Never Forget Ray Epps

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The key to January 6th, the only Jan6 'rioter' the NYT wrote a puff piece about:


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4   ad   2022 Dec 22, 10:46pm  

Washington Post even reported Epps opened the barricades and directed protestors into the Capitol Building.


5   AmericanKulak   2022 Dec 23, 9:46am  

"Suggestions the Media is biased is a FAR RIGHT TALKING POINT!!!" - the Media, covering up Ray Epps, and the Hunter Biden Laptop, except to disburse several false stories about the laptop's validity.
6   Patrick   2022 Dec 24, 4:39pm  


Epps paid two MILLION dollars by mysterious Baldwin for his declining farmland

10   steverbeaver   2023 Jan 4, 10:59pm  

Too bad he moved. I was wondering if he everyday carried.
11   AmericanKulak   2023 Jan 6, 9:42am  

Massive update on Ray Epps, ScaffoldCommander, and other Agents on site on 1/6

15   AmericanKulak   2023 Mar 7, 5:49pm  

Never forget Ray Epps, bump.

This one from Tucker's show.

original link
16   PeopleUnited   2023 Mar 7, 8:19pm  

Who? (Just kidding)
17   Patrick   2023 Mar 18, 7:37pm  

Defund the criminal FBI.
18   Bd6r   2023 Mar 18, 7:39pm  

Channeling a question by another Patnetter- I wonder if we have our own Ray Epps on this board?
19   ad   2023 Mar 19, 6:45pm  


Ray Epps was leading the protestors. So why not go after him as well since he was not just a trespasser like the Viking Guy (Jacob Chansley) who got a 41 months sentence. Unequal justice under the law with the Biden Regime. Its a "Just Us System", not a justice system intended by the U.S. Constitution.


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