January 6th should be a national holiday honoring the political prisoners who were brave enough to stand up against election fraud

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What are their names? Anyone have a list?

Everyone in prison from the FBI's Jan 6th entrapment scheme is an American national hero.

Every one of them should not only be freed and given several million dollars each, paid out of the FBI budget, they should be given the US Medal of Honor for daring to stand up against the corrupt FBI/Democrat oligarchy which defrauded US citizens in the 2020 presidential election.

They were unarmed, goaded by FBI into walking into the doors that were specifically unlocked to let them in, given tours (see buffalo man), and then arrested.

False noise was added to the video to make it sound violent.

The whole thing was entrapment and fraud from the beginning.

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391   Patrick   2024 Feb 23, 3:47pm  


KC & the sunshine
Feb 21
“Mostly peaceful protesting”— gets me every time. We have a 19 yr old friend STILL in jail from J6. His crime? Walking into the capitol, after having a door opened to him— BY A SECURITY GUARD.

The FBI descended on his home weeks later, lining his entire street with Black SUVS, helicopters and drones overhead.

His parents are hundreds of thousands of dollars in the red from court and lawyer fees. He is following all the rules, jumping through all the

hoops, helping teach fellow inmates carpentry and skills he knows, has apologized, done all the things…

He simply wanted to be there with his parents when Trump spoke, whether he won or lost, and got caught up in the throng of people heading to the capitol, became

separated from his parents. He harmed no one and broke nothing.

In contrast, the “mostly peaceful protests” ruined business, broke windows, burned down homes, stores and cars, blinded a police officer with a frozen water bottle, harmed many other cops, cost cites millions of not

billions in overtime and damages, and shut down Mom & Pop stores that never hurt any of the people involved. This evil behavior was called GOOD. Pelosi herself said she had no

idea why more of it wasn’t happening, questioning when more of it may be on the horizon.

Sickening behavior, in no way mostly peaceful.
392   Patrick   2024 Mar 2, 2:32pm  


Biden’s DOJ Improperly Lengthened Some Jan 6 Defendants’ Sentences, Federal Appeals Court Rules

Democrat President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) improperly handed down extended sentences to Jan. 6 defendants, a federal appeals court has ruled.

On Friday, a D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals three-judge panel found that some Jan. 6 defendants’ sentences were wrongly lengthened.

Extended sentences were wrongly applied when judges determined the defendants interfered “with the administration of justice,” the appeals court found.

The court sided with Jan. 6 defendant Larry Brock.

All of the Jan 6th protestors should be forever honored as American heroes for protesting the outrageous election fraud of 2020.

Those who conspired to create the bogus "insurrection" events and slander must be tried and hanged, principally Pelosi and her co-conspirators at the FBI.
395   Patrick   2024 Mar 3, 5:45pm  


Troubling New Evidence Shows 3rd Pipe Bomb Camera Deliberately Turned Away From Crime Scene on Jan. 6 ...

When the officer walked the short distance from the bomb to a driveway where Secret Service and Metropolitan Police Department sport-utility vehicles sat, the agents inside took more than two minutes to finish their lunch before emerging to investigate, Mr. Massie said.

Former FBI special agent Kyle Seraphin, who worked surveillance in the Jan. 6 pipe bombs case, said his team was told by an FBI briefing agent that the bombs weren’t real.

The FBI is the enemy of all Americans and should not exist. The top FBI management must be prosecuted for their entrapment and fraud operations in support of the massive election fraud of 2020.
396   Patrick   2024 Mar 5, 10:34am  


The New York Post ran a similarly surprising story late last week headlined, “Judges improperly enhanced sentences of more than 100 Jan 6 rioters, appeals court rules.”

It was mostly surprising that the all-in, left-leaning DC Circuit Court of Appeals could issue any decision favorable to the January 6th political prisoners. But there it is.

During the various trials, DOJ prosecutors routinely asked DC courts to “enhance” protestors’ sentences under a rule allowing additional jail time for “disrupting judicial proceedings,” like courtroom trials or grand jury investigations. The DOJ had argued that certification of the election was a “judicial proceeding” and many DC judges slurped that up, sentencing the persecuted protestors to more time in chokey.

But the Court of Appeals now clarified that an election certification is not a “judicial proceeding,” because it “did not interfere with the ‘administration of justice.” Now, most (if not all) of those “enhanced” sentences can be challenged.

It makes a big difference. For example, the plaintiff, a US Air Force officer (retired), got two years in federal prison — of which nine months was the “enhancement.” If the DOJ appeals, it will only be to stretch out the proceedings to make sure the prisoners don’t get out anytime soon.

The unexpected philosophical switch signals something. It’s not clear yet what it signals. But it is movement in the right direction.
397   HeadSet   2024 Mar 5, 1:36pm  

Patrick says

The unexpected philosophical switch signals something. It’s not clear yet what it signals.

Fear of Trump winning and exposing them.
398   NuttBoxer   2024 Mar 7, 7:14am  

Read DC Appeals court has over-turned all J6th verdicts?
401   Patrick   2024 Mar 11, 1:16pm  

Maybe they should be called "Newcomers to Congress".
402   Patrick   2024 Mar 11, 2:51pm  


The committee said in its final report that it “found no evidence” supporting the idea that former President Donald Trump ordered 10,000 troops to be ready for Jan. 6.

“The former J6 Select Committee apparently withheld Mr. Ornato’s critical witness testimony from the American people because it contradicted their pre-determined narrative,” Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.), who released the transcript, said in a statement.

“Mr. Ornato’s testimony proves what Mr. Meadows has said all along, President Trump did in fact offer 10,000 National Guard troops to secure the U.S. Capitol, which was turned down,” Mr. Loudermilk, the chairman of the House Administration Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight, added.
403   Patrick   2024 Mar 12, 8:51pm  


Tucker: Why the Left Wants Jacob Chansley Dead

MAR 12, 2024

This interview is only 13 minutes long, so that makes me think a longer one might show up on Tucker Carlson Network a bit later.

Tucker was the only journalist in mainstream media who dared show footage from January 6th. He was fired soon after that when Chuck Schumer threatened Rupert Murdoch.

Says Tucker, “They told us Jake Chansley, the QAnon Shaman, was a dangerous lunatic who deserved to be sent to prison, if not shot to death. Many believed it. But is he actually crazy? Judge for yourself.”
405   Patrick   2024 Mar 17, 7:14pm  


What Was the CIA Doing at the January 6 Riot?

It was like old home week for the alphabet agencies at their reunion at the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. In addition to all kinds of feds, assets, narcs, PCs, informants, and other characters from the Department of Defense, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, ATF, and the Department of Justice, you can add CIA to the party. What were they doing there? What a fantastic question.
406   Patrick   2024 Mar 18, 10:26am  


Meanwhile, Saturday night, “Joe Biden” turned up at the annual Gridiron dinner thrown by the White House [News] Correspondents’ Association, where he told the ballroom of Intel Community quislings: “You make it possible for ordinary citizens to question authority without fear or intimidation.” The dinner, you see, is traditionally a venue for jokes and jibes. So, this must have been a gag, right? Try to imagine The New York Times questioning authority. For instance, the authority of the DOJ, the FBI, the DHS, and the DC Federal District court. Instant hilarity, right?

As it happens, though, today, Monday, March 18, 2024, attorneys for the State of Missouri (and other parties) in a lawsuit against “Joe Biden” (and other parties) will argue in the Supreme Court that those government agencies above, plus the US State Department, with assistance from the White House (and most of the White House press corps, too), were busy for years trying to prevent ordinary citizens from questioning authority. For instance, questioning the DOD’s Covid-19 prank, the CDC’s vaccination op, the DNC’s 2020 election fraud caper, the CIA’s Frankenstein experiments in Ukraine, the J6 “insurrection,” and sundry other trips laid on the ordinary citizens of the USA.

Specifically, Missouri v. Biden is about the government’s efforts to coerce social media into censoring any and all voices that question official dogma. The case is about birthing the new concept — new to America, anyway — known as “misinformation” — that is, truth about what our government is doing that cannot be allowed to enter the public arena, making it very difficult for ordinary citizens to question authority. The government will apparently argue that they were not coercing, they were just trying to persuade the social media execs to do this or that.

Maybe one of the justices might ask how it came to be that a Chief Counsel of the FBI, James Baker, after a brief rest-stop at a DC think tank, happened to take the job as Chief Counsel at Twitter in 2020. That was a mighty strange switcheroo, don’t you think? And ordinary citizens were not generally informed of it until the fall of 2022, when Elon Musk bought Twitter and delved into its workings.
408   Patrick   2024 Mar 20, 4:56pm  


Tucker Talks to Journalist Steve Baker Who Was Arrested for Covering January 6th

Ep. 82 Joe Biden has put hundreds of his political opponents in jail. Here’s the latest, a working journalist who’s exposed the fraudulence of the January 6th myth.
409   Patrick   2024 Mar 20, 5:05pm  


Jan. 6 Journalist Facing an FBI ARREST Reveals Who’s Calling the Shots
The FBI has ordered investigative journalist and Blaze Media correspondent Steve Baker to turn himself in, but he believes the full story is even more corrupt than it sounds. Baker is facing misdemeanor charges connected to his reporting at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. But he still hasn’t been told what the charges are. Steve joins Glenn to lay out how he’ll respond. For starters, the FBI told him to show up in shorts and flip flops so he can be marched out in an orange jumpsuit and leg chains — which is an extremely unprecedented move. But Steve tells Glenn what he’ll wear instead. And he also explains who he believes is really behind his arrest and the prosecution of many others who were at the Capitol: “There is ever more evidence of the insane corruption at the top of the Capitol Police…they are more powerful than Congress itself.”

Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Steve, been praying for you this week. I know many members of the audience are doing the same.

This is crazy. What's about to happen to you tomorrow.

STEVE: Yeah. I'm always worried about more my unpaid parking tickets from college.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah.

You're a nice, gentle, regular guy.

And do you even know what the charges are?

STEVE: No. They haven't told us yet.

GLENN: Is that unusual.

STEVE: No. Back two and a half years ago, when they initially threatened me and said I would be arrested within the week. In November of 21 take it. They actually told my attorney at the time, what the charges are going to be then.

But because I'm a little outspoken and vocal about what's happening with me. We were -- we were told at the time, by an assistant US attorney.

This a judge would not be happy with me, you know, going out to the press, in the manner that I've done. So I just intensified that, accelerated that. ...
416   richwicks   2024 Apr 1, 4:44pm  

Patrick says


See above: https://patrick.net/post/1378157/2023-01-01-january-6th-should-be-a-national?start=210#comment-1991919

Haha. The community standards aren't what is stated.

It's to support the government's propaganda at the moment. Those are the actual community standards.

I don't know why people continue to put up with corporations that lie about what they want. My hope is they don't realize these corporations are lying and they are just too stupid to recognize it, my fear if they know, and go along to get along, thinking this makes them "smart".
417   The_Deplorable   2024 Apr 3, 8:19pm  

Doors Were Opened And People Were Escorted In

424   Patrick   2024 Apr 6, 11:18am  


Having watched countless hours of January 6 footage in researching my forthcoming book, Ashli: The Untold Story of the Women of January 6, I feel safe to say that Rove has no idea what he is talking about. I would also argue that Trump should talk more about January 6, not less. The Capitol protest/riot lasted a little more than three hours. The Biden witch hunt has lasted more than three years and shows no sign of easing up. Trump is the only one with platform enough to expose this ongoing evil.

And evil it is. Of the ten female “thugs” that I profile, the worst crime any one of them committed was to help break a window. That woman, Rachel Powell, a 40-something mother of eight, is now serving a 57-month prison sentence. Prosecutors asked for eight years. In the way of comparison, female attorney Urooj Rahman, who firebombed at least one police car during the George Floyd riots in New York City, received a 15-month prison sentence.

Two of the ten women profiled did not survive January 6. Ashli Babbitt, a 110-pound Air Force veteran, was killed by a Capitol Police officer in what was arguably the least justified police shooting ever captured on video. That officer has since been promoted. Rosanne Boyland suffocated when police pushed a crowd of protestors on top of her. Once the pile cleared, a female Metropolitan D.C. Police officer mercilessly beat the dead or dying Boyland over the head with a tree branch. This beating was captured on video. The officer in question was rewarded a month later with a trip to the Super Bowl.

Six of the other seven women profiled entered the Capitol through an open door. The seventh climbed through a broken window to make a phone call and promptly climbed out. Those who stayed inside wandered around for ten or fifteen minutes, committed no violence or vandalism, and then left. Five of those women were sent to prison. The other two await sentencing.

Among the latter two is Rebecca Lavrenz, “a praying great grandmother” who was on trial these last two weeks in Washington. Lavrenz was bucking the odds. No D.C. jury had acquitted a J6er. The reason why is easily understood. No J6er has been allowed a change of venue from a district that begrudged Donald Trump no more than 5 percent of its vote.
425   Patrick   2024 Apr 6, 1:46pm  


RFK Jr. debunks claims Jan. 6 was 'insurrection'

Notes protesters 'had no plans or ability to seize the reins of government' ...

Despite the fact that the evidence of that was simply not there, Democrats have championed their talking point because they want, under an obscure constitutional provision adopted after the Civil War, to prevent President Donald Trump from running for office again.

In fact, charges of "insurrection" are ostentatious by their absence from the hundreds and hundreds of court cases brought against those who protested, including the small number who vandalized the Capitol that day. And when leftists in several states, including Colorado, simply decided on their own and without evidence, that they would banish Trump from the ballot, the Supreme Court had to step in and rein them in. ...

The protesters that day were concerned over the undue influences on the 2020 election, which was hit by the $400 million plus that Mark Zuckerberg handed out to elections officials, who often used it to recruit Democrat voters. Never before had such a sum been injected into an American election.

Further was the FBI's interference, when it warned media corporations to suppress reporting on the Biden family scandals revealed in a laptop computer abandoned by Hunter Biden.

Turns out that evidence was factual, and polling later showed had it been reported as other issues during the runup to the election, Joe Biden almost certainly would have lost the election. ...

"Like many reasonable Americans, I am concerned about the possibility that political objectives motivated the vigor of the prosecution of the J6 defendants, their long sentences, and their harsh treatment. That would fit a disturbing pattern of the weaponization of government agencies — the DoJ, the IRS, the SEC, the FBI, etc. — against political opponents," he warned.
430   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Apr 18, 9:19am  

‘When you strike at the King, you must kill him..’ - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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