Canada's Paralympian - Hey can I have a wheelchair lift? Canada responds - No how about we kill you instead

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I remember when Canada was the Nice country.
SICK: Canada Offers Veteran and Former Paralympian Assisted Suicide When She Asks for a Stairlift


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30   komputodo   2023 Jan 5, 8:55pm  

at least is was nice of them to offer
31   cisTits   2023 Jan 5, 9:44pm  

Canada's revenue system is breaking down due to demographic collapse and their hostility to Albertan oil.

(At least the hypocrites of Norway use their oil & gas to capitalize their sov wealth fund that pays for their 'free' health care.)
33   Patrick   2023 Jan 24, 1:49pm  


Daily Mail UK Reports: Two MDs In Canada Have Euthanized 700 People Between Them, And Raved About How Satisfying It Was
This Is Not Satire
34   Misc   2023 Jan 26, 1:43am  

The feminists are all for this. I mean, after all, it is only an 850 month abortion. right?
35   stereotomy   2023 Jan 26, 2:56am  

Patrick says

Orgazmo FTW!

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