2022-2023: What are you listening to?

2022 Nov 26, 1:37pm   169 views  4 comments

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Well, what are ya listening to?

Tonight I'll be listening to "All Things Re-Considered" with Peter Boghassian, the Philosophy Professor who quite Portland State over Postmodern Fascism.

Haven't listened yet, but it breaks down NPR programming. Apparently the next episode will break down how NPR came up with "Black Friday is Racist"

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1   AmericanKulak   2022 Nov 28, 11:33am  

Very Good stuff! Boghassian and company break down NPR clips, and boy are they bad.

Really good break down of their Hagiography on Richard Levine, and their dishonest coverage of "Dino Emojis", which was petty Trans bullshit against TERFs.
2   Ceffer   2022 Nov 28, 11:53am  

I won't listen to stuff unless I can run it at 1.5x to 2x and fast forward past blather, noodling, repetition or playing to the choir crap. I listen to lots of the alternative media pundits and vids, but it is impossible to listen to them all.

Currently, though, I am trying to digest this article which is a gimlet eyed deep dive on the FTX debacle, from spoiled math camp, precocious, speed snorting, sexually deviant dynastic brats to DARPA tools of corruption to gene alteration and substitution by the psychopathic elites. It's pretty good and has several enlightening links to other related articles on economics, psychology, and the corruptions of elite academia as cherries on top: https://roundingtheearth.substack.com/p/a-grand-unified-theory-of-the-ftx
The author also has a mordant, mocking style which also helps. Author is still besotted by Bitcoin, but I wouldn't touch Bitcoin with a ten foot pole.

One amusing article spin off article about billionaires in bunkers. If they survive the catastrophes they unleash, will they survive their own Praetorian Guards, who could just as easily dispose of them and take over. How Roman.
3   EBGuy   2022 Nov 28, 3:01pm  

Boghassian is an interesting figure and I've been listening to him on and off since the Evergreen State fiasco and his involvement with the Grievance Study hoax papers. He was involved in the skeptic community which got ripped apart by atheism+. He literally wrote a book called A Manual for Creating Atheists almost 10 years ago. He coauthored How to Have Impossible Conversations with fellow hoaxer James Lindsey (who just returned from Twitter exile: twitter.com/conceptualjames ).
4   Undoctored   2022 Nov 29, 6:31pm  

AmericanKulak says

Very Good stuff! Boghassian and company break down NPR clips, and boy are they bad.

Love it! The best thing about this show, for disillusioned former NPR listeners such as myself, is those voices! The lady who gives the introduction is a dead ringer for Terry “This is Fresh Air” Gross and Boghossian himself with his down-home Boston accent, could easily be Car Talk’s third “Tappet” brother!

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