Sam Bankman-Fried's Parents Bought Bahamas "Vacation Home" Among $121 Million In FTX Property Purchases

2022 Nov 22, 7:39am   304 views  8 comments

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What a shock!

Freako Genius Sam Bankman-Fried's parents were in on the Ponzi scheme! I wonder if they used at least part of "I'm in" Tom Brady's $220 million?

What was it that P. T. Barnum said? I think it went something like this; "There's a sucker born every minute."


PS: All the apples that fell from the tree ended up in the very same rotten barrel; Mommy Apples, Daddy Apples, and Sammy Apples.

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1   clambo   2022 Nov 22, 7:51am  

"You can't cheat an honest man."
The greedy suckers all fell for the bullshit; buy fake crypto and be paid "interest" on it too?

Greed is OK, we all experience it. But, never hope that someone else is going to satisfy your greed in any transaction with him; he is instead going to satisy HIS greed using your money.

I hope all of the Bankman Fried assholes and their associates go to jail.
2   Hircus   2022 Dec 4, 9:25am  

I watched this interview w/ bankman and stepanopolous

This looks like he was being pitched softballs. My assumption is he's viewed as being on team donkey, and so they want to protect him.

Notice how bankman intentionally paints the image of him being an incompetent CEO. He says he didnt spend any time or effort to manage risk, and that if only maybe he spent an hour a day on paying attention to risk, like expected of his CEO job, things would have been different. I think he knows that the penalty for incompetence is much much much less than for fraud, so he's acting. And stepo has nothing real to say about it - he just says "lyke omg wow thats a stunning admission!" instead of pointing out what bankman is obviously doing: playing the incompetent crypto kid. It's not an "admission". It's a lie.
3   ad   2022 Dec 4, 12:03pm  

Protection from the Donkey Party --- > check

Protection using Anti Semitism cloak ---> check
4   clambo   2022 Dec 4, 12:07pm  

Waterboard all of them then send them to a supermax joint to bust rocks under the hot sun.
5   RayAmerica   2022 Dec 5, 8:48am  

I Accidentally Interviewed SBF And He Hated It - Coffeezilla

Presses SBF on the missing $8 Billion ... SBF ummms, and uhhhhhs a lot, quite revealing.

7   Misc   2022 Dec 5, 10:34pm  

It's 12/5/22 and Jon Corzine is still free in New Jersey.

MF Global the company he was CEO of collapsed. About $1 billion was taken out of customer accounts.

No charges were ever brought against him. He did pay a small fine. The fine was much less than his salary.

The other employees at the bankrupt firm still got their Christmas bonuses.

You can thank Obama and Holder for this magnificent penalty free crime. Seems Biden just wants to out do his boss.
8   Ceffer   2022 Dec 5, 10:35pm  

When the head of the SEC is in on your scam with your parents, it helps.

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