fatality rate 0.035% survival rate 99.965%
Ages 30-39, fatality rate 0.011%, survival rate 99.989%
Ages 20-29, fatality rate 0.003%, survival rate 99.997%
Ages 0-19, fatality rate 0.0003%, survival rate 99.9997%
14   Misc   2022 Oct 24, 12:49am  

Always focusing on the deaths.

There were over 30 million hospitalizations for Covid. Yes, our hospitals are generally good at treatments.


About 16 million people have Long Covid. About 2-4 million are out of the workforce because of it.


Covid has about the mortality rate as the measles, but yes in a lot of cases it would fuck a person up without killing them.
15   Onvacation   2022 Oct 24, 6:04am  

Misc says

our hospitals are generally good at treatments.

Ventilators and experimental ineffective patent medicine.
Misc says

About 16 million people have Long Covid. About 2-4 million are out of the workforce because of it.

Misc says

Covid has about the mortality rate as the measles, but yes in a lot of cases it would fuck a person up without killing them.

Lockdown, mask up, jab! And you'll be fine.
16   RC2006   2022 Oct 24, 7:03am  

This morning

17   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Oct 24, 8:16am  

its all about them dollars pouring in. they spent so fucking much during pandemic, lots of millionaires were made artificially.
19   Patrick   2022 Oct 24, 2:03pm  


But here’s the thing…

According to the official death tally, there were only thirty six thousand COVID deaths in spring 2020 in England, making it (Piers Morgan cover your eyes now) a rather ordinary “flu” by recent standards.
20   richwicks   2022 Oct 24, 3:02pm  

Misc says

About 16 million people have Long Covid. About 2-4 million are out of the workforce because of it.

There's no such thing as long covid. It's vaccine injury.

Misc says

Covid has about the mortality rate as the measles, but yes in a lot of cases it would fuck a person up without killing them.

I was intentionally infected with measles when I was a kid. This is because the mortality rate for children is infinitesimally small, and it gave me lifetime immunity.
21   Patrick   2022 Oct 24, 3:10pm  

Yes, parents used to have chickenpox parties and similar. It worked.
22   Patrick   2022 Oct 25, 10:41pm  


To drive the death count as high as possible, directly harmful medical protocols were put in place including ventilators, which were known early on to have a death rate in Covid positive patients in the 90th percentile. My theory is not that Covid is necessarily even more lethal and deadly to the elderly so much is that those institutionalized, when removed from the watchful eye of family advocates, could have anything done to them with no pushback whatsoever. Midsalom? Starvation and thirst due to care workers abandoning their post? Remdesiver? Putting Covid positive back in care homes? Depression and loss of will to live due to isolation? It’s all a Covid death!
23   Patrick   2022 Oct 28, 6:12pm  


Recent data shows that early estimates of fatality in the covid pandemic over-predicted deaths by as much as tenfold in younger people

I think the exaggeration of risk was quite deliberate in order to push the utterly ineffective and highly dangerous vaxx.
24   mell   2022 Oct 28, 8:14pm  

Note that this isblikely for the whole population, incl. those with severe pre-existing conditions. That's why you have 3 deaths in 1 million for age 0-19. If you're generally healthy, not even fit, just healthy, and between 0-19, it's probably somewhere in between 1 in a million and 1 in 10 million. No jab is that "safe".
25   Patrick   2022 Nov 4, 2:01pm  


Massive Pandemic Data Fraud Exposed: 40% of ‘Covid Deaths’ Were Fabricated
26   Patrick   2022 Nov 8, 9:53am  


If all indications are correct, Election Day will see a massive red wave, sweeping Republicans into power in the House, Senate, governorships, and statehouses across the country. The mood will be grim for Democrats — the night is dark and the knives are long — but there is hope right around the corner in the form of a tool they have long had at the ready: the return of Covid.

Understand, there will be no actual return of Covid in anything resembling its initial offering. It is unlikely to kill more people than it has in recent months. But what will change is Democratic acceptance of the idea that Covid is over, or that it can no longer be used as justification for emergency steps and massive spending packages.

Joe Biden announced earlier this year that he considered the pandemic over, creating a potentially disastrous problem for Democrats. But this is easily dismissed. There is still a daily death toll, and CNN could begin tracking it again any minute now. The stakes remain high. Teachers must be protected. Distancing must be the norm. Biden’s own CDC director has gotten Covid approximately 400 times. And who’s to say there won’t be some new variant or mutation to highlight that ensures Anthony Fauci and his replacement a perpetual spot in the media cycle? ...

The point is not to actually save anyone, of course. It’s to keep Americans on a paranoid defensive emergency posture, where the elite powers that be know best. The voters are about to reject that very idea — it turns out they care more about the price of gas, milk, and turkeys than the umpteenth January 6 hearing — so they must be reminded of their place.
27   Patrick   2022 Nov 11, 7:19pm  


Australian Media: "Majestic Princess cruise with 800 COVID-19 patients set to dock in Sydney"
Three years later and the press is still reporting cruise ship outbreaks like they matter. I just want everything to stop being so stupid.

According to press reports, some of these 800 people feel mildly unwell, while others feel totally healthy. Nobody is dying or seriously ill in any way. Regardless of anybody’s actual medical condition, all 800 have been confined to quarters, while the rest of the passengers have been required to don masks, and – I swear this is real – “crew members have been advised to wear full PPE.”
28   Patrick   2022 Nov 14, 9:56am  

Really? Absolutely zero flu cases in 2020-21?
29   Patrick   2022 Nov 26, 7:34pm  


Did Any Women Die in 2020 Because Of Covid in Vermont?
Shockingly, the answer might actually be no.
30   Patrick   2022 Nov 26, 7:42pm  

This Twitter account is pretty good:

32   DD214   2022 Dec 11, 3:26pm  

Priest Never Sure How To Fill Awkward Silence After Last Rites Finished But Before Person Dies

Glancing at his watch as the afternoon dragged on, local priest Father Daniel McConnell reportedly admitted Monday that he never knew how to fill the awkward silence that came after he had administered last rites but before the person had died.

“Not sure what else to say—um, goodbye?” said the clergyman, who nervously chuckled at the bedside of an elderly man in hospice, twiddling his thumbs before he shrugged at the nurses as if to say “What gives?” when the patient failed to pass on and instead stared longingly at the priest, presumably seeking additional words of comfort.

“Time to let go, son. Your Heavenly Father is waiting, and I really want to check my phone without being rude. Maybe I can run through the ceremony once more, if you think that will help? And really stretch it out this time?

But if we’re talking hours here instead of minutes, maybe we could put the Celtics game on, just so we’re not sitting here staring at each other like idiots. Or maybe I could leave some of the oil behind and, if you sin again, you could just go ahead and anoint yourself. No one wants you to end up in hell, of course—ha, ha.”

At press time, Father McConnell was overheard begging the dying man to at least make an effort to hold up his end of a conversation if he insisted on sticking around.

33   🎂 WookieMan   2022 Dec 11, 3:56pm  

Patrick says

Three years later and the press is still reporting cruise ship outbreaks like they matter. I just want everything to stop being so stupid.

Going on a quick cruise to the Bahamas early January. Interested to see how it is. Have zero fears of covid having gotten it at this point. Another group trip with all our peers turning 40. I assume we'll all get sick again... lol. I give zero shits.

More worried about the wife getting sea sick than covid. Not remotely joking. That will trash a trip before covid does. I've gotten sea sick before. Only once. There's a reason that pirates are considered drunks. You don't get sea sick. My one and only ever Carnival cruise I maxed out on my daily limit. Fuck them. Woke up sea sick as fuck after an at sea day. I hit the max at like 5-6pm.... Heavy handed mixed drinks are considered the same as light beer???

I sleep 4 hours max. One beer an hour is nothing when you're stuck on a ship for 24+ hours. That's why I don't like cruising anymore besides learning new destinations. I piss the wife off getting MC Hammered at ports. Never cruise with Carnival if you can hold your booze. Never been arrested for DUI or drunkenness ever. The morons that fuck it up for us taller and heavy (healthy) weight can eat shit. These little 5'6" Tom Cruise types than have 6 beers and think they're the fucking Hulk. They ruin it for those of us that can handle it. 6'3" 210lbs versus 5'6" and 125lbs is a huge fucking difference. Yet we get the same allotment of drinks on a ship.
34   BayArea   2022 Dec 12, 12:21am  

I could have sworn my last Carnival cruise (2019) I had an all you can drink wrist band with no limit. It wasn’t cheap!
35   RayAmerica   2022 Dec 12, 9:59am  

Here We Go Again: Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins, & the WHO Just Simulated Another Pandemic

"Almost 3 years to the day, the same people behind Event 201 just completed a desktop simulation for a new Enterovirus originating near Brazil."

"The virus has a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 and disproportionately affects children."

38   Patrick   2022 Dec 30, 5:45pm  


From the data above, Median infection fatality rate (IFR) during the PRE-VACCINATION ERA was:

0.0003% at 0–19 years

0.002% at 20–29 years

0.011% at 30–39 years

0.035% at 40–49 years

0.123% at 50–59 years

0.506% at 60–69 years

0.034% for people aged 0–59 years people

.095% for those aged 0–69 years.

These IFR estimates in the non-elderly population are much lower than previous calculations and models had suggested. ...

Yet, here we are. An important new paper (discussed above) documenting that the pre-vaccination case fatality rate was extremely low in the non-elderly population. That means more evidence the Ferguson’s models were wrong (again) and what do we hear from the state-sponsored media?


A colleague of mine who is in the U.S. Senate reported back to me recently that Republican senators were high-fiving each other about the success of Warp-speed based on Fergusons modeling data in a recently paper. You can’t make this stuff up.

Most Republicans were also complicit in the deadly mandates for a non-deadly disease.
39   Patrick   2022 Dec 31, 9:56pm  


The virologist defended the measures taken to contain the virus: “It was never about stopping the pandemic, it was clear from the beginning that that was not possible. But if we had done nothing at all, we would’ve had a million deaths or more in Germany in the successive waves through Delta. So we had to reduce contacts.”

There are more than 83 million people in Germany, which makes it hard to imagine how a virus with (at worst) a 0.5% infection fatality rate ever could’ve managed a million deaths. Even harder to imagine, is that Drosten is mistaken and not lying about this. He and the other Corona astrologers will go to their graves exaggerating the risk of the virus to justify their actions, but with every passing moment fewer and fewer will believe them. All that matters, is that not even Drosten can deny it now. The Corona era has drawn to a close.

Never was even 0.5% IFR. Now acknowledged to be the same as flu, 0.1%.
41   Patrick   2023 Jan 18, 10:42am  


For nearly 3 years - not just "since Omicron" - Covid-19 deaths have been severely overcounted.

I can show this in many ways, but in this thread, I'll highlight some things from Cook County (Chicago) & make connections to other people's previous & recent work. ...

IMO, the jurisdiction ended because swabbing every body with a PCR test was no longer as beneficial to The Narrative as it once was.

Among other things, Covid-attributed deaths were becoming increasingly detrimental to the vax campaign & to mid-term elections. ...

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