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1   Ceffer   2022 Nov 11, 10:22pm  

I think nobody can predict what Trump is going to do, as a badly outflanked Ted Cruz commented in debates before 2016. Ted Cruz is no fool, so he seemed to be clearly impressed by Trump's strategic foresight.

Trump may have intimidated the swamp into NOT arresting him after he bated them over and over to do it. They may have figured out that getting arrested was part of a game plan that they didn't want to explore. They were DYING to arrest him, but stopped short of lighting the fuse so far.
2   cisTits   2022 Nov 11, 10:25pm  

Yup. Because this is about the Uniparty, not the Dems per se.

So that means there will be RINOs who will go along with it , too.
3   RayAmerica   2022 Nov 12, 6:44am  

Slight correction to the headline of this thread:

So do you think the CORRUPT DOJ has the guts to charge Trump ???
4   keeprubbersidedown   2022 Nov 12, 6:55am  

Yes I do. They are power hungry and this election only emboldens them.

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