Meanwhile in China

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Phoneconn workers fight cops during strike at Apple 19th Century Sweatshop.


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8   Patrick   2022 Nov 27, 11:24am  

Breaking News:At the No.1 Chinese university ,Tsinghua University, students protesting against Chinese communist party’s tyranny.

This is huge.

They are not allowed to speak up in protest against the CCP, so they hold up blank signs.
9   Patrick   2022 Nov 27, 11:26am  


Nov 22
🇨🇳 Drones disinfecting the air..with CCP health spray..its stupendous

10   clambo   2022 Nov 27, 11:26am  

It's fun to visit China, but you wouldn't want to live there.
12   Hircus   2022 Nov 27, 2:24pm  

When I see protests and uprisings against the ccp in chyna and hong kong, I cant help but think the us govt may be behind it, stoking tensions and nudging people in the desired direction. We know theyre good at it. Makes me oddly proud and disgusted at the same time.
13   RWSGFY   2022 Nov 27, 2:27pm  

Color revolution?
15   Shaman   2022 Nov 27, 5:47pm  

I guess even sheep will bite and trample when pushed to the limit.
And yes, I consider Chinese people to be sheep.
Barely sentient.
19   NuttBoxer   2022 Nov 27, 6:09pm  

This isn't a fucking iPhone protest. People are pissed about scamdemic. Protests are getting massive in some locations, too big for even the propaganda networks to ignore. That University mentioned is very prestigious, you gotta have coin to go there. So this is at all levels of society. They have even been recorded chanting for Xi Poo to step down. Tiananmen 2.0? Let's hope they do more than just protest this time.
20   richwicks   2022 Nov 27, 6:14pm  

Shaman says

I guess even sheep will bite and trample when pushed to the limit.
And yes, I consider Chinese people to be sheep.
Barely sentient.

Chinese have an average IQ of 105.

Of course, that's just a number and just really tests your ability to recognize patterns.

If I would question sentience, it's in Silly Con Valley. I think MOST of us are idiot savants. At one time I certainly was, but I worked on it.
21   Patrick   2022 Nov 27, 6:50pm  


Now China also has a long history of genocide. And of brutal tyrants being brutal tyrants. Did the shapeshifting lizard people who rule us all, or the Satanic globopedohomo or whatever you want to define them as, look at a map of the world one day centuries ago and say, “yep, this place looks like the best ground for the mass cullings we need to keep on Moloch’s good side.”

For example part of what led to the Great Chinese Famine was the so Called “Smash Sparrows” Campaign implemented by Mao Zedong. For whatever stupid reason he wanted to go Zero Sparrows. The results were pretty bad:

“One of the most extreme measures was an effort to stop birds eating grain. As part of the Four Pests campaign – a hygiene campaign against flies, mosquitoes, rats and sparrows – people were called upon to shoot sparrows, destroy their nests and bang pots and pans until the birds died of exhaustion. Millions of sparrows, perhaps even hundreds of millions, were killed. The measure though left crops vulnerable. Pests such as locusts became the real winners, as they had lost a major predator.

Mao called off the sparrow campaign, but it was too late. A perfect storm had gathered. A toxic combination of widespread deforestation, misuse of poisons and pesticides and misinformed agricultural policy combined with poor weather to create a devastating famine. Up to 45 million people died. By the early 1960s, the Great Leap Forward was repealed. And yet, even after millions had perished, the disregard for basic scientific principles continued.

This kind of feels like the same thing.
22   richwicks   2022 Nov 27, 6:57pm  

Patrick says

This kind of feels like the same thing.


I never, EVER expected that it was possible in the United States, for people to turn their backs on science. Science is just investigation of reality and engineering is applied knowledge. That's it.

I also am quite surprised that the Democrats, the so-called "party of science", is anything but. I thought the Bible beaters denouncing evolution were the threat 20 years ago, but NOPE. Democrats tend to be ideological, and the nutcases from the Republican party, they are promoted as being "the norm". That's been the trick going on for 2 decades.
23   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Nov 27, 7:09pm  

what is this weird attempt at color revolution?
24   Ceffer   2022 Nov 27, 7:21pm  

The assertion of power means the populace must conform. Lack of conformity carries a measure of death penalty. Imposing absurd or destructive, non intuitive belief systems is nothing more than a raw exercise of power to humiliate and identify the non-conformists for death.

Look at the recent Chinese congress. The leaders of the main table remained unmasked, all those in the gallery were masked. Masking has nothing to do with health measures, it is a humiliating signatory of inferior rank.

I was reading an article that said that leaders killing up to 90 to 95 percent of their populations and starting over with the survivors isn't unprecedented in history. From a natural history point of view, avoiding moral judgments, it could simply be viewed as gene competition to engage in gene substitution by conquest. The Old Testament is full of invocations to murder competing tribes entirely down the last man, woman and child. Of course, sometimes the women would be spared if they had use as concubines.

Monkey and baboon colonies also kill their rival clans' males completely, can be seen to cannibalize children and re-breed the females. It's not uncommon in nature.
25   Misc   2022 Nov 27, 11:12pm  

25% of China's GDP was tied to construction. At the height of our Housing Bubble, construction was 8% of US GDP.

Their construction boom simply stopped, much like ours did.

With a population of over 1 billion. the number of people unemployed is astronomical. The government has been trying anything to not have to tell these people that YES they are out of work.
26   RWSGFY   2022 Nov 28, 8:04am  

Patrick says

People opposing color revolution against CCP are controlled by the CCP money?

What it makes people who oppose color revolution against FSB?
27   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Nov 28, 9:35am  

i don’t give any shit, we got commies and faggots running america.
28   Patrick   2022 Nov 28, 10:24am  


China’s zero-Covid anger is erupting
The CCP censors are playing catch-up, erasing evidence of the worst incidents
29   Patrick   2022 Nov 28, 10:39am  

Ah, here's one reason people in China are so angry:


34   Patrick   2022 Nov 28, 11:21pm  

Within China, yes, but I think they also don't want the West to see what they're up to.
35   richwicks   2022 Nov 28, 11:29pm  

Patrick says

Within China, yes, but I think they also don't want the West to see what they're up to.

I don't get what China is doing. They are about to go into a demographic collapse, and these lockdowns are purposeless because the virus isn't really risky. It's bizarre. All they are doing is pissing people off, what they are forcing them to do doesn't serve any other purpose that I can see.

All of China can be forcibly inoculated anyhow.
36   Patrick   2022 Nov 28, 11:30pm  

I think that the Chinese leadership can never admit they were wrong about anything.
37   richwicks   2022 Nov 28, 11:34pm  

Patrick says

I think that the Chinese leadership can never admit they were wrong about anything.

It's been pointed out that the Chinese leadership is a single party, so anything that happens, is their fault - there's no "other side" to blame.

Still, they don't have to admit they are wrong, they can just say "well, the virus has attenuated and isn't really that dangerous anymore, but you ALL still need to get vaccinated!"
38   NuttBoxer   2022 Nov 29, 8:24am  

Absolutely not. Control is essential to a dictatorship, and it can only be achieved by force. Never by apologizing.
41   RC2006   2022 Nov 29, 3:04pm  

AmericanKulak says

What a low information dumb ass.
42   cisTits   2022 Nov 29, 4:12pm  

RC2006 says

What a low information dumb ass.

Wow. That isn't an LIDA. That is a brainwashed chump.
43   mell   2022 Nov 29, 5:21pm  

RC2006 says

AmericanKulak says

What a low information dumb ass.

And a faggot
44   richwicks   2022 Nov 29, 5:25pm  

mell says

RC2006 says

AmericanKulak says

What a low information dumb ass.

And a faggot

If that's real (and I don't fucking know because there's no fucking link) I have lost a lot of respect for him, nearly all my respect for him.
45   HeadSet   2022 Nov 29, 7:08pm  

RC2006 says

What a low information dumb ass.

Or bought off. 1st Law of PatrickDynamics.

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